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  1. @Roux hold me pal. Where do we go from here? Please cheer me up
  2. Jim Jeffries before he turned into a Hollywood puppet. Ricky Gervais i like Bill Burr but only when he’s slagging off women.
  3. Yeah. Good lad is Dougie @...Dan... best mate. Essex cunts the pair of them
  4. So cool. Ask him if he’s working with blink
  5. Yeah yeah yeah you shouldn’t even be in this position you horrible corrupt nothing club. Make me sick.
  6. Lance Armstrong cunts. Out you go 😎
  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Night driver is genuinely a great album. I like the new album too but it’s a step backwards and I don’t know why. Doesn’t make any sense
  9. Finished happy valley @...Dan... was decent. Nowhere near as good as people make out. Is black summer any good?
  10. Does it? The drums sound like shit and the guitar sounds like everything else on California.
  11. He’s fucking found you out pal
  12. He’s wheely wheely pissing me off too
  13. @Roux we need a striker pal. Not many about. Who do you think? Rashford nowhere near good enough to play upfront and lukaku is a lump of shit
  14. An absolute danger nqat. Proper fucking mad head.
  15. We need to write off the next few years and rebuild. The club is a mess. Woodward needs to stick to bringing in Korean noodle brands and get a DOF in to look over the footballing side of things. We’ve spent 800m since Fergie went and look at the fucking state of our squad. How the fuck are Young, Smalling and Jones starting for United in 2019?? They weren’t good enough 8 years ago ffs. Young is fucking CAPTAIN!! Pogba is a fucking fraud. We need to snatch Madrid’s hands off. He’s absolutely fucking wank, he’s nowhere near world class. Rashford has gone backwards, we won’t win anything with him upfront. He needs to be a squad player imo. Martial is wank, sick of the sulking cunt. He needs to go. I don’t know where we go from here. We have to be the worst run club in the world. How the fuck can you throw 800m at a squad and still be completely fucking hopeless? Lvg put us back years. The absolute state of his fucking signings. Jesus Christ.
  16. Wtf is Ole doing playing Young again???? Fuck off. His fault for the first goal and Dave has thrown the second in. We started really well too ffs. I fucking hate these cunts. Every single one of them. Liverpool will fucking batter Barca in the semis. Home and away. Smash them
  17. Not a chance. It would be fucking carnage with him in charge
  18. I like him anyway. Mad cunt
  19. Jon needs to end that cunt. While he’s slamming her from behind just stab the bitch in the back of the head. It’s obvious we’re going to end up with a female on the iron throne at the end. It’s 2019 ffs. It’ll probably be the black lass to tick a few more boxes. She’s an absolute worldy tbf
  20. Yeah it’s cringe as fuck. I hate Dany. Think she’s a fucking awful actress too
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