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  1. Yo this album is fucking great, Seriously, Im loving it. but "Leave me in the sun, im melting like a popsicle" has to be the corniest opening line of all time, I can't stop laughing at it when the song starts.
  2. Co-produced and co-written by Feldy ! Andrew Watt, Ali Thompson and Feldy are all listed as writers Tim Pagnotta and Feldy are credited as producers
  3. also https://genius.com/Blink-182-i-really-wish-i-hated-you-lyrics
  4. The liner credits on Spotify disagree with that.
  5. The only non Feldy tracks are Happy Days and On Some Emo Shit
  6. Go on spotify, play a new blink song. Hit "..." next to the play count/popularity rating. Hit "show credits". Written by means cowriters, produced means produced. When you see the producer in both the writers credits and the production credits. That means he wrote during the session, and also worked/developed/finalized the production. So you'll see this single has 4 outside writers,+ the three band members, two of the writers worked on the production. 7 people on the writing, two people ontop of the band brought the track to how you hear it now.
  7. It's streams/sales for the most part. There's charts that include other elements but mostly what youre seeing is streams and sales.
  8. I feel like I would LOVE this song if Tom was singing it. Great song, makes me miss Tom more then any of the others though.
  9. This is my live drum set up ! Crush Acrylic Drums, 10" Tom Pearl Sensitone Aluminium Snare 16" Floor Tom 22" Kick DTX Multi-12 for Samples. Cymbals vary depending on the gig, I usually rent for whatever is needed. Logidy Midi pedal to control backing tracks that you can see below my left side tom/hihat stand For tracks you can see a laptop and rack mount behind me. I run Ableton into a MOTU-Mk4 Ultralite that runs into a Radial Pro8 and two Mono DI's to split 10-tracks that runs out to a x32 Rack Mixer, thats usually used for In-Ear mixes but occasionally used for front of house aswell depending on the venue.
  10. Toronto was pretty much sold out and the crowd was great... and no wayne 🤔🤷‍♂️
  11. Travis is so fucking clean and Scott has that sloppy punk drumming which I wouldn't consider a bad thing. But travis is just on a whole other level of unique and clean and perfect its absolutely fucked. Also no punk drummer will be caught dead on a double pedal, thats weak. Do you your doubles on a single pedal.
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