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  1. Will do 2pointRyBread. The song is alright, not great but not awful. I'd say it's one of the worst SC songs so far though, although so is Drug and they decided to lead EP 1 with that so there is still hope I guess.
  2. They don't make great music anymore and bar a couple of highlights they haven't really done so since 2003. The fanboys who lap up everything they do like it makes them some kind of superfan. Matt Skiba. Mark being so desperate to stay relevant rather than focusing on making better music.
  3. Yes he did and yes it was. Didn't try and sugarcoat everything like they did with BR, showed him at his weakest as well as his strongest.
  4. Rocketman - 8/10, thought it was great and you really do forget how many bangers Elton has had over the years.
  5. Aren't you Greek? Fucking embarasing How much you pretend to connect to a club thousands of miles away from where you live/where you were born. Go support Olympiakos and bore us later.
  6. 95% hate it? Think most people find it average to be honest. There is a middle ground between hating and being a Hoppus spunkasauraus in case you wasn't aware...
  7. Really surprised that Ry-bread loves it, wasn't expecting that at all.
  8. Fornals done then, shows a bit of intent from the board getting business done early so no complaints from me.
  9. Am I the only one that thinks Chernobyl is a little bit overrated? like it's good but 9.7/10 on IMDB good? I'd say it's more of an 8/8.5... Finished 'When They See Us' - thought it was incredible, to be honest I'd never heard of the case until now but that shit was shocking. Can't believe that even as recently as 2016 Trump is coming out and saying they are still likely guilty and the settlement they got is a disgrace.
  10. Just watched a YouTube skills/goals compilation video of him, future Ballon D'or winner NQAT.
  11. Looks that way, I could do the classic hipster fan thing and pretend like I've watched loads of Villarreal this season and he's their best player/will be a great signing etc...but being honest I have never heard of him, decent transfer fee and has a couple caps for Spain so thinking he must have something about him.
  12. I thought we shouldn't compare the men's and women's game?
  13. Yeah I suppose you're right. I'll let Alex Morgan off though, she's lovely.
  14. The thing with Giggs is I think he has delusions of grandeur. He was a great player and I think he just thinks that automatically makes me a great manager, can you see him really studying the game to better his skill set? I certainly can't. I remember him saying he couldn't watch Bale play because Spanish Football had been moved off Sky and he didn't have the right channel...
  15. I agree, be ruthless and score as many goals as you want, got no issue with that. But the gulf in class was so ridiculous, every on the pitch/in the ground/watching on TV could see that, yet they celebrated every goal like a 93rd minute winner. Even a slightly toned down celebration would of seemed a bit classier, they were running around like fucking nutters jumping in the air when they were 10-0 up, was fucking cringe.
  16. Was coming in here to echo what you're all saying, the celebrations for the goals showed a complete lack of class. Embarrassing from the Yanks.
  17. ...Dan...

    E3 2019

    Watch Dogs 3 looks fucking class, looks like the map is an actual copy of London, hoping that my flat makes it in there.
  18. Did anyone see the size of the Thailand goalkeeper? Must of only been about 5 ft 6 or something haha
  19. He's just not cut out to be a manager, don't think he's the sharpest tool in the box either.
  20. Fuck me these presenters are annoying/corny cunts.
  21. Can't wait to hear what Generational Divide is about, hopefully it's about how grown ups don't understand them despite them being 45.
  22. Blink giving up on California already, I don't blame them though - actually really makes sense when you think about it The old fans want to hear nostalgia rather than the new shit - so playing loads of California just turns them away The new music isn't good enough to draw a new generation of fans in - also doesn't make up the numbers The tour has been selling so badly this is one last shot at turning the tour into a nostalgia fest by trying to sway the older fans that have aborted blink due to the mediocre Skiba era that they can still be the band that they once loved, all seems a bit desperate to me but if this is what it takes for people to realise Skiba is not a good fit then I guess it's all good with me.
  23. ...Dan...

    E3 2019

    No but def going to check it out, cheers. Can't wait, gonna be so good.
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