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  1. I mean that's the issue isn't it really? They're using all these songwriters and writing vastly inferior music to what they did when it was just them.
  2. Fair play, song doesn't blow me away but it's catchy and you can just tell he is in a good/happy place now.
  3. Madrid seem to want to risk putting all their eggs in one basket with Mbappe. Spent so poorly in recent years on players who aren't fit to replace the ageing squad they have. Who decided it was a good idea to pay well over £100m for a nearly 29 year old Eden Hazard with one year left on his deal? All that money on Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo as well, sure they're still young but will they ever be good enough? I'm not so sure. Also, are there any plans to replace any of your ageing central midfield options? Lost both first choice centre backs, all seems like a bit of a mess from an outsiders perspective to be honest...
  4. Any truth in the £400k a week rumours? that is an obscene wage if true and is surely going to make players like Fernandes look for a better contract?
  5. Only got a year left on his contract. City also have Dias and Stones as first choice as well as Laporte who is also very good, that's as well as Ake. I think City could probably rather use that £40m towards getting a striker than a top centre back that they don't really need who is going to want to play every week.
  6. Yeah I mean it didn't blow my mind or anything just always think it's more interesting when a band at least tries to change the song up with a cover rather than just a cut and paste job.
  7. I thought this was a decent cover, cool and unique take on the interlude and outro especially. Also for a good cause as well.
  8. Just renewed the league. Anyone fancy making one of these a challenge for me anytime soon?
  9. Guess only time will tell. Issue with Jose is that when things start to not go his way, he throws his toys out the pram, starts blaming everyone other than himself and then just hits the self destruct button. I can't see it ending well if I'm completely honest but I'm sure there will be some great highs as there always is with him. Can him masterminding some classic Jose wins against the likes of Juve/Inter/AC.
  10. My heart honestly still hurts from Sunday as well...😑
  11. You should keep posting for sure, I watch a bit of Serie A and always at least catch the highlights and keep up with what is going on. I know it had his proper glory days back in the 90's but I honestly think it's my second favourite league in the world now. And I think you're exactly right with Jose, my prediction is a top 4 finish and a decent cup run (maybe even a win in first season) then the wheels come off in season 2 and he gets sacked. Not a particularly astute prediction I know and maybe a change of league will do him the world of good.
  12. I can link you to the sharp rise in right wing ideology/violence in your country as well. No country is perfect. To be honest, I'm more disappointed you didn't link the photo of the bloke with the lit flare up his arse. Care to challenge my point where I linked you to a video of German fans booing our national anthem in a friendly? considering you were so outraged when we did it...you disappeared fairly sharply after that was linked I noticed. Either way, it's clear you don't actually watch football so will see you in here at the end of 2021 when the World Cup in Qatar kicks off. Have a nice 18 months!
  13. 24 hours or so....COME ON ENGLAND!
  14. Love watching the Italians sing their national anthem, it truly is a thing of beauty.
  15. @Depf I can hear some pretty audible booing for our national anthem from the German fans (and this was only a friendly where there was nothing on the line) But of course, it's just English fans who do this right? This isn't me criticising the booing, it's criticising the hypocrisy of your argument. Game, set, match.
  16. These Euros are doing mad things to us aint they ahah!
  17. Arrogant? hmmmmmm, I'd call it being right but whatever floats your tiny little boat. Either way, I think we're done here - you've made a complete prat out of yourself so feels harsh to stick the boot in even more.
  18. So you make comments that are not backed up by anything and when they're contested/a counter argument is offered you just call 'what about' hmmmmmmm okay. It's fine, you don't usually watch football and want to have an opinion on what everyone is talking about, I really get it - but maybe listen to the people who watch it all year round? you could learn something!
  19. Literally typed the same thing at pretty much the same time haha.
  20. You really do, there is still a lot of places in Europe where black players get monkey noises/bananas thrown at them on a regular basis. Also places that are far more violent/dangerous to go watch a football match. Go watch a match in London as an away fan or in Belgrade, Sofia, Istanbul, Prague, Moscow or even Rome and tell me our fans are the most hostile in the world. What I saw was a bit booing (nothing really) and 99% of people just enjoying the ride of us getting to our first final in 55 years.
  21. I'm just fucking around tbh. In all seriousness, the laser pen thing was dickish but it was one bloke out of 60,000. I might be opening myself up for abuse here but is booing the national anthem that big of a deal? people do it to us when we're playing away all the time and I always took it as some kind of backhanded compliment that they were trying to get in our heads/put us off. Would I do it if I was at a game? definitely not...but the faux outrage is to much for me. It's football, there is always an element of theatre and pantomime and stuff like this just adds to it for me.
  22. So Rybread wants to live in a little Blink bubble with zero banter just so he can get the odd message off Mark? bless.
  23. Let me taste those bitter tears, mmmmmmmmmmmm so refreshing!
  24. Penalty was soft as fuck but the Denmark goal came from a free kick where everyone was all over each other and we had a couple of other penalty shouts that were 50/50 (the Kane one especially) so I don't think the Danes were conned. What a night, am hungover as fuck but nothing gonna get me down today - buzzing off my tits!
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