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  1. Haven't seen him in about 10 years haha, I got forgotten...
  2. I don't know if I will be able to take it if Spurs won the Champions League...
  3. @Leo Dehoe what sports do you like? do you support a football team?
  4. Leo is your wife one of your Hoes?
  5. I thought it was really good, first season was better than the second season - rapist fella is a proper sicko. I'm only three episodes in, I think it's decent so far but it hasn't blown me away yet to be honest.
  6. I wasn't actually saying it was Speedo, it was a joke. I'll try and be more literal and boring move forward though if that's easier...
  7. Speedo is shitting an absolute brick right now, it's the Spin Up review all over again!
  8. Still listening to loads of Architects and August Burns Red, also a bit of Unearth.
  9. Hope someone wheels Brans wheelchair off a cliff ASAP, annoying weird little prick.
  10. I don't agree with it but you I don't think it's possible for a grown man who imitates Tom Delonge to offend me, from what he's said he is at worst a tad uninformed. It's not like he says he goes round abuse/beating up black people while dropping n bombs everywhere, he's just talking gibberish from what I can see.
  11. Of course not, are you taking anything he says particularly seriously though?
  12. I don't really understand what you mean. You used missing 2 fullbacks through suspension as a reason why you played badly against us, when one of those first choice fullbacks is back in the team you complain and say he is finished and shouldn't be in the team. I am fully aware you do not pick the team but in your opinion it would appear that you are saying you are weaker without him in the team at the weekend and then weaker with him in the team a few days later?
  13. I've always mocked Leo but seeing how much he triggers some of the people here means he is all good in my books, welcome @Leo Dehoe you mad bastard, stick around.
  14. You complain when he plays as he keeps costing you goals and then when he isn't in the team you use it as an excuse for why you didn't play well, which is it?
  15. ...I posted that in 2010, he had only just broke into the Spurs team properly and was still playing left back. Wasn't world class until at least his last season at Spurs, you've got to be doing it for at least a couple of years before that tag can be thrown around. So once again I am right.
  16. Would he? he's bastardised blink this much already, why stop now?
  17. Mark reads all the comments online, he can see the growing calls for Tom to come back and the majority realising that Skiba is simply not a good fit. California fans can try and say otherwise but the most liked posts and popular comments on social media being about Tom/Skiba sucking is growing as time goes on. We all know how much Mark cares about being liked so would be no surprise for me if he chucks Skiba in order to save face and please the fans.
  18. I've said numerous times in here it's pathetic what we've done since Christmas. That's what should make the performance all the more alarming. You had to start an £89m, £50m and £40m man midfield, then you had a full England international, a £75m striker and a £50m+ winger in attack...my heart bleeds for you! You also can't complain that you think Young is shite and should be dropped and then complain about not having him as an option when he's suspended, can't have it both ways.
  19. I'd care a little bit if I were you. You got outplayed at home by a team that has been on the beach for the last 6 weeks, you've got much bigger tests coming up and if you play anything like that you'll get dicked.
  20. How the fuck did we lose that? Two pretty poor sides lacking in quality all over the pitch but we deserved at least a point, probably all three to be honest.
  21. Yeah lets have a video of him.
  22. Inspirational quote. To be honest, I thought from the start this might be fake, time will tell I guess.
  23. A Little Enough is good, lyrics are shit but the music is good. Classic AVA really tbh.
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