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  1. That's funny, it's the opposite for me! I never vibed with them at all when they were pop-punk, but I fucking loved After Laughter and the new single haha
  2. Hmm yeah that definitely wasn't my experience either. I loved Untitled BECAUSE it was such a leap forward in maturity and sound, it came out right as I was growing out of pop punk and exploring other genres that I loved and it felt like Blink was shifting over in a way that kept them perfectly aligned in my newer music tastes. It was the "eleven year olds" who DIDN'T like it, because they were still firmly in the pop punk lane and would've preferred Enema Pt. 3 But to be fair, I didn't know anyone Davey's age who was old enough to have been a fan since the very beginning. I'm sure everyone seemed like they were eleven years old to him at that time.
  3. Oh yeah one more weird thing that maybe affected Goldfinger a little bit back then...? I went to one of their shows in the early 00s and they were really sweet live, but in the venue they had PETA booths set up with giant signs with fucking disgusting gruesome blown up photos of dead/tortured animals and intense shaming messages about eating meat. Props to them for believing in something so much, animal cruelty is a worthy cause and all of those photos were obviously for the greater good in their minds, but it was definitely a turnoff for anybody who was like "hey this band is cool maybe I'll go see their show and become a fan!" haha. I can't imagine that had a HUGE effect, but it's one of the things I still remember most about their show, that's for sure. That and someone in the crowd eating a twinkie out of the drummer's butt... Clearly they were covering a lot of ground hahaha
  4. Haha yeah I don't have strong feelings one way or the other! I was a bigger Goldfinger fan at that time, even though I'm from the midwest US I was more into that Cali/skating/beachy/sunshiney vibe haha but I dug some Alkaline Trio too. Just anecdotal and based on my own experience I guess, I somehow knew more people who had at least 1-2 of the first 4 Goldfinger CDs, while Alkaline Trio were more of a "download a few songs on Limewire for mixes" band in my little world. Alkaline's longevity probably plays into it too though, like @Kaysaid!
  5. Here are the most popular songs on Spotify between the two bands: 1. Goldfinger - Superman - 110 million 2. Goldfinger - 99 Red Balloons - 89 million 3. Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me - 27 million 4. Alkaline Trio - Radio - 22 million 5. Goldfinger - Here In Your Bedroom - 19 million 6. Goldfinger - Spokesman - 17 million 7. Goldfinger - Tijuana Sunrise - 16 million 8. Alkaline Trio - Calling All Skeletons - 15 million 9. Alkaline Trio - Stupid Kid - 12 million 10. Both bands have several around 8 million Maybe Goldfinger felt more popular/successful to some of us because Superman was everywhere due to THPS, and 99 Red Balloons was everywhere even though it wasn't an official single? Definitely seems like a weird disconnect somewhere, those numbers would definitely point toward Goldfinger having way more sales but who the hell knows haha.
  6. Damn those album numbers are surprising! As I remember it Goldfinger had quite a few singles that seemed like "hits" by being on the radio and MTV, and the only song I heard on the radio by Alkaline Trio was Mercy Me.
  7. Eh I wouldn't really be interested in much of that since it's already been out in the world this whole time, but early demos and stuff would be a dream come true.
  8. Mark's discord? Come on Oliver we need you back!
  9. As a huge Springsteen fan myself, I have always found The Gaslight Anthem's Springsteen references to be way over the top. I haven't listened to a ton of their stuff, I do really like some of their songs quite a bit, but when I tried to get more into them it just felt like they were trying to directly re-do Springsteen for a new generation without anybody noticing. Even using a bunch of the same names in their lyrics and stuff. I relate to loving Springsteen but sheesh.
  10. For sure. As much fun as we have critiquing or poking fun or getting frustrated based on what WE would prefer Blink to be like, that's all just fantasyland stuff. He's a great dude with what seems like a great family. Clearly based on Tom and Travis it's hard to keep your head when you become ultra famous haha, but Mark makes it look easy.
  11. Good little article about Mark! It mentions that he's writing a book, that should be awesome. https://people.com/music/mark-hoppus-lymphoma-journey-second-shot-at-life/
  12. Yeah I think he must have always been WEIRDER than we all thought, but in the early early days he was uncool in a cool way... haha. Like in Urethra Chronicles 1, he's just this legitimately shy soft spoken dude talking about cars and bicycles that he likes, and how he learned jazz drums as a kid or whatever. No sign of the druggy gangsta wannabe he would become a few years later, let alone the social media famewhore he is now. Fame does very strange things to people haha.
  13. The fact that this message board still exists is a minor miracle, if you guys all take the squabbles and meaningless convos to Discord this site is doomed haha
  14. Haha good point. In this metaphor if Mark + Travis + Skiba = Diet Blink... then Mark + Tom + Travis would be more like Flat Soda Blink. The correct ingredients are all there, but they got shook up and left out in the sun.
  15. hahah oops you are correct. thank you.
  16. Hahaha he totally is, but for me I just have no need for a Diet Blink in my life. I have plenty of bands to listen to that I enjoy more than this version of Blink. So if they're going to go on as a band, I'd rather at least have it be with Tom and just see what happens with the OGs together again.
  17. It's possible! I want Tom back, I never came around to Skiba in Blink at all, but if they basically kicked him out without telling him that would be sooo lame and such a Modern Blink move...
  18. I don't think so. My honest guess is that they are basically in an unofficial "hiatus" and legitimately don't know what they want to do next, or whether any of them want to give the glory years lineup one more go. I think Davey said that Mark told him they were recording this year and touring next year but that just seems pretty far fetched. There's only 3.5 months left in the year and Matt doesn't even know if he's in the band.
  19. That song is just ok, it sounds like a decently promising demo at best, but that's Tom's fault not Mark's. A classic Tom riff would do that song wonders, if only he could've been bothered to work on the damn album haha.
  20. Yeah it's an interesting point. My view on it though is that Skiba is just a purely neutral force in the band, he doesn't detract from them the way Tom's insanity has over the years, but he doesn't add anything either. He made his debut with the band 7 years ago(!) but still feels like a studio/touring gun for hire. IF he was truly "growing in the band" and Nu Blink was this organic thing that was gradually melding Mark+Travis+Skiba, I'd be more intrigued by where else they could go. I think Skiba was deferential and humble to a fault, which is understandable, but he's always seemed like he's just a guy doing a favor for some music biz acquaintances rather than actually being a true member of the band with thoughts and feelings and passion for what they're doing. It feels like it's run its course.
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