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  1. And you'll get a crab every fucking time you do.
  2. Few of my favourites that haven't been mentioned:
  3. On Some Emo Shit - feel like everyone licked this songs balls when it came out for no real reason, it's a really average song.
  4. The original IT fucked me up a bit, appreciate it's not that scary but I watched it when I was about 6 when I shouldn't of been and it scared the shit out of me, still think clowns are pretty fucking freaky even now though to be honest. Even though the new IT looks far more menacing and evil than the original on paper, the original Pennywise looks 100x more freaky.
  5. Yeah that's basically bang on, some people in our India office came to visit us for a couple of weeks and said they had a really hard time finding an authentic Indian place to eat as they were basically all Banglaeshi's passing themselves off as Indians as people are far more likely to want to go to a place marked as an authentic Indian curry than a Bangladeshi one. Luckily I now know a couple of places where I can get banging authentic Indian food because of them. Don't get me wrong, I still like those curries that I had for years and I am also partial to a trip to Brick Lane (where there are about 30 of them next door too each other) where it's BYOB and you can eat for about £12 but the real Indian food is next level.
  6. Out of curiosity did you have one of these when you were living in Scotland?
  7. I always thought the curries here were great until I went to India and it was a whole different level (as you'd expect) I still think you can get a really good curry in the UK though, although living in London where there is so much choice makes that easier for me to do that than someone like Kay who lives somewhere smaller.
  8. The Strangers scared the shit out of me if I'm honest.
  9. Thought it was the worst series yet but still watchable, last season with the Italians would of taken some beating though.
  10. Yeah she's lovely, I'd kill someone if it meant I got to to spend some time alone with her in an interrogation room, NQAT.
  11. Started that this evening and loving it, on episode 4 already, gonna get all 5 done tonight and watch the season finale tomorrow. BBC really do know how to do a crime drama.
  12. Won't argue with that.
  13. Can get really good Mexican food in London, you lived in Scotland so of course it was shit.
  14. I can tell you how that would of worked, fucking terribly. I'd say Alex Gaskarth would of worked pretty well though, suits the music a bit more and knows how to write a decent hook. Is also streets ahead of Skiba as a guitarist and a live vocalist.
  15. Eat some fucking Mexican food before I come down to Wales and slap you with a burrito.
  16. Nah haven't bought it in years, only ever play it occasionally with the lads, not played this years one yet but thought 19 was a bit shit.
  17. Such an annoying game yesterday, paid for not taking our chances. What even is Fred? Fucking dreadful player, didn't he cost £50-60m?
  18. That's shocking, Mexican food is the fucking tits.
  19. ...Dan...

    Nine Criticisms.

    I think you should tbh.
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