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  1. The moment where the crowd sings back Tom’s I Miss You part is everything. Fuck. I love you all ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Judging from the comments our boys didn’t disappoint 🙂
  3. I completely forgot how they announced that Tom left the band lol
  4. Fuck me, has it really been that long
  5. So this is the first show back together with Tom since when again?
  6. Their festival setlist as expected 🙂
  7. Whats the Sahara tent? Is it for headliners?
  8. I expect a greatest hits set including Edging
  9. Not even that. More like a crappy handjob. Way too hard and dry 🥴
  10. Anyone have the feeling that this might be their last tour?
  11. Skinhead Rob probably asked him if he dresses up like a monkey
  12. That’s his cool look 😎 He uses it a lot haha
  13. He pre-recorded those videos/posts probably
  14. Probably wrote that shit in less than a day. Pandering much? 😏
  15. They gave us a Happy Meal and the public loved it
  16. This is the truth for many, but they dont want to admit it 😄
  17. Followed by a post where he @mentions blink
  18. Tom is posting AVA stuff on his Ig? Really? NOW?
  19. They should just cancel the whole reunion at this point
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