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  1. Well if you're bashing the band in the safe space thread chances are they're going to get deleted.
  2. The line about albums sales is hilarious considering album sales in general have gone to shit with the streaming services.
  3. Yup plus in between acts it's nice to sit and chill while you're waiting for a set change.
  4. People don't actually sit during the main act.........
  5. Agreed like his view on this and the setlist in general i find odd. I will say the older i've gotten the less i care for pits as well. I don't mind seats. Plus it's not like when the main act is on people are actually sitting.
  6. Gotta day listening to this on my way to work today I really dig how travis heavy this song is. His drum beat is fantastic.
  7. She’s just as weird as he is no wonder they were married for so long.
  8. Ghent will delete his posts in there when he logs on. Dude doesn’t understand safe space.
  9. Pretty sure you said this when up all night came out too.
  10. That's super cool. Would love for them just to support each other even if they aren't friends.
  11. It truly would be though. This place would go fucking nuts.
  12. I kind of wish they would of ended the song with a Woah or NaNa just for the fan freak out. Would of been hilarious.
  13. And with every reason to be. But still it's like dude you getta use the blink name when Tom in every right way could of probably stopped them if he truly wanted. Just let it go. Life's to short.
  14. Probably more this but man i wish Mark could just set aside any hate he has and at least be friends with the dude. I mean if Travis can why not Mark?
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