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  1. Looks shite. Probably about 3 days long too. I’ll swerve this nqat.
  2. Day after city win the league and it’s already forgotten about 😂 literally nobody gives a fuck. Everything about Ten Hag today joining the mighty reds.
  3. Anyway love the guitar on this track. 80k views on YouTube is a fucking disgrace. What a song
  4. Oh because your comment was so mature pal. I get you only listen to shit punk music pal but the rest of us explore a bit
  5. Thank fuck we’re not in that conference bollocks. The Europa is bad enough. Spurs are dark horses for next year lads. Add two qualify fullbacks and a couple of midfielders and keep conte and they’ll be right up there
  6. Steady on pal. City owned by similar fucking scumbags. When they’re not sportswashing they’re busy stoning women and throwing gays off rooftops. anyway thank god the Liverpool quad is off the table and somehow we’ve qualified for Europa and not that conference shite. What a disgusting fucking season. Please save us Erik
  7. OMD are one of the best synth bands of all time yet I never see anyone talk about them ever. Intro is mega 🔥
  8. Travis is a right soppy cunt, the way he and the Kardashian act is fucking pathetic tbh ooooo look everyone, look how in love we are 🙄
  9. How much money do you need? Seriously. How the fuck can any manager be successful there when you’ve basically got a player running the show 😂 I know it’s only 3 years and he’ll still be young when contract ends but when madrid come knocking you go especially if you’re playing in a small league for a small club
  10. fucking state of these tin pot cunts. These oil clubs need to be fucking stopped ffs. That is fucking obscene and makes a mockery of the sport. I always knew PSG were an embarrassment but this is taking the piss. They’re basically saying Mbappe is bigger than the football club 😂 tin pot as fuck
  11. I don’t really keep up with blink news but can anyone update me? Anything happening? They making new music?
  12. Palace will batter us pal. Will be at least 3-0
  13. Yeah it was a shocking decision.
  14. @Roux apparently a very reliable journo has said De Jong to United will be done this month because Barca need a sale before June 30th I think I read. What you think? Obviously a quality operator but think he hasn’t been too good for Barca but worked with Ten Hag before.
  15. Fucking brilliant that. Done the club proud and what a turn out for the lads and also the forest fans were great. Two massive fucking clubs. I hope forest come up. Forest players looked like men out there, I’ve noticed that with the United u23s or u18s the opposition are always bigger than our lads.
  16. @Rouxwho are some players you think we can get for decent price that would improve us? The superstar days are over for now. Brennan Johnson and Djed Spence at Forest look quality. Olise at Palace is another classy young player.
  17. Listened to the young and the hopeless yesterday and what a solid album. Haven’t listened to that for about 15 years, still good shit
  18. Haaland to city then. Sickening but obvious transfer. How the fuck is his release clause £64m. That ridiculous and at that price why is nobody else going in for him, you’d think Bayern would be all over that, the perfect replacement for Lewa.
  19. The doc on the case. 2004. Find the whole family odd apart from that one daughter who believes her father done it. I only watched one episode but spoke to my mum about it who’s crime obsessed. I couldn’t commit to 13 eps fuck that
  20. I started watching the staircase and realised it was 13 eps long so fucked it off. I haven’t got time for 13 eps ffs. I knew the cunt was guilty within about 5 mins and he was on about the temperature outside that night the fucking oddball
  21. I don’t even know where United are on the table and don’t care. Fuck the lot of them. Genuinely despise 90% of that team
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