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  1. Top 3: Even If She Falls, Snake Charmer, After Midnight Bottom 3: Wishing Well (i still don't understand why everyone loves this one), Love is Dangerous, Fighting the Gravity
  2. dang, i was just about to add dick lips to my list. i especially love the live version of dick lips.
  3. Untitled and Here's Your Letter
  4. That's not random. That's John Buccigross, he's a huge Blink fan. He's always mentioned them on the show for years. Check out his Twitter, all day yesterday he was tweeting some great, obscure Blink lyrics. He was at the show last night. Bucci's the fucking man. And he's a Bruins fan! Haha, I just checked out his twitter, freakin awesome! I wish I could've gone to that show and chill with him.
  5. So really random....I was watching sportscenter this morning and they mentioned the blink 182 concert (i think they're based in connecticut) one of the guys was complaining that his ears hurt from the concert and made a reference "whats my age again?" during the show. I just thought that was pretty awesome.
  6. I haven't heard one person say there was too much mark in the song or it sounded too much like +44, haha
  7. I don't know what to do with my hands
  8. We should all just take vacation to the same place and have a big blink party and the party doesn't end until the single is released. Oh yea, and we invite blink
  9. Well I am going to LA for vacation, so maybe I'll see Tom in the airport and he'll play me a little song
  10. I go on vacation on the 16th, so I'm just hoping I hear something before then so I can listen to new blink music on good speakers and not my crappy cell phone speakers. I want to hear the new blink song for the first time in ALL of its glory!
  11. I love this picture so much, it makes me so happy to see them happy
  12. I can't stop listening to blink right now! haha, i've never been more excited about a new album before! I go to LA (i live in NY) to see my girlfriend on the 16th of july. don't worry guys, i'll just stop by tom's place and ask him when the song is coming out, if its not out by then I <3 blink
  13. haha, and then mark says *mocking tom* "hey, hey mark, look at how i can make it bigger when i touch it" "yea thats what you tell your parnets, 'i wasn't masturbating, i was just cleaning it and it went off"
  14. does anyone know where i can find the video where mark makes fun of tom saying "its alllll magic, its alllll maigc" while waving his arms around? and then they just start going back and forth at each other. I've been looking for it but can't find it anywhere.
  15. oh gosh, it feels so good to hear that again.
  16. wow, july 18th is the day i leave to go camping, lol.
  17. hey guys, i don't mean to be a pain at all, and i already know that i should have bought tickets a long long time ago. But does anybody know where I can buy some cheap Pit tickets for the concert in hartford at the comcast theatre? thanks
  18. But only seating? Cause that would be pretty gay if there was no pit or anyplace at all up front to stand.
  19. Hey guys, I'm going to try to buy tickets today, but I was looking at the tickets and the "best" tickets seem like the ones that are orchestra. But it looks like those are seats. I'm looking exactly at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. I was just wondering if any of you guys could tell me if it is going to be standing or all seats. Thanks, I hope that made sense.
  20. i'm a guy, and i'd let mark and tom both fuck me in the ass, and it'd still be totally straight. but i'm gay, but not really, but seriously teeheehee
  21. I agree! and i definitely laughed when i finally got to hear tom yell "fuck fuck shit fuck" again for the first time, i almost jizzed in my pants
  22. WTF!!!! Why does it now say on livenation that the show in saratoga is on the 31st now! that doesn't work for me cause i'll be in college by then! this is really starting to piss me off! what site has the official dates and locations that aren't always freakin changing!!
  23. What's the number for the station?
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