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  1. If they get this one, its gonna be a thrilling last 10 minutes
  2. Too bad for Morocco indeed… Think France will win 2-1!
  3. Watching! Hope Croatia wins, because I’m still salty over last Friday πŸ˜…
  4. Same! I get the same with tennis when its a tiebreak or they play for match point. Dont know how they deal with the pressure
  5. Yep. And just in general, penalties are just the fucking WORST! You cannot β€˜really’ train for it. The pressure is just something you can’t simulate. It must be immense! For example take the Dutch yesterday - Apparently we trained penalties for the past year (using a scientific method or something) and look how that turned out.
  6. Wooooooow! He was shooting at a goal in another stadium
  7. D Day for the Netherlands… time to face Messi 😱
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