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  1. What you think about last night as well? You still backing Ole or do you think he is out of his depth? Can't believe we have got Moyes back haha, were a fucking laughing stock. I fully back him though, Pellegrini was pathetic by the end but to be honest it was all about one player, Roberto. Everything was going pretty good until Fabianski got injured but the whole team fell to shit when he went in nets. You could see the players didn't trust him and it just manifested into an absolute shit show. Randolph is coming back as second choice so looks like we don't need to worry about seeing him in goal again (thank God)
  2. Yeah I didn't either to be honest. Glad you said Delilah, completely agree that Beck is something else though.
  3. Such an immense show, just finished it last night and am gagging for more already. I think I'm going to start looking forward to Xmas more as I know it means I get more You on Boxing Day. Who is your favourite babe over the two series?
  4. I completely misread your post...Scream is def better haha.
  5. The Chainsmokers one is the best by a mile.
  6. I'm kind of over the songwriter thing, yeah it's lame that they use so many but it isn't a dealbreaker for me. The song is just so lackluster and the fact they had so much input and that was the best they could come up with is the shocking part. Come on guys, really listen to that main guitar part - it sounds like a kid who can only play downstrokes writing a riff for his shitty puberty garage band.
  7. 7 WRITERS? And that was the best lead riff they could come up with? fuck me, I despair.
  8. Yes I do play guitar. Come on, listen to it then compare it to some of the top tier (and even mid tier) blink-182 riffs, it's just bland as fuck. It just sounds like a beginners first ever pop punk riff, a riff can be simple and great but sad this isn't one of those.
  9. No-one is expecting Joe Satriani riffs. Listen to old classic blink riffs and then listen back to this, completely different level.
  10. Doesn't do anything for me to be honest, the main riff is so shit haha.
  11. The riff sounds like something I would of written when I was 13 and could barely tune a guitar. I'll give the full song a chance though.
  12. Fucking hell, I know you've got a few injuries but that is laughably shit haha. A part of me wants to watch this game rather than ours, I won't though.
  13. Lets talk about West Ham, WE WON AND WE DESERVED TO WIN. Record this season with Roberto in goal: 2 points from 7 games Record with Fabianski and Martin: 14 points from 7 games Fab back in a few weeks as well so hopefully our season can get going again, still unforgivable that Roberto lasted so long in goal though...
  14. No idea how Snake Charmer has made it this far, song is pretty cringe. Snake Charmer.
  15. I'm not the biggest fan of VAR, in fact I strongly dislike it...but by the letter of the law it got this one right.
  16. Too busy in Miami being a wannabe basketball player aint he?
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