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  1. Exactly my attitude. We know we’re nowhere near city. Tbf not many teams can cope with them especially now with Haland upfront. He’s a physical freak. Reminds me of a more clinical Zlatan. Can just score goals others can’t just through his size. They’ll win the quadruple this season. Just need pep to fuck off soon or they’re going to turn the Premier league into the French farmer league.
  2. 3 steps forward and about 48 back. ETH very naive today. We’ve been unlucky with the queens death and international break. We haven’t played for 3 weeks ish and we were so slow out the blocks fucking hell. The team was all wrong. Playing Bruno and Eriksen on midfield with Mctominay was probably the worst midfield he could have picked ffs and Shaw had to start for Malacia. Malacia has been class but he wasn’t ready for that, we needed experience on the pitch. They’re miles ahead of us on pitch and light years ahead off it and that’s the result. We’re never gonna catch the corrupt cunts up with the Glazers in charge and that’s the truth
  3. I saw a spoiler from a clip of season 3 of GOT where Joffrey spoils what happens to a character. Even when he’s dead he’s fucking shit up the little cunt
  4. I can’t be arsed with this tbh. I love Star Wars but I don’t love it enough to watch certain things. Only the characters I’m interested in really
  5. Apparently the story really picks up from here on.
  6. I didn’t think it would work but the new girls are excellent
  7. The best news. Wish him nothing but the best.
  8. Yeah think it’s 10 years is it? Sad to see the Alicent and Rhaenyra actors get replaced. It may not work. Viserys is a hell of a mess, fucking horrendous king but a good bloke imo. The poor bastard can’t catch a break 😂 Matt Smith and Milly Alcock have great chemistry on screen. A shame to see her go. I’m gutted tbh. How tense was the last 20 mins btw. I was just waiting for something to kick off
  9. Ser Criston Cole is proper cunt struck. Needs to get a fucking grip. Not a good look pal.
  10. Yeah brand new weren’t big over here at all. I’d say Alk Trio were a much bigger band
  11. I’m just being a dick mate. Don’t take me so seriously.
  12. Rhaenyra was horny as fuck last ep, dripping all over King’s Landing ffs.
  13. Because nobody gives a flying fuck what the non entity has to say. May as well get the opinion of Tyrone who works in Walmart or Wendy who charges $20 for a pokey bum wank around the back of a dumpster.
  14. The episodes get better every week I think. It’s a shame we’re going to lose some of the actors soon though because of the time jump
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