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  1. Yeah he posted a tweet last night that said "I have so much to say" and then this NFG facebook fan group i'm in posted the news article link.
  2. Seriously i miss that guy too though.
  3. He's one of the coolest dudes, I've met him a couple times and was always super friendly.
  4. Looks like he was finally found guilty. https://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/crime/article249608678.html
  5. She seems like the type that'd be a freak and an absolute blast.
  6. Yeah that's probably not a bad option either.
  7. When @Ry-Breadactually gets this set up he should move the Mark questions to it's own thread to make it easier for him and just everyone in general. Hopefully Mark will let you do a multiple part interview.
  8. Damn man now you're like BFFS!!!!
  9. So their new merch company sucks major ass.. I placed an order in October that is FINALLY shipping.
  10. I love that you get to game with him @Ry-Breadthat's pretty bad ass.
  11. Yeah at this point i think they're just turning into their next album. I'm not betting on a release anymore this year.
  12. Did you go home and tear down all of your posters afterwards?
  13. Man i wish i could land one of the Mark replicas but i can never land one when they go one sale.
  14. I haven't even gotten a shipping notification on mine yet.
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