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  1. Feldy would be an interesting get.
  2. Man the flippers are already happening on ebay.....
  3. That's what i thought and made me finally buy both lol.
  4. It's live! There's 3 different colors up. Got me the red vinyl also finally got the split bunny and original bunny since those were on sale.
  5. I'm for sure going to try and get one provided the site doesn't crash.
  6. Here’s a basic list I’ve started. I think I got most of the above ones on it.
  7. If I remember right wasn’t Tom sick as shit during that?
  8. Does anyone have a full list of their tv performances? I’m trying to compile a YouTube playlist with all of them
  9. Strings....GEt out of there.
  10. TOYPJ gets my vote again.
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