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  1. Tom looks so gross in the lower pic.
  2. Thanks dude, downloading now, can't wait to listen.
  3. Orgasmic thought, however I really want them to do their UK reunion on their own tour, as we all know, you don't get your best sound at a festival.
  4. I swear Tom is getting fatttter? Probably all that dog semen, after all its full of calories and is the number 1 cause of bad breath, even said so himself.
  5. The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file. The link you have clicked is not available. Any ideas guys? cheers.
  6. Great interview, when Mark talks about Blink it makes me worry a whole lot less than when Tom does...
  7. Good thread. In all seriousness, what is this ''Ethan'' business? sorry for the n00bish question.
  8. It's gonna be awful. There will be 13 year-old girls singing their songs without knowing any of the older tunes. I hope they won't get so popular with the new record as much as Green Day did with AI. I went to a Jimmy Eat World show last year and I was shocked to see so many little girls knowing only "The Middle". And they didn't know any pre-Bleed American stuff. It was disgusting. Wow, thats pretty fucking lame dude. Who cares if they get into Blink? they can't help when they were born and why should they not have the right to like Blink, I mean you're 17, so I doubt you were a fan when the likes of Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat were released? I imagine you probably got into Blink when Toypaj was released as you must of only been 7 when Enema was released. So how would you feel at that time if someone thought you were lame because you hadn't heard the older stuff first? and that you don't have the right to be a fan?
  9. I really hope he answers the whole ''Blink-182 for a bit'' thing, I'd really hate him to halfarse this and for Blink to tarnish their reputation.
  10. Not a bad effort but I didn't particuarly enjoy them, just doesn't really feel like Blink?
  11. ye i reali lik travis, da fill e doez r rly gd esp da 1 in all da smal tingz nd wots ma age agin.
  12. It means nothing. They sometimes make stuff up in interviews to amuse themselves/confuse everyone else.
  13. Everyone remembers where they were when September 11th was, when Obama was made president etc etc... So on another significant event, where were you when you found out Blink 182 had reformed? Here is my version of events. I live in UK btw so I didn't see Grammys live due to time difference and it not recieving as much coverage over here. I was awoken by a text message at 9am on the 9th February 2009, with the mother of all hangovers I stumbled out of bed through the ruins of beer cans, fast food and dirty clothes that have built up in my university bedroom to my computer desk where my phone was buried under yet more junk. I was in a bad place and ready to throttle whoever had sent me this text at this unearthly hour, even my ringtone being First Date was not enough to make me crack a smile. However, my anger turned to joy instantly when I read the content of the text ‘’dude, blink are back together, announced last night at Grammys x’ I turned on my laptop and came straight on the net searching for any information, videos, interviews…literally anything whilst blaring out ‘’Enema of the State’’, probably to the dismay of my neighbour who had also been out with me the night before! It really hit me when I saw them together in the Grammy award presentation video on youtube. Something I never ever thought I would see again, Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker…sharing the stage once more. Blink-182, the best hangover cure known to man.
  14. cause their blink They were Blink with TOYPAJ and Untitled as well? People need to remember Blink were early-mid 20's when Enema come out and it was nearly 10 years ago...people change a lot over ten years. I'm 21 now and although I love all Blinks stuff still, a lot of the other pop punk I listened to about 6-7 years ago I think is absolute turd now.
  15. It would be rather interesting to have a new one, after all, it only goes up to the Enema days.
  16. I enjoyed, was a good listen. Didn't agree with everything said but you all got your points over well. I can't see another album like Enema and I don't think I want too either.
  17. ...Dan...

    Just read...

    ...''Tales from beneath your mum'' again. Such a good read, many others read it?
  18. I hope Ava is finished, all these side projects are what tore Blink apart in the first place. Although in one way I hope they carry on, so Tom has somewhere to vent his U2'esque Prog rock creative urgess, because I know for a fact, I want them no where near Blinks new record.
  19. I think its a good idea and maybe it will finally stop the Ava bitches crying and whining? In fact...scrap that, nothing will stop that.
  20. Easy Target Going Away to College Rock Show Here's your Letter Stockholm Syndrome What's my Age Again Anthem Part 2 Story of a Lonely Guy Everytime I look for you Dumpweed Violence Feeling This
  21. Very well written, I see where he comes from to an extent, I mean I went through periods where I didn't listen to Blink as much but I'd always end up coming back and session them. ...and I'd always love it as much as I always did.
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