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  1. Surely you must remember him MaRd? Grandmaster Jon aka Douchemaster Jon.
  2. I do miss him posting here to be honest, some of his meltdowns were absolutely hilarious. Kid could not take a joke AT ALL.
  3. The guitar work is quite similar, as is the general speed/vibe of the song. Also he sings much lower like he does in AK3 here as well. I'm not saying Black Rain is the spitting image of a song, just that it reminds me a bit of TTW.
  4. Black Rain reminds me of Time to Waste by Alkaline Trio a bit... TTW is a much better song though obviously, I like Black Rain and appreciate what they were trying to do but it's a second or third tier album song for me.
  5. My guess is Blink told him to shut the fuck up and back off a bit (in more polite terms of course), they probably saw how much he was trying to be a 4th member was annoying a certain faction of the fans. I think it probably influenced their decision to work with out producers too to be honest.
  6. Haha of course I did. *Confused face* "how did that get here!?" *overly casual toss of pick to look cool* Bet as soon as he cut that video he was frantically looking for it as it otherwise buying a new one will eat into his $5 a week pocket money that his parents still give him.
  7. Hahahah, what the hell is that silly little guitar intro about? When he stops playing and looks at the camera with a sort of "oh hello, didn't realise you were there" expression. Get in the bin you tosser.
  8. I look at the money spent by Man United since Fergie left and what your squad is and it beggers belief, literally spunked hundreds of millions up the wall on shit/average players.
  9. Nice post from Mark and also good to see him and Tom have a bit of an exchange, seems like they're on pretty good terms at the minute.
  10. Strings is fucking pants, one of the worst blink songs from the Delonge era.
  11. Almost a bit sad watching Man United vs Arsenal these days. Think back to them both being st the very top of their game slugging it out for titles and then compare it to now, hopefully they can at least serve up an entertaining game to make up for what it will inevitably lack in quality.
  12. Darkside really doesn't work live from the videos I've seen, Matt can't sing it for shit - written far too out of his range.
  13. Decent point yesterday, will take that after Wednesday combined with the fact we have a pretty terrible record at Bournemouth.
  14. Maybe? can't say I'm following their progress as much as you are to be honest so I'll take your word for it. I think Rebel Girl and Kiss and Tell are both pretty average, was more just saying that I think Rubano is a good bassist than praising AVA. I know you and Ghent are so thirsty to bash Tombots but you're not going to find one here. People like the new Blink, it doesn't have to be a Blink vs AVA fanboy war anymore.
  15. 8 is good but it can be a bit of a struggle. 9 and 10 are much better in my opinion, I think 10 is nearly as good as 7 - if you have never played it then getting the remastered version is well worth it.
  16. Didn't realise Matt Rubano was now in AVA, loved his basslines during his time in TBS. Hopefully he can bring some of that to the table for the new AVA album.
  17. Not even worthy of one of my crabs, get in the fucking bin.
  18. Cynical > The First Time Bored to Death > Happy Days She's Out of Her Mind < Heaven Los Angeles < Darkside Sober > Blame It On My Youth Built This Pool < Generational Divide No Future < Run Away HISALP < Black Rain Kings of the Weekend < I Really Wish I Hated You Teenage Satellites < Pin the Grenade Left Alone < No Heart To Speak Of Rabbit Hole < Ransom San Diego > On Some Emo Shit The Only Thing That Matters < Hungover You California > Remember to Forget Me Hey I'm Sorry > Out Of My Head Nine 11-5 California
  19. I forgot how abysmal this was, surely Mark was pissed off at Tom when he made this?
  20. Great fan fiction, let me know when you write the next chapter and I'll def give it a read.
  21. Had to have a little nibble didn't I...
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