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  1. Is this the general discussion thread? Or the blink lyrics thread? Maybe I lost my way
  2. Anybody got a spare for this evening? Got a friend who's wife decided she wants to join us...
  3. Probably my favourite blink song I've never seen them play live
  4. Outro of Adams song, stunning... Others?
  5. Comes to £50 ish for standing with fees and postage depending on how many of you are going. Pre-sale standing all sold out, can send you the link but only seats left It was on the blink twitter initial announcement!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOlDewpCfZQ Check this out
  7. I think, and am happy to be proven wrong, that he was referring to the laser goggles that he used for the breathe performance. Tom (sadly) isn't required to do a performance review where he has to come out and substantiate all the bold statements he makes, in order for us to directly relate them to projects.
  8. We went up Crib Goch and then down Snowdon. Took about 5 1/2 hours in total, pretty steady away. Blaring sunshine, stunning views, great company. Unbeatable!
  9. I have been inspired to update my profile, add a photo of me at a blink gig last year in London and add my location. Outing myself! Feels pretty liberating! I guess I was always worried if I started posting I might rack up 5230 posts in no time whatsoever....
  10. Sorry mate, nope not changed the username just been a bit of a long term lurker and enjoyed watching in the wings. Happy to take on your suggestion.... Likely to be in Dallas in March if you are about for a pint?
  11. Love Wales mate. Just done Snowdon again recently. Stunning. Can you not read buddy?
  12. You tell me a place is good, I will respect it and check it out online see if it is my kind of place. It's called an open mind. Going white water rafting in Bosnia in a few weeks. If it is shit, will let you know. Ghent, Balkans are a settled region right now. Just came back from a visit to family in Serbia. Amazing culture, history and people. Would give you the shirt of their back.
  13. Blink have sold 35 million records worldwide. Oasis have sold 77 million, including 8 UK number one singles and 8 UK number one albums. Probably the most prolific one hit wonderwalls ever! Would still rather listen to almost anything blink ever released, but those figures surely have to put this debate to bed.
  14. Would love to have seen more.... Carousel M&M's Wasting Time Dammit Dick Lips Josie Dumpweed Dont leave me Aliens exist Going away to college Whats my age again Dysenty Gary Adams song Al the small things Mutt Family reunion Man overboard Anthem part 2 First date Happy holiday's, you bastard Rock Show Stay together for the kids Reckless Abandon Feeling this Obvious I miss you Violence Stockholm syndrome Go Down Asthenia Always Easy Target All of this Not now Ghost on the dancefloor Natives Up all night After midnight Heart's all gone Wishing We
  15. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news dude.... http://foofighters.com/post/121434674487/pinkpop-festival-st-gallen-information
  16. Did anyone watch the tv series Forever? Sadly cancelled after one series but tackled a lot of the 'what if's' of living forever (or in his case, when he dies coming back to life each time and not ageing)
  17. I respect the fact you answer like a politician, taking what you want and ignoring the true meaning of posts. Never once said we haven't discussed the music. Just find it completely disrespectful to bash someone to the extent many choose to do, given that most suspect he has a mental illness.
  18. I don't understand why people who presumably were fans of somebody at some point would like to spend most of their time tearing the man apart rather than discussing the wonderful music they fell in love with. It's like he owes everybody something and because he isn't delivering it (fading talent, personal choices, mental illness) it becomes fine to criticise the minutia of his life.
  19. Who the hell keeps voting Online Songs??? Got to love music, purely subjective. But when Tom gets hated on for crappy lyrics, that bad boy ain't no lyrical masterpiece!
  20. Cheers man, I went to that gig! Last time I ever saw blink...
  21. Closest post to something I have agreed with in a long time. Mental health is fragile, and isn't anywhere near fully understood. If Tom is just an arse hole then it's one thing. If he is someone struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD etc then to do that in the public lime light when a substantial part of your fan base just attacks you is awful.
  22. That is colonic irrigation, or an enema to be more appropriate!
  23. Hang on, over-medication is what it should be. Done.
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