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  1. Behave, Allison is miles better. As I said a few pages back, having that useless cunt Roberto in goal ruined the whole teams confidence. Take him out and we play like a real team and get the three points, happy about it but also still pretty annoyed that it took Pellegrini this long to make the change. Great to see David Martin and Alvin Martin in the stands together and him crying at the end, fucking love seeing how much it meant to him.
  2. No it isn't. Matt isn't a proper member of the band like the other two, he is a stand in session musician that has minimal say in the direction/sound of the band. Once the Nine album cycle winds down they'll take a break, he will slowly get phased out and then they will do one last cash grab with Tom before calling it quits.
  3. Seen Chong play a few times now and he's never impressed me, that open goal miss really cost you - game would of been dead and buried if he'd put that away.
  4. Boxing Day, never really got the love - pretty boring song
  5. To be honest I do agree with you, I don't think a film should ever be longer than 2 and a half hours, there are obvious exceptions though I guess...like Titanic...(fuck you all, it's a great film)
  6. You? 🤣 I'll watch it at some point, might do it in a couple of sittings though.
  7. It didn't blow me away but it's well worth a watch, I'd give it 8/10. The killer in it is immensely hot, absolutely mental as well.
  8. Just finished the first series of Killing Eve, decent - will def give series 2 a go.
  9. Just have no desire to listen to this album, meh, we had a good few weeks I guess.
  10. So jealous of people who have never watched Breaking Bad and get to watch it all for the first time.
  11. He doesn't collab because he isn't a proper member of the band, pretty straight forward really.
  12. I think this sort of stuff just proves that Matt is more of a session musician/guitar for hire rather than a member of blink. Song is catchy enough for a pop song and it's cool they do stuff with Chainsmokers as they clearly grew up listening to blink. I won't watch this video again, will check out a studio version if it gets released though I guess.
  13. Liverpool have had a few go against them season as well to be fair, think people are overacting to the LiVARpool thing. They dropped 2 points against Man United when Origi was fouled before their goal, they also had the dodgy Firmino armpit decision. See people kicking off about the Palace goal being disallowed this weekend just gone, absolute bollocks - was a clear push in the back and was right to be disallowed, sure Liverpool have had a couple go their way but so have quite a few teams, they're likely to get more overturned in their favour on the grounds they have more of the ball and spend more time attacking than their opposition.
  14. Stock is still too high, he'll get a top CL job at some point - why go to Arsenal when they have a worse squad than Spurs and equally stingy owners with a completely toxic fanbase. Failing that I think he will take the Man United job as it's too big to turn down if he gets tempted by a project. Nah not at all, he wanted to leave for first team football which is understandable as Fabianski is a much better keeper and there was no way back for him being 1st choice. Then it seems like he didn't get the offers he would hope for so settled for being a number 2 at a much better team which is fair enough. My beef is with us signing a shite number 2 and a 3rd choice who is only a 'training goalkeeper' - although I think Pellegrini has no choice but to play David Martin next week, if he sticks with Roberto this weekend against Chelsea then he has to go in my opinion.
  15. West Ham have done that for me, can't remember our last goal that wasn't a consolation... Roberto might be the worst keeper I've ever seen at this level, his presence in the team has destroyed all momentum and confidence.
  16. How comes? Arsenal being shite? VAR? bit of both?
  17. ...Dan...


    I think the new song is much better, poppy at points but also a lot heavier at others as well.
  18. Already posted my vote for Up All Night a couple posts above ya fucking weapon.
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