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  1. Misterr

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Because if at least about half goes to charity the high prices are understandable --> he wants to give as much as possible to charity. If only a small percentage goes to charity, then charity is only an excuse for the high prices. And using the charity label to make more money makes you a pretty horrible person. And Tom is kinda crazy but not really a bad person. So if he is doing everything possible to make money that means he really needs money. As even Leo Dehoe pointed out probably for Poet. That means those claims about a 100 million budget are false. And most of the boards think they are false but because Tom said it so straightforwardly there is some doubt. So now we need some proof about the money situation with Poet. And so this charity thing is very important.
  2. Misterr

    Tom Delonge Solo Album

    I don't think it's that bad. It would be a fun thing to listen to if Tom was still with blink and these would be demos that didn't make it to the blink record.
  3. Misterr

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I was very excited for Mark's solo record. I think he just wanted to experiment more than he could with +44. And of course there was a chance of inviting Tom to play on his solo record. Unrelated: I dreamt that blink with skiba were going to play Elevator. Just shows how crazy my dreams are.
  4. Misterr

    Tom's New Song Circle Jerk or something

    so this is the joke song?
  5. Misterr

    Tom Sells Unreleased "Demos" To Maroons

    Sounds as cringy as Everything's magic.
  6. Misterr

    Tom DeLonge - "New World"

    I'm in category: fans that like it because they always like toms music even though they think it could have been better with Mark and Travis. After all those repetetive AVA albums, this song seems fresh to me. But no way I'm buying this, can't understand how Tom can't see that Mark can make his songs high quality.
  7. Misterr

    Tom DeLonge - "New World"

    I like it and I find the video funny. Didn't expect that but that's how I feel now. But still the song lacks Mark to be a really great song.
  8. Misterr

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Or maybe the aliens took the real Tom in 2005, then returned him in 2009 and now they took him again and they left this ava lunatic on Earth.
  9. Misterr

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    I was thinking the same movie, just promoted differently, more blink friendly, not as an ava movie.
  10. Misterr

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I never wanted to believe that Nothing and Nobody and that Hallucinations remix were a joke. Now I have to accept they were.
  11. Misterr

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    In some alternate universe the Love movie could have been a movie originating on the story of Asthenia. And the first trailer could have been with that song in it. I'm sure it would get more media and blink fans attention.
  12. Misterr

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    Well if there are fans that think Tom should just make pop punk songs, then I don't blame him for not caring
  13. Misterr

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

  14. Well I think if Tom had really cared that much about let's say getting First Date off the setlist, Mark would have done it.
  15. Misterr


    For me the first 4 season are high quality dramedy , the rest are just funny.