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  1. Knew that was your bro code story!!!
  2. Man the more and more i listen to this the more i love how much Matt is on this record. dude just kills it.
  3. Tom sold that house back in December. So I wouldn’t say she stole it.
  4. T.V Does my breath smell Waggy Mutt Every time I look for you Here’s your letter Kaleidoscope left alone
  5. Mike where is your NINE review? Or are you waiting for Friday?
  6. Not shocked at all. Kind of surprised the photos in that thread got removed. If they were legal docs aren’t those all public record anyway?
  7. The fuck did he say in that tweet?
  8. Isn't tomorrow Riot Fest though? So i imagine it'll be a safe Enema/Hits set.
  9. Seriously we just had about 4 pages of nothing but weezer talk....
  10. Heaven is a rad song but i don't ever see them playing it live. Sounds WAY to high for Mark to hit.
  11. The First Time and Hunover You really stand out. I'm just super impressed with what they did on this album overall.
  12. Man i'm so glad the majority of folks on here are digging this album.
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