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  1. hahahahahahahaha edit: but in reality.... ugh
  2. This song has to be a joke. It literally sounds like every other Angels song ever released and features Tom DeLonge once again recycling guitar riffs...nothing has changed.
  3. It sounds like +44 and AvA had a baby, it doesn't sound like Blink 182. Also, When I Was Young is Everything is Magic/ Shove.... once again Tom recycles his riffs... Writing tons of new songs isn't impressive if they are just re-hashes of your old songs...Tom Delonge.. Regardless, I loved Dogs Eating Dogs.
  4. Centipede Hz New Animal Collective, it came out on the 4th. Didn't see a topic, so I made one. So I didn't like the album at all on the first listen. Honestly I thought "What the fuck is this shit". But after talking to some people about it, and then actually coming back and listening to it a second time......I'm beginning to like it a lot. It's obviously totally different from Merriweather and the couple of previous albums they've had...but it's a good kind of different. I also like that people that typically wouldn't like Animal Collective like this album. I know a couple people, who I would think would love AC and they've just hated it. They all love this album.. i'd say at this point, and it may change for me, I'm giving it a 7/10...whereas there other ones have been 9/10 to 10/10.
  5. things you can expect next season. Tons of death because of course the Walt Whitman poem Gliding Over all that ends with shit's gonna be crazy the cancer is back just watching the opening scene for the season last night, its obvious: next year the cancer will be back. the last episode shows walt getting screened for cancer, and it is supposed to make us wonder if it might be back. If you rewatch the cold open in the diner, walt is coughing and taking pills. But one of my favorite things of next season is going to be the way Hank will interact with Walt at family gatherings. I've been watching many interviews with Dean Norris and he keeps talking about how awesome dinner scenes are gonna be when Hank knows, and Walt doesnt know he knows. That's going to be my favorite part. also, been waiting for this face literally all season
  6. This makes me so happy. Tom doesn't look like a douche, or sound like a douche. Lol when I saw them in Dallas Tom started to play wasting time, like just the riff, and then mark was like "yeah we haven't played that song in like 10 years!" so happy to see they actually added it to the setlist.
  7. Max

    Halo 4

    i still play reach twice a week. im stoked.
  8. im just really interested in how the band as a whole will look. I mean is there going to be a female singer, while they preform Reinventing Axl Rose? its gonna be weird, because Against Me! is one of my favorite bands.
  9. at the show I went to in 2009, we were waiting outside the gates like 5 hours before the show. Mark came out and gave us Octopi and signed shit at like 4 o clock, the doors opened at 6.
  10. saw this live, in person it was fucking awesome!!!!
  11. word was pregnant and tyler drew "heater and my lobster" lololol
  12. Max

    Hangout Fest

    I'm going! who else is? Headliners include Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jack White. http://www.hangoutmusicfest.com/
  13. This album has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much auto-tune
  14. C'mon, me you and Beth will go. IM GOING WHO ELSE IS??
  15. looks badass, definitely will see. i love flea so much
  16. I went last year, have no clue if I'm going this year but I might be. Still have my wristband on since last year
  17. This is awesome when does it come out.
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