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  1. Only two replies for this legend is pretty disgraceful for a music forum tbh
  2. Rudiger is a monster. He’s way better than I thought and fucking rapid. I love Bellingham but is he a DM? We should sign him too. I really like Ramsey at Villa too, we should be looking to give Mejbri a go though soon and Garner who’s been good for Forest. I think Adama is shite tbh I think Conte will make him a class wing back though, you don’t need to defend well when you have blistering pace, you can never beat him, a bit like Kyle Walker, he’s like a fucking wasp. Can never shake the cunt off. Fullbacks i love the two lads at Brighton Cucurella and Lamptey. Think they’re both excellent.
  3. Can these dickheads release a song or something
  4. Can’t wait for the Netflix doc
  5. I wish I could get lost in a good book but my attention span is dead. I blame the sluts on tiktok tbh
  6. Yeah he’s onside, seen some image on Twitter where some guy has got all the angles up to prove it was offside and the angles VAR are using are wrong, this only happens when it’s united. When United get a decision there’s debates about it just like the other week where they discussed for ages if Ramsey was blocking Cavani, any other team and it would have been brushed over. Donny to Palace on loan apparently, hope that happens, be interesting to see how he gets on. We seem to be blocking Lingard move to NUFC because we want a bigger loan fee. He’s leaving for free in 6 months ffs, just take what you can get and get his wages off the books for 6 months. I can’t wrap my head around this fucking club, they have no problem blowing money on transfers but arguing over a few million to get someone out the door. Hoping we can get a midfielder in by Monday, why not take a punt on that Zakaria or whatever his name is. Talk of less than 10m, if he’s shit just move him on, it’s not really a gamble is it and we need a DM. Talks of Kamara and Haidara but how good are they? Gotta be wary now of these lads playing in farmer leagues. I’d rather stick and pay extra for players you know can play in England. Drop the fucking lot on Rice
  7. this album is a masterpiece. 19/20 when she wrote it, crazy. Women in the 90s were something else. All the people/labels who turned her down must be still kicking themselves. She is iconic. her vocals here are a fucking joke. She’s perfect
  8. Dunno. There seems to be problem with pop punk and girls being abused though
  9. First half last night was a disgrace tbh. Second half much better with some good goals. A tough place to go. The rant from the Brentford manager was fucking weird though. Proper lost the plot the Klopp lite cunt. He’s got previous for that. I remember him rattled to fuck when Swansea beat him in the first leg of the play offs. Proper sore loser. Going on about how they destroyed us. You lost 3-1 pal. Well done on winning the ‘we played well for 45mins’ trophy. Banging on about how we paid for Sancho and he wasn’t even on the bench, that was because he was at his aunties funeral. Someone should tell him Toney cost more than our 3 goal scorers combined, all academy graduates. Bitter cunt
  10. Think of all the underage girls that will be abused that day 😩
  11. Nah it can’t come back with that ending
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