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  1. IF he ever comes back they'd do the same tour for 2 straight years then MAYBE he'd do an album.....MAYBE but probably now.
  2. Same dude, it was really the first time I thought fuck this could not end well. I truly hope he can kick this things ass and get back at it again. You know it's gotta be killing him not being able to do anything.
  3. Wonder how much Toms sinus surgery he had will help him sing live. Even my wife said from that clip he didn't sound like a dying cow.
  4. I thought he said they weren't sure yet but i know he did say what they found was about the size of a lime...
  5. Lets just give you the award now.
  6. Just listened to it again this morning. Still a fun damn album don't care what the haters say.
  7. California is 5 years old today. Happy 182 day all!
  8. Kick Cancers ass Mark! You are a true legend man. You got this.
  9. Man that really blows paypal is taking that much of a cut.
  10. I can't help but feel super bummed for Mark. He was pry really pumped to get back out there again this year and now he's stuck at home in lockdown again. I truly hope he can kick this.
  11. Wonder if we should move to Venmo or do they do similar practice?
  12. Funny how many just refuse the believe this and think because he guy gets writing credits he wrote and recorded the whole damn thing.
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