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  1. To be fair Tom hasn't played in AVA live properly for a substantial period of time and he is going back through a pretty hefty catalog of work after having his mind on a lot of other huge projects and that's not even factoring the fact he has also gone through divorce, I think it's fair enough that he might need that at times - my bet is that he barely uses it but it's nice to know it's there if he does need it.
  2. All that effort and zero reactions, tough luck son. Have a pity 'laugh' from me.
  3. You guys are strange for caring so much about Tom and his ex wifes personal lives and how their divorce is going to work, I recommend that you take this stuff to Reddit with all the other psycho fan fiction lovers.
  4. Hearing this makes me feel pretty fucking happy with the current state of blink tbh, I mean they're far from perfect but that is absolute fucking garbage.
  5. I'd rather listen to my parents have sex than listen to another second of that.
  6. Come across this when browsing YouTube a few days ago, used to love this band and stuff like this, catchy pop punk, with nice chuggy/riffy guitars.
  7. ...Dan...

    Nine Criticisms.

    One in particular? Or just the sound in general?
  8. Lying on the bedroom floor Hanging on the words that you said before No heart, no heart to speak of Dying on the bathroom floor Thinking of the life that we had before No heart, no heart to speak of
  9. I've been all over the place since I saw the divorce papers to be honest, I really don't mean to take it out on you, it's just so fucking hard sometimes - keep going into the toilets at work every half hour or so and bawling my eyes out.
  10. Hopefully my mum will let me get it!
  11. "We will give you the album early to review but you have to make sure you give it a really score and suck our dicks loads" Pretty much always been the case with these early exclusive reviews, don't get me wrong - I like the album but 3.5/4 out of 5 is what it should it be scoring in my opinion, it is not a flawless album - even the biggest fan boy can't even make that claim.
  12. I have no idea to be honest, no result would surprise me. We've had a solid start so I think we should at least give you a game, fancy Anderson running at Ashley Young (would def stick him on his side rather than AWB) and also think Haller could bully Lindelof when the opportunity arises. I have a feeling it could be a draw as your away form under Ole has been pretty piss for a while now but I like I said above, I think it will truly depend who turns up on the day.
  13. Same for both teams to be honest, I think a draw was a fair result on the balance of play. Off to Man United game on Sunday so looking forward to that, what's everyones predictions? @Scott.
  14. Best Overall Song? Run Away Best Chorus? Pin The Grenade Best Verse? Run Away Best Intro? The First Time Best Production? Nothing off the top of my head Best Riff? The First Time intro Best Delivery? "Lay you in the dark, where we stumble in the mysteries, An opened book that you took, and now I'm history, You moved away, and you left me with your dying wish,I couldn't prove it was you, you're the arsonist" Best Bridge? Pin The Grenade Best Travis? Generational Divide Best Lyric? "I drove by your house but you don't live there annnnnnnnyyyyyyymoreeeeeee"
  15. Feeling This All the Small Things Whats my Age Again I Miss You Dammit The Rock Show First Date Marlboro Man
  16. ...Dan...

    Nine Criticisms.

    You two should hate fuck to it.
  17. ...Dan...

    Nine Criticisms.

    Kind of wished the album just ended on Hungover You, feels like RTFM was just forced in there and written solely because they decided they wanted to end the album with a slow one (Just like they did on California) and for me it's just a pretty flat ending to a solid album overall.
  18. Just heard the stat yesterday and thought it was interesting, was more surprised that Rashford had never scored more than 10 league goals tbh, know he isn't an out and out striker really but would of thought he'd have got a better haul than that at some point. Last night was frustrating and pleasing at the same time, got into so many good positions but final ball/shot/touch was always off but also happy with how we played after going down to 10, we would of 100% lost that last season.
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