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  1. Do you guys think Travis would look like this now if he stopped shaving his head?
  2. This was the only one I ever owned, I still like the design a lot more than most of their merch
  3. I think you're absolutely right. Obviously we're not doctors and can't diagnose somebody but it's very clear that Tom had a specific turning point in his late 20s (very common time for mental illness complications to come up) when his behavior and personality made a HUGE erratic shift. I know people change and rock stars are strange but Tom is still an outlier when it comes to all of that in my opinion. He has seemed to ebb and flow between his new "normal" as a humble semi-retired dad/baseball fan and just totally off his rocker ever since.
  4. Seeing him fully going back on his TTS/scams/aliens bullshit on social media and stuff just makes me wonder whether he goes OFF his meds or goes ON cocaine every several months.
  6. The new Joyce Manor singles are fucking awesome. They just bring the perfect amount of the emo/punk rock stuff we (and they) grew up on where it sounds totally authentic and fresh but still nails the nostalgic feeling.
  7. The movie looks lame unfortunately. It's supposed to be this Stranger Things/ET/Goonies supernatural adventure but... the characters are all like 25? One guy is having a tantrum with his mom and says "DAD NEVER THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY!" which could be a touching moment coming from a courageous 14 year old trying to expose the truth but uhhh, doesn't quite ring true from a full fledged adult. I was kiiiinda intrigued by the idea of a comedy/adventure written by Tom but this looks dead in the water.
  8. For real!! So lame.
  9. Again, who the fuck is the audience for this scheme? 99.9% of the people who would be interested in this crap could never afford any of the "perks" in the first place.
  10. Maybe it was just as simple as Blink deciding to work with people in Feldy's orbit after that point.
  11. Good question, I forgot all about that guy but he was Mark's right hand man for quite awhile
  12. I would be so fucking delighted if the guy from 2006 suddenly reappeared and this turned into a classic Diddy Back And Forth Bickering Session
  13. Ehhh.... late night talk shows are a fucking tough gig even for an actual experienced professional comedian to take on. I wouldn't wish this on Mark, I don't think it would work out very well. I could easily see him being great in a bandleader/sidekick role on a show like this though.
  14. Diddy you quoted a post from 16 years ago my friend
  15. Haha exactly. He was still hyper and rambling at times, but just in that excited goofy way we all know and love rather than being all jittery and spaced out.
  16. Doesn't get hinted at or mentioned at all, they didn't discuss anything about the breakups or current Blink or anything like that. But he certainly seemed comfortable talking about Mark and telling old Blink stories in a way that seemed super normal and friendly instead of the strained/embarrassed way he's approached it in the past. But 99% of the convo was about the early early punk scene days and bands they hung out with and listened to back then, and some hilarious stories. I was surprised by how coherent Tom was, and by all the different bands/shows/stories he could remember off the top of his head. He was in great spirits and truly seemed more sane than he has in years haha.
  17. Yup I'll echo what everybody else has said, this was BY FAR the best Tom appearance in years and years and years. He sounds like the guy we all knew and loved back in the day, with tons of knowledge and funny stories from the early early days with some genuinely mature new perspectives on some things. It's like the aliens released Real Tom back to earth for an hour. Great stuff, thanks for posting it!
  18. Whoa this is really cool and most likely the most we'll ever hear from Scott's perspective. This quote alone shows why the original lineup was definitely not the right fit for achieving massive success haha: "We are finishing the art work for our EP, it’s called: The Endless Bummer, it will be for sale on our site around Jan 19th, this is some pretty shameless self promotion. I sound like an infomercial."
  19. Does their newer stuff hold up? I absolutely loved everything up to A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar but then literally haven't listened to a single album since then. Like @Cheerios4u98 said they just kinda disappeared from my mind haha.
  20. Same, I ALMOST like them, but this is one of their only songs where the singer's voice doesn't grate on me as much
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