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  1. John Otto, take them to the Matthews Bridge 😎
  2. I’ve said on another thread my step dad had a cassette tape with chocolate starfish on one side and Toypaj on the other. I’ll always love that album. Good memories
  3. Is Rebels worth a watch? Dunno if I can be arsed with animated shit. Where is rebels in the Star Wars timeline?
  4. Agreed. Chocolate starfish is a great fucking album
  5. Phwoar what an episode that is. The voice break between Vader and Anakin was amazing. Obi Wan on some next level shit. It’s not perfect but I enjoyed that series, I hope we get another
  6. Transfer window is wrecking my head already. Everyone doing good business, even fucking Arsenal for the second summer in a row looks like they’re gonna be spending 150m+ and there’s United with a reported 120m to spend when we’re so far behind everyone and dragging out this De Jong deal. Even this Henderson loan is a fucking joke. 20m option, so if they have a shit season and go down they won’t take it up and if they have a good season and stay up then 20m is to cheap. I just can’t wrap my head around this football club. Utterly fucking clueless in everything we do.
  7. Anyone watching ‘Pistol’? I’ve completed 3 episodes and have no idea what to think of it. I’m enjoying it I think but feel like a sex pistols series on Disney is fucking ridiculous and that nobody can do the band justice. What a crazy few years. I will say though the lad that plays Lydon is fucking amazing
  8. So good. Vader is fucking incredible.
  9. Did this lot break America? Wtf 😂
  10. I’m such a feminist for 90s women. Look how good we had it.
  11. These nation league games are a bit to much init. Teams are playing every 3 days ffs, the season has only just finished. Can tell teams don’t really give a fuck and the players just want to go on their summer hols.
  12. Good thing this is the pop punk thread then…
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