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  1. Having fun is what it's all about.
  2. I very much doubt they would be on there. Mark would have said if they were out and would have released if he had known they'd leaked.
  3. Either he was lying or you are.
  4. i am glad they did this, very cool and original. and i liked when travis threw his sticks at the end. I caught them
  5. Thongrider do you have a clue about anything?
  6. ...Dan...


    I imagine it would be very awkward to rip, its not really a video player or anything, its kinda just there...it's wierd. Then again I'm no rip expert, only thing I've ever ripped is a big fat fart.
  7. I want to see it, don't let you watch if you're out of America
  8. ...Dan...


    Yeah you do, you have to authenticate by aligning the logo on the doritoes bag with your cam.
  9. Go on the site anyway, it fucks up but I managed to watch it without. Worth a shot.
  10. Haha, I hate how you have to make noise for I miss you to come on.
  11. WTF??? I just went on there and it started playing???
  12. ...Dan...


    I need this.
  13. That made me lol. ''I'm very medicore in bed but I'm very enthusiastic'' haha Wish there was some way I could have seen this, you yanks get it all! Bastards
  14. I just realised, Blink-182 are back together for real. I swear it just hasn't sunk in, even after 5 or so months.
  15. Spitalfield - The only thing that matters
  16. I disagree. In terms of success, AvA has been dying for years now. Don't forget that WDNTW sold better than I-Empire precisely because blink was still fresh in people's memories. BCR met with considerable success and could have done even better had Tom been interested in it. But Tom should forget about releasing the third AvA album "for free" (that is, free if you pay close to $100 a year). Releasing something for free makes it look cheap, like a gimmick. You have disagreed with me and then started to preach the same ideads as me?
  17. I want to punch that stupid bitch in the head.
  18. Look at my sig...that should give you some idea.
  19. Speachless...the last bit is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. I agree that music should be creative but there must be some set rules followed for it to be good and one of the key ones is timing, I'm all for doing offbeat shit and different time signatures but there is a difference between that and out of time. I'm done.
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