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  1. I'm thinking maybe a month before the tour start they drop next single and announce the allbum.
  2. Same, i hope if they postpone it they give us fair warning instead of like a week before. I got tickets for what's now supposed to be the first show so i'd like to rebook hotel as soon as possible.
  3. Gotta imagine if they aren't rehearsing again a month from now or even Mid April chances are the US tour gets postponed too.
  4. I always figured it'd be out before the US tour in May. I figured the March tour was a stretch. We'd MAYBE get one more single but I never figured the album be done by March.
  5. I mean Metallica just put out a new song today, really new music can come anytime.
  6. haha Yup i got it on mine as well. Then they ended up playing it in full the night after I believe.
  7. lol yeah i think they've legit only had one iowa show ever, was supposed to have one with Skiba then had to cancel that tour too sadly.
  8. Pry depends on how fast Travis can heal... I'm hoping they're good for May 4th I got tickets for that one.
  9. Well now that we're shooting down Aliens on a weekly basis yeah he badly needs the $$$
  10. Marks basically been MIA from his discord since rumors began too.
  11. Pry waiting to see how his surgery plays out.
  12. Welp Travis just posted he’s having surgery tomorrow. Now I’m just hoping he’s ready for May when the US tour kicks off.
  13. I don't believe so. But honestly don't remember.
  14. Not true, they're still listing the March shows when i just looked.
  15. I think the only new track we hear for these March shows is Edging. Maybe 1 more if they release another single. I still think album comes out before the May US tour begins. They can turn the album in whenever and have it out fairly quick. ModSun turned his new album in like 3 weeks ago and it comes out next week. So the turn around can be pretty quick. Especially if what Ruben said about end of Jan was indeed true. And lets face it I think once it's turned in one of them will say it's been turned in. Most likely Tom.
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