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  1. Sorry to sound cliche on a Blink forum but I have just listened to Enema from start to finish and I'm still amazed.
  2. Go profile on the toolbar and then click the second option down on the left ''forum profile information'' and then you can add a sig there. Just make sure you have *link* as otherwise I don't think it will show up as a proper link?
  3. I imagine its something to do with The Cure article Mark is doing for AP. Edit: Bennett beat me too it!
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/ Type in All the Small Things in the search box...not sure if it works outside UK though.
  5. Could you upload Rite of Spring and Sirens without lyrics please :)
  6. WIN. Wish I could call in, however living in UK doesn't really make that an option.
  7. Moron, I hate people who sell fake shit on ebay.
  8. i never agree with this marketing argument. i think it's pretty obvious that that's just what tom is like. he used to overhype stuff just like this back when he was in blink. the only difference is, back then we agreed with him cuz it was blink, and now we dont cuz it's ava. i dont think it's marketing He admitted it during one of their DVD's, the scene where they are all taking the piss out of him for overhyping the record. On youtube somewhere. I don't know though, Tom is unpredictable at the best of times
  9. Haha pretty funny video below. Looking at the actual Tom video I'll take everything Tom says with a pinch of salt...I do like some Angels and Airwaves stuff but he constantly comes out with how groundbreaking their stuff is and although I think a lot of it is good it never really impresses me as much as I'm expecting it too. I think he bigs AVA so much and I don't think they ever lived up to the self proclaimed hype. Shame really, all marketing I guess though.
  10. Lillian is one of the best songs on the album??? I mean little death sorry. I know thats a fav with a few people and I don't think its awful...just doesn't do much for me.
  11. It's fucking hilarious, I think thats why I watch it and actually make the effort to watch it on I-player, so many hilarious little references that make you cringe.
  12. I've watched all three episodes and as cringe and as bad as it is, I keep watching for the funny Blink references and as much as I'm ashamed to say it...I've got into it a bit
  13. ...Dan...

    SICK cover

    Haha at points that is quite good, the dude on the air guitar ruins it sometimes.
  14. Awesome, I love Marks bass sound as it is. Maybe his new cab will see his bass sounded richer than ever.
  15. So glad this was bumped, I'm on breathe. Looking forward to Sirens and Rite of Spring. Edit: Just listened to both of them, shivers. Amazing covers.
  16. Wow my god are you serious? Yes......100% I await their next videos with Mark on a crucifix. It was a light hearted thing, I'd mean much by it.
  17. Um, no. I think it is people like you who are the territorial ones when it comes to Tom and Blink.. Oh yeah, because I can really mark my territory when it comes to Tom and Blink can't I?
  18. There's one maybe two others I'd vote out before but being honest the majority will vote it out so there is little point.
  19. Anthem part II for me. Been voting reckless abandon off since the start, just don't dig it as much as other songs on that album.
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