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  1. Jesus you have a huge ego dude.
  2. I'm surprised they're just now shooting a video for Rebel Girl... I would think it'd be time to release another track.
  3. Yup get the tea Scott. You won’t regret it.
  4. So i put the three tracks in a playlist together with blame it on my youth first generational divide 2nd and happy days 3rd. Generational decide will for sure be a filler track on this record cause it actually works decently with the other two when listening as one list.
  5. Apparently they aren't releasing anything next week. https://www.kerrang.com/the-news/there-wont-be-a-new-green-day-single-coming-any-time-soon/
  6. Agreed. I hope it says in the setlist and we can get some better quality videos of it.
  7. My worlds colliding.... Read this earlier today and just laughed.
  8. Fun fact. I live in a town with a quaker factory and you can totally tell what days they're making Crunch berrys and Cinnamon toast crunch. The town smells fantastic on those days.
  9. According to Setlist.fm from last nights show Mark said Blame it on my youth will be the first track on the new album. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/blink182/2019/pnc-bank-arts-center-holmdel-nj-5b9ea754.html
  10. Captain crunch for me. Althought Fruit loops will make your poop a nice shade of Green.
  11. A Blinkbot on a BLINK FORUM!!! OH NO!!!!!! RUN!!!!
  12. What a weird thing to obsess over....
  13. Good grief this debate is still going on?
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