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  1. What really bums me out is this is 2 tracks now the band has released and it’s two tracks that I’ll have zero desire to listen to when the full album comes out. GD at least I won’t have to skip because it so god dam short ? just really fucking hope the boys have a solid album but slowly loosing faith after two absolute mediocre songs.
  2. I apologize for using the term “riff” I guess what I meant was the main chord progression? Whatever I guess I’m just saying the guitar isn’t what bothered me. It was ok.
  3. God dam I hope I can post here how underwhelming the song was without being ass fucked by reddit users. Forgot how fucking cancerous that fucking place is. I enjoyed the “music” I genuinely enjoyed the fast paced guitar work. And Travis’s drumming was great. But like everyone is saying.. why? Why waste such powerful riffs on such a short meaningless track? The mix also sounds like shit. That could be because of the rip I suppose but fuck me the guys have been a heavy letdown as of late ?
  4. I wasn't very impressed with it. Was also bummed it's only a 4 track EP. I probably missed that somewhere. Was expecting more then 4 tracks.
  5. Can someone pm me a download link? Thanks in advance ??
  6. I just got home from the Minnesota show tonight. Holy dick fucks.. skiba can stay as long as he wants. I love the current state of this band ??
  7. Yea really this go around the only thing I'm really looking forward to is seeing them outdoor again.. which I'll be hyped about now and then probably bitch about later lol
  8. I really think and hope with this next album that mark and Matt will settle down and write some serious creative stuff. Don't get it twisted I enjoyed cali from start to finish but I think the two have a lot more potential.
  9. Can we all agree that Last Train Home is probably the best song since gaining Matt?
  10. I laughed way too fucking hard at this.?
  11. Holy fuck these songs are fucking great ??
  12. I was able to download and extract cali when it leaked on my iPhone but I don't remember how or what app I used...
  13. Do you need to be registered with site in order to download?
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