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  1. Good read for one of the best journos on tactics out there if any of you subscribe to The Athletic or know a way of getting in behind the paywall: https://theathletic.com/2895026/2021/10/18/why-ronaldo-is-giving-solskjaer-a-huge-tactical-problem/
  2. 5 hours later and I'm still fairly triggered by Davey Jones's post... What the actual fuck?
  3. There's a special place in hell for people like you.
  4. Good win for us yesterday, surprised Everton were so high in the table before yesterday, they were really poor. I know they are missing their two main attackers but this is basically the same team that could have easily won at Old Trafford the other week and with our overall record at Goodison I feared the worst.
  5. Gary Neville: "I wouldn't want to be a defender in a team where Sancho, Greenwood, Pogba, Ronaldo and Fernandes are playing at the same time. There's reason Neville, Butt, O'Shea, Cleverley got a game over the years...the team is unbalanced." Hard to disagree with that.
  6. I actually watched the full 90 mins yesterday and while Maguire made the noticeable individual errors, the whole team was basically a carcrash. Sancho looks completely lost and Ronaldo offered absolutely nothing, couldn't even stay onside for that cross from Rashford where he was looking across the line. I honestly think Cavani would be a better option than Ronaldo at the moment, Greenwood, Cavani and Rashford would be far more dynamic but doubt Ole has the minerals.
  7. I'm not saying Ronaldo doesn't have natural ability, Messi is just another level and is better technically - I struggle to see how anyone can say otherwise. Edge of your seat is debatable, basically all of Ronaldo's goals since rejoining Man United have been tap ins and goalkeeping errors. Sure you have to be in the right place at the right time but noone was ever on the edge of their seat watching Inzaghi which is basically what he is now. Messi turned it on against Man City in the CL and scored a great goal against top opposition when it really mattered. Ronaldo isn't carrying Portugal either, their team is littered with talent - great players and cover in basically every position. Either way, agree to disagree. Just wanted to state my opinion on the matter as per usual.
  8. Yes but that Man United side grew into a great side along with Ronaldo, he was surrounded by amazing players in his initial peak at Man United - it wasn't like it was just Ronaldo winning them games and trophies on his own. I think you're thinking too deeply with this, strip it all back - who is the better football player out of the two? who has the most natural ability? who is the most exciting to watch and keeps you on the edge of your seat? I don't give a fuck about social media, global brand and sponsorships personally. Messi has won more trophies (and has also won the equivalent of the Euros with Argentina in the Copa America) he has more assists than Ronaldo in less games, Ronaldo beats him in goals but is 2 years older and Messi has a better goals to game ratio - I'm not much of a statto but even if you want to go down that route, Messi is still clear overall. Both great players, the best of all time - Messi just clear for me.
  9. Football is more than stats but if you're looking at club goals, Ronaldo has just 7 more more Messi and has played 88 more games. I'd rather have a player in my team who can do what Messi does than Ronaldo, especially the new Ronaldo - he is literally just a poacher these days. Not sure what you mean by a harder route? Man United, Real Madrid and Juventus are hardly minnows and it's not like Barca were incredible the whole time he was there yet he still kept performing despite the team getting worse and worse year on year.
  10. Messi is 100% the better overall player, his all around game is still superb and whereas Ronaldo has reinvented his game to be a fox in the box that offers little else which will obviously lead to more goals, Messi has dropped deeper to become more of a playmaker that still gets a hell of a lot more goals and assists than basically any other player. Ignore the annoying tweet above but the video shows what he can and is still doing, not like Uruguay are mugs either... Messi is the best ever, Ronaldo second, Maradona third.
  11. I count my blessings every single day.
  12. Newcastle win the Prem before Man United do again? what you think?
  13. I put dub on an episode once i finished it out of curiosity, it was shite. You've made the show significantly worse not watching it with subtitles and the native language. I have no idea why people watched dubbed stuff, it's always wank.
  14. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11671/12426160/man-utds-donny-van-de-beek-everton-remain-interested-in-midfielder-after-summer-inquiry It's gonna happen, I'm a fucking wizard.
  15. No time to be sentimental now, need to accept you need better and bin him. It's tough but ask Chelsea fans if they regret getting rid of Lampard for Tuchel looking back...
  16. Amazing news, so glad he's pulled through. Rest up, get healthy and then get the band back together!
  17. Didn't know Mark Goldbridge posted on here, fair play.
  18. He's our best player so of course I rate him, do you rate Man United's best players? he will leave next summer so I'm just enjoying him while we have him... He isn't comparable in carrying balls into the final third as Rice is far more athletic and powerful - no way would Neves score a goal like Rice did in our game against Dinamo Zagreb, also Rice has 1 goal and 2 assists this season showing that he is adding more attacking contributions to his game from last season compared to 0 for Neves, he's also 2 years younger than Neves...only thing Neves has on Rice is his passing range and the occasional screamer. Not saying every other player is crap, I really rate Ndidi and Bellingham but think Neves is overrated. You seem to hold the pricetag that we have for Rice as a stick to beat him with, it isn't his fault that he would cost more than those players - he's a fantastic player now and is only going to get better, think even his harshest critics are now starting to see that now too.
  19. You always say this but if Neves is so good and was available for so cheap, why did no one buy him? If Rice was available for the price that Neves was, then United/City/Chelsea and probably Liverpool would all be in for him. Only thing putting teams off was the price that we'd put on him.
  20. Just does sideways passes right?
  21. Another good win for us, nice to get a stoppage time winner after missing a penalty in stoppage time last week. It's really fucking fun being a West Ham fan at the minute, only time in recent memory that was this good was that season with Payet where he basically carried us. This feels like much more of a team though with everyone pulling together and working hard which I think is even more satisfying. Antonio is one of the best strikers in the league on form over the past year or so, kind of glad he is getting on a bit and is slightly injury prone as it means we're almost certain to keep him.
  22. Neither of us can say for certain. I just think he might have felt some pressure knowing that it he misses one that Ronaldo will be the one taking them moving forward and it got in his head. Just a theory...
  23. Maguire seems like he plays a lot better for England, always think he looks pretty solid when playing international football (especially in tournaments) I think Man United are at a bit of crossroads now, still need a couple of players but squad is of a very high level now but your manager isn't in the same league as your rivals. Kind of reminds me of the Lampard situation, Chelsea had to bite the bullet to get rid of a club legend against a lot the fans wishes to get in a proper manager and they haven't looked back since. I think you might need to do the same, Conte has to be a good option? I know he usually wants a lot of money money spend but that shouldn't be to much of an issue for you? Also as controversial as it is, still not sure Ronaldo is the answer - he will get goals of course but I'm not sure that will offset the impact to the rest of the team as he expects everything to run through him. You think Bruno had Ronaldo breathing over his shoulder in his head when he skied that pen? I reckon so 100%
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