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  1. Okay fine, he took it round a postman from Kazahstan before putting it through an Accountants legs. Oh and he scored one against Rochdale too. And we're supposed to all believe he is the next RVP from that? Could come good but think people are getting carried away a bit.
  2. Fuck you Cheeeeeeeeeeeeerioz.
  3. I don't care, I'd rather say it wrong that sound like a tosser.
  4. People have been raving about these youngsters coming through but not seen anything from any of them so far other than Greenwood getting a couple of tap ins. Think they all need to go out on loan in the Championship and play men's football every week.
  5. Why like anything when you can hate everything?
  6. I've always prounced it "Skib-ah" Boils my piss when I see the yanks drag out the eeeeeee, Matt Skeeeeeba. Cunts.
  7. I kind of see the guys points and in someways I do agree with him on a lot of things about the album. But I'm enjoying it and taking it for what it is, my expectations were a lot lower for this album and I think that has allowed me to appreciate it a bit more. I highly doubt I'll play it to death but I'll give it the odd listen and certainly think it's a decent sized step forward from California.
  8. I hate the way Yanks pronunce 'Matt Skeeeeeeeeba' Call him Matt Skiba like it reads you fucking dickstains.
  9. ...Dan...

    Nine Criticisms.

    Mark af? are you fucking serious?? Online Songs and Going Away to College are "Mark af" not fucking Crappy Days. The only type of person I can imagine it hitting deeply is a sad virgin with no friends.
  10. That article said Tom is 6"7...he's a tall guy but no fucking way is he that tall haha.
  11. Only time will tell, unless Blink make the set list at least 50% of the new songs with Skiba then Mark is completely full of shit, I have no real beef with them being a greatest hits band to be honest, but stop trying to act like you're really moving the band forward when everything else you do just points to you clinging onto the past. My guess is the new set will maybe be made up of 20-25% of songs from that era (my guess would be Bored to Death, Cynical and maybe 2-3 off Nine) If Mark truly believes what he is saying it should be 3-4 songs off California and 5-6 off nine with maybe 10 from the previous Delonge era - can't see that happening though to be honest...
  12. ...Dan...

    Nine Criticisms.

    The First Time is a great album opener and Heaven is a really good song as well. Trouble is they are sandwiched between Happy Days which is such a dull nothing song, it's like the album revs the engine with TFT, false starts on HD and then has to get going again on Heaven. Just wish Happy Days wasn't a song to be honest.
  13. my-face-when-your-link-doesnt-work-th
  14. Course he did... Thank God all those people moved out of Manchester down south when they did, streets would look central Beijing if they didn't.
  15. Should have just been a glory hunter like you instead, win all the trophies that way (well not really anymore...) Or are you one of those classics who has the long lost second uncle who is a season ticket holder that took you to your first game at Old Trafford when you were 5?
  16. Oh there was plenty of Axel Tuanzebeing from our players on that night, defensive cock ups all over the shop. If only we could of shown the heroic battle and heart that Man United had on that same night to overcome Rochdale on penalties, could of been a whole different story for us. Shit cup anyway, much rather focus on top 4 and the FA Cup...
  17. Has an eye for a pass as well, that inch perfect ball in the build up to the Aubameyang goal was beautiful.
  18. You listen to it back in the day or only recently? Yeah I'm a fan of it as well.
  19. Surely you must remember him MaRd? Grandmaster Jon aka Douchemaster Jon.
  20. I do miss him posting here to be honest, some of his meltdowns were absolutely hilarious. Kid could not take a joke AT ALL.
  21. The guitar work is quite similar, as is the general speed/vibe of the song. Also he sings much lower like he does in AK3 here as well. I'm not saying Black Rain is the spitting image of a song, just that it reminds me a bit of TTW.
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