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  1. Do you care whether you get Europa or Conference league? I'd say this is a fairly big game for you as I'd have thought that being in the Conference League is pretty embarassing for a club of your size. Also the battle for top 4 is likely to be mental next year so Europa offers another route into the CL.
  2. Ah yes, those are three careers that we all associate with being 'awesome dudes' to be fair
  3. Good result for us yesterday, shame we gave up a 2-0 lead but would have bit your hand off for a draw at start of the game. Guarantees us European football for the second year in a row, cherry on cake would to get 6th but gonna be tough as need to better Man United's result and Brighton are our bogey team.
  4. Even from me? what's that meant to mean?
  5. Lot of jealous people here, sad to see.
  6. What the hell was that penalty decision about? ref had an absolute mare there haha.
  7. Yeah if Ten Haag can get a tune out of Van De Beek and also get De Jong in there it's streets ahead of McFred.
  8. Supposedly offered Declan Rice an 8 year contract on £200k a week. Our owners are fucking ridiculous sometimes, everyone can see what they're trying to do here.
  9. I just don't get it, he is an inconsistent speed merchant who like Bucko said, plays well in patches and is then awful for substantial periods after that. He is not consistent enough to play for anyone other than a midtable to lower midtable Prem team regularly. Barca needed bodies and he did a job for a few games but it's become clear he isn't the player they need if they want to get to where they want to be. He would be an absolute car crash at Man United, I'm certain of it. MAYBE he could be a decent option for Spurs, Conte turned Victor Moses from a pretty average winger into a good wing back at Chelsea but something tells me that Traore has notions and wouldn't fancy that. I'll happily be proven wrong though as always.
  10. They are all pound for pound better at football than Traore though aren't they? Rice will leave eventually as deserves to play for a team challenging for the league and the CL..I think any West Ham fan with half a brain accepts that, he is still giving his all every game though so that is what matters to me. Hope he gets a move to either Liverpool or City, deserves to be playing at a team that is at that level. Traore turned down Spurs to go to Barca which is understandable, they aren't gonna sign him by the looks of things - he will be lucky to get an option to go to a team like Spurs now. I think he will probably end up somewhere like Everton, Villa or maybe Leicester. Really can't see him playing regularly for any team who is in the CL or the EL - might as well save a few quid and sign up Usain Bolt.
  11. Fancy a season in the Europa Conference League?
  12. It's fucking hilarious. Don't think it's meant to be but couldn't help laughing, so ridiculous how it snowballs out of control.
  13. Any you Brits watched 'The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe'? Absolutely batshit true story about a bloke faking his own death with his canoe. Four-part drama based on the extraordinary story of how prison officer John Darwin faked his own death to claim life insurance and avoid bankruptcy - unbeknownst to his two sons.
  14. Glad some people agree with me, I also don't think Traore would 'laugh' at an offer from West Ham...if we're good enough for the likes of Rice, Bowen, Zouma etc...I'm fairly certain we'd be good enough for Adama Traore 😂 Squeeky bum time for end of the season, could end up in the Europa League again or if we lose both our games we could easily end up with not even Europa Conference.
  15. Me too mate, always been Rangers over Celtic. Hope they go on and beat Frankfurt now.
  16. I agree they have some of the best young players in the world, which is why I think it's odd they're bothering with the likes of these has been/journeymen/average players. It's a rebuild job and we all know how good the academy at Barca is, just seems strange to me. Vlasic and Kral have both been poor but Kral is just a loan so not to bothered about him. We don't have a strong squad, we have a very strong first 11 when everyone is fit but the drop off between our starting 11 and the players that come in is pretty bad. Our squad players are certainly not good enough to play in the Europa League or regular Premier League football. We literally have one striker that is injury prone who was also playing right back about three years ago. The drop off between Ogbonna/Zouma to Dawson/Diop is pretty startling as well, Rice/Soucek to Noble/Kral....strong first 11, poor squad.
  17. I mean he's played about 45 mins since the end of Feb...so something clearly isn't right, he'd be getting more game time if he were performing in training - simply not good enough for a top team, considering he's getting linked with the likes of Leeds/Everton and Wolves don't want him - I think he'd be pretty buzzing to get an offer from us. Also Barcelona have signed some absolute garbage is recent years, Luuk De Jong? a 78 year old Dani Alves? a well past his best injury prone Sergio Aguero - signing for Barcelona isn't what it was 5-6 years ago. Yeah Cresswell is an idiot, we gave it our all with 10 men and actually had the better chances and with a bit of luck we could have got back in the game. Hit the woodwork three times in the first leg and missed a few sitters/ball didn't quite fall for us in the second leg. Was a fun ride while it lasted and the Sevilla win at the London Stadium and beating Lyon 3-0 away are some of my favourite memories of supporting West Ham. Been punished for not strengthening in Jan though, we were right in the mix for top 4 and right in there for the Cups too but the owners once get skimmed off the top and didn't put their hands in their pockets which meant our small squad has been run into the ground and have finally burned out. Looks like we're gonna end up in the Conference League next year which I don't mind - think we would be one of the stronger teams in there for sure.
  18. After a purple patch at the start of his Barca loan, as predicted by yours truly....his form dipped, he has been dropped (barely got off the bench in the last two months) and Barca will more than likely not be exercising the 25m option to buy in the summer. One trick pony pace merchant, good enough for a lot of teams but certainly not a CL team (or a team with CL aspirations) Will probably ends up at somewhere like Everton if they stay up. I'd have him at West Ham as cover for our wingers/an impact sub if I'm honest, wouldn't want him starting week in/week out though.
  19. I swear they've played well for a combined 45 mins of football for pretty much the whole knockout stages. Fair play to them, they just get the job done. I do think Liverpool will do them in the final though but I certainly wouldn't bet anything substantial on Madrid either. Will be very tight.
  20. Just an amazing team, that are coached well with a top manager who knows what he's doing. They are now able to rotate a bit more as have more strength in depth (especially the front three) which helps a lot too.
  21. It's gonna be tough but we were underdogs going both second legs against Sevilla and Lyon. Also Frankfurts home form is very patchy (W1, D5, L4) whereas away it is (W6, D2, L2) Have I convinced you were in the final yet?
  22. To bigger miss in midfield for me, he is literally the driving force in our team and his game has developed massively this season into becoming a ball carrier, hopefully Southgate realises he can do this as well and removes the shackles a bit at the World Cup. Feel a bit sorry for Rashford, he is a bit of an easy target when in reality the whole team bar a couple at the moment are absolute garbage.
  23. Cheers mate, gonna be tough now as looks like Dawson is going to be our only fit senior centreback (Zouma, Ogbonna and Diop are all very unlikely to play again this season) Rice just keeps getting better and better, he's an absolute monster of a midfielder now. Also Bowen is absolutely fantastic, I never thought he'd reach the levels he is at currently if I'm honest but he 100% needs to be in the next England squad.
  24. What a result last night, semi final in Europe for a club like West Ham is absolute dreamland stuff.
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