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  1. I don’t even play this game, but I sat and watched him play for like an hour yesterday before I even realized it sucked me in. 🙃 sliding down/gliding off cliffs & building carts & shit. It’s really pretty.
  2. 🤣🤣 This does remind me though…I need to find my OLD shirts. I want to make new tank tops!
  3. Agreed! Also agreed. I have Nuggets in 5, (I’ve been wrong about EVERYTHING this year though….) so it’ll probably be Nuggets in 6.
  4. SO funny! I’ve always seen him as a giant toddler, especially before he got in better shape. It doesn’t always look graceful & pretty, but he gets shit done.
  5. Got it. Yeah. Jan seems like a “don’t whine, you’re at your job,” kind of guy. Not a “don’t share your opinion on racial issues,” type of guy.
  6. I have not gotten the racist vibes from the Jan.
  7. The, “Shut up and dribble,” demographic. Yep, they absolutely exist.
  8. My Curry gets a pretty high amount of hate for how fucking good he is too….but I agree with all this.
  9. I mean…I’ve never played basketball at a high level for 20 years…but I did grow babies 6 years apart & I FELT that 6years. Daily. My body was built for this, but age absolutely played a factor in how I felt & what I felt capable of doing… 48 minutes is a lot at that age, at that level, especially being the #1… I’m not even a Bron fan, just a basketball fan. Dude did everything he could, IMO. Bron is still getting plenty of hate, just not from me.
  10. He’s 38, did EVERYTHING the first half. Played the entire 48, I don’t imagine he had much left at that point… What more could he really have done?
  11. Sounds right. & At that point it’ll be 22 years worth of great basketball moments we’ve all gotten to enjoy…. the dude deserves the biggest pat on the back, as far as I’m concerned.
  12. I was thinking he might push for someone(s) else to be traded. I can’t see him leaving the Lakers this season & absolutely couldn’t imagine him leaving without a farewell either.
  13. 2. After the game he emphasized he has, “a LOT to think about,” before next season.
  14. Yeah…Bron did everything he possibly could. Completely agree with everything you said. AD needed to step up more 3 games ago. Bummer, but good for Joker & co. Hopefully the finals will be great….anything should be better than these conference finals.
  15. I’m good at this too! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 I tried kettlebells semi-recently. We got 4….5/10/15/20lbs. Instead of adding 5lbs to the squats (I rarely do already) to start, I went for 20. 😑 lesson (hopefully) learned. Probably not though. My abs still hurt today because I HAD to try to do the monkey bars 7 times the other day, on a PreK playground…so I had to hold my legs up too. I know I can hardly do monkey bars, but let’s make them harder by doing the ones meant for kids & holding our legs up to our chest. (I eventually made it halfway, felt accomplished…til the next day). 😩🤣
  16. Delicious. & now I need to know what my kids think of their name. Mine watch Warriors games with me, but only one of the older ones really cares about basketball so far. The youngest is starting the earliest though & says, “we love the team with the bridge!” 🙃🤣
  17. Yes, I was really good at this for a while too. I also am not a traditional workout person. Fuck the gym, I’ll play basketball or chase my children…video game workouts are always great. The kids love Just Dance, I enjoy being ridiculous…it’s fun. 🤣
  18. This conference finals fail should be a bit humbling, I hope. 😬
  19. Agreed. I’m not a Boston fan at all, but I’ve always liked Tatum….he’s obviously not ready to be the #1 guy on the big stage tho. At. All. I had a bit of faith the Lakers could come back…til they went down 3. Now I’m just ready for it to be over.
  20. I’ve been so bored with the conference finals, I’m just hoping for a double sweep to end this nonsense. & I hope the Heat & Nuggets make the finals interesting….or this will be the most boring post season I can recall…ever.
  21. Boston down 2 now & headed on the road…😬 that was ROUGH.
  22. He did right at the end there, ran the entire court & drove to the basket like it was absolutely effortless. We were talking about how he should’ve done more of that instead of chucking 3s. He looked gassed though too.
  23. Murray just had to get going & it was over for the Lakers. Home court is such a big deal, I’m still saving judgement on that series til I see the Lakers at home.
  24. Travis was on Dave this week. Season 3, Episode 8, if anyone is interested.
  25. There are many up here too, but I can’t talk….I’m not a Cowboys fan tho.
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