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  1. Brazil play a lot of friendlies, especially leading up to the World Cup in 2014 which they automatically qualified for - can't really hold that against him. Can kind of flip stats like that quite easily, you can make an argument that a lot of Cristiano Ronaldo goals for Portugal have come against absolute minnows in qualifying for Euros and World Cups for example. Can't comment on Romario, was a bit before my time. Ronaldo was a different level of course. Rivaldo was great as well, Ronaldinho was incredible but didn't really last and was finished before he was 30, Kaka also fell away before he hit that age too. I think Neymar is more than worthy in being in the mix with these names.
  2. Messi and Ronaldo are complete freaks, noone compares to them. He has come 3rd twice in the Ballon D'or and 5th twice as well so you can make an argument he has been the best of the rest at points. He was def in the top 5 players in the world when he was at Barca though, PSG was a bad move though - wasted his peak years in a poor league. He is almost certainly going to become Brazil's top goalscorer of all time (currently 9 off Pele) - in another era he could have easily been the best player in the world and would have been for a period if it wasn't for the two greatest players of all time playing in the same era as him.
  3. Man United v West Ham in the CC then...swear we always get the most horrendous cup draws haha.
  4. Neymar is a diving cheating bastard but he's also quality. His record speaks for itself, I also think he could be better if he truly applied himself but he'd still walk into any team in the world in my opinion.
  5. Started watching The Affair recently, just approaching the end of series 2 - I wasn't expecting that much from it but I fucking love it, anyone else seen it?
  6. Can you tell me where I compared Madrid's financial situation to Barcelona/Inter Milan please?
  7. La Liga is finished, none of the top players want to play there anymore. Used to be my second favourite league by a distance but would now rather watch Serie A and the Bundesliga than La Liga.
  8. Fergie showed how much of a genius he was winning the title in 2012/13 with that squad, loads of ageing legends who were well past their best and a lot of average players. He knew that as well so signed RVP to carry the team, fucking smart.
  9. I don't even know why is held in such high regard at Man United tbh, he learned his trade there while the fans and team were pretty patient with his inconsistency, was world class for a couple of seasons and then spent most of his peak years playing for Real Madrid winning them Champions Leagues while Man United slipped into decline.
  10. Why are you paying that sort of money for a player that has 1 year left on his contract? just like you paid a ridiculous amount for a 29 year old Eden Hazard who had 1 year left on his contract. Mbappe clearly wants to go to Madrid (God knows why) - just wait it out and get him on a free next summer. Whoever is doing Madrid's transfers needs to be sacked.
  11. Kane staying at Spurs then, Ronaldo to City? just imagine...I don't see it happening though if I'm honest.
  12. I thought Real Madrid were skint and that's why they're so desperate for the Super League? All of a sudden they have just found €160m down the back of the sofa to sign a player with less than a year left on his deal. Unreal front.
  13. £20m for him and Soucek is unreal business. Fans absolutely love them both, work their nuts off every second of every game and also have quality. 14 goals in 55 from central midfield with no free kicks or pens is some record, especially for a team that isn't one of the big six. Talk of getting Kurt Zouma in but supposedly his wages are the issue, not sure how I feel about getting him in - we def need a centre back though.
  14. Very true. Be careful though, 4 years since you won a trophy, close to a decade since your last league title - those years soon slip by... All the money you've spent, anything other than a real genuine title challenge and a major trophy of some kind has to be considered failure this season.
  15. Sorry, can't hear you from all the way down in 6th. Rice running the game and Fred scoring own goals/running around like a headless chicken, says it all.
  16. Troll post, not even dignifying this with a proper response.
  17. I'm in love with our team at the minute mate. Antonio in that form is unplayable. Soucek and Rice are up there with the best central midfield partnerships in the league. Cresswell and Coufal are great at getting up and down the pitch. Benrahma looks so hungry and ready to cut it as this level now as well. We def need a couple more faces through the door in order to compete in the league and Europe but it sure is exciting times at the moment.
  18. We are all slightly biased aren't we? I would say you have your Man United tinted glasses on when you say Rice wouldn't get in the team over Fred. Also every team in the league would take Rice given the chance, we've just priced him out of a move by putting a huge price tag on his head. Neves isn't fit to lace Deccers boots, that's why he is available for £30-35m. Either way...great performance tonight. Whole team was superb, especially Antonio and Benrahma who looks a completely different animal this season. 6 points, 8 goals scored and top of the league - dream start to the season, our squad is thin but our first 11 are class.
  19. If you think Rice is the same sort of player as McTominay it shows how little you watch him. He is good on the ball, a lot better than you give him credit for at least and can carry it well too. Also, you wouldn't be signing him to be a creator, you need someone who can hold and break up play - leave the spraying balls about to Bruno and Pogba. You need someone in there much more mobile and better defensively than Neves in my opinion. Either way, he is staying by the looks of things anyway - maybe you'll get lucky next summer
  20. I also don't rate Neves that highly, I can't act like I watch him every week but when I do he looks slow and doesn't really get around the pitch, he isn't the best defensively either - you've already got Pogba and Fernandes who can spray the ball about as well (which is his main quality) so don't see where he really fits, oh he will score you one screamer every 2 years - but yeah that's about it. I reckon £60m + Lingard would make Gold and Sullivan consider tbh although knowing those two greedy bastards, they'd rather just have the cash. Bissuoma maybe an option? he's young and is a more traditional DM who can get around the pitch. Maybe Ndidi too? but he'd also cost a Kings ransom. Shame for AWB, he is much more suited to a team who has to defend all the time because that's when he really shows his quality - at Man United his lack of quality going forward is really exposed, he was abysmal in the final third at points yesterday. Bad touches, bad passes and loads of turning backwards.
  21. Yeah you do seem to struggle to move on deadwood more than most teams. thing is Chelsea use their youth academy to sell on potential and add buy back clauses so if they ever do get good they can nick them back a lot of the time, Man United tend to have ageing deadwood that are only going to get worse and teams are a lot less likely to want that. Who would you like to see come in before the end of the window in an ideal world? looks like we've completely priced Rice out of a move for one more year but I think we will probably lose him next summer. I'm glad we will likely enjoy him for another year, he was a man possessed in that second half against Newcastle (and people say he can't carry the ball forward lol) Hope he does well and glad he got off to a good start, seems a very likeable lad and is a good solid young player. I'd have loved him at West Ham but no way our owners would front the sort of money to get him in the door.
  22. Maguire was pretty poor yesterday as well but I thought Shaw had a decent enough game. I thought it was a really strange decision to bring Martial in up front and move Greenwood out wide after he played so well centrally last weekend. You reckon you'll sign a central midfielder? A rotation of Fred, McTominay and Matic is a bit bleak if you're serious about winning top honours.
  23. Since when did you hold the punches? haha I stand by it, bloke was a complete knobend
  24. Livramento looks like a player. Man United need a top class central midfielder badly, Fred is just not good enough to start week in week out for a team who wants to win top honours. Martial just isn't up to it and I don't think Wan-Bissaka is either, not enough quality on the ball or in attacking positions.
  25. I'd love to dig out the post where he mocked me for liking Four Year Strong. He was a strange guy, I'm glad he is good at guitar - nice for him to have some consolation for being a terrible human
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