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  1. Dunno. There seems to be problem with pop punk and girls being abused though
  2. First half last night was a disgrace tbh. Second half much better with some good goals. A tough place to go. The rant from the Brentford manager was fucking weird though. Proper lost the plot the Klopp lite cunt. He’s got previous for that. I remember him rattled to fuck when Swansea beat him in the first leg of the play offs. Proper sore loser. Going on about how they destroyed us. You lost 3-1 pal. Well done on winning the ‘we played well for 45mins’ trophy. Banging on about how we paid for Sancho and he wasn’t even on the bench, that was because he was at his aunties funeral. Someone should tell him Toney cost more than our 3 goal scorers combined, all academy graduates. Bitter cunt
  3. Think of all the underage girls that will be abused that day 😩
  4. Binged the last series of after life on Netflix. Not as good as the first two but still enjoyable and nice ending
  5. I stuck a cheeky fiver on potter to Everton at 20/1. Don’t think it’ll happen but was tempted by that price. Should have gone more but had a fiver left on account so fuck it
  6. We need midfielders. Our midfield is shocking. Rooney has done an unreal job at derby. Incredible if he keeps them up
  7. Yeah Bruno had been shocking this season. Nowhere near world class for me
  8. Would love a pint with Tom, we’d talk the most fucking mad shit. UFOs, Saturn, 9/11, holographic universe etc Travis second just because I love talking about sex and women. Id wanna know who he’s fucked and their tits and arse ratings out of 10. Mark is a bit of a soy boy for me. Into Disney, games for 12 years olds and noncey stuff like that. I still love him but no thanks. Matt can get in the bin
  9. I know he hast been there ling but you’ve got to question Ragnick’s decision making. Fucking disaster yesterday. We played ok in patches but still created fuck all, both goals came from Villa mistakes, one was from a bit of pressing so can give Ralf credit for that but you could see the game turned second half and we all knew a goal was coming and if they got it the equaliser was defo coming too but he did fuck all. He kept Cavani on 90 mins who was atrocious, he could barely run at the end, kept Matic on who can barely run at minute zero yet alone after 60 mins. It was obvious we needed an extra man in midfield ffs and to bring Cavani off and he didn’t do it. I had a bad feeling about him as soon as he brought in Ted Lasso from the MLS, fucking hell man. I don’t want to see any fucking yanks coming through the door at United. Wtf do they know? Seriously. He failed at Barnsley ffs. if West Ham have anything about them they will turn us over next weekend. we were a better team under Carrick
  10. love this song. Such a fucking bop. Garage music needs to make a comeback
  11. Spurs are seriously shit. Kane looks finished
  12. My mother didn’t like it so I put it off. It was too quirky for her. I get it, but those ‘who done it?’ Films are normally quirky. Daniel Craig was great yeah. Apparently they’re making a second
  13. Knives out - fuck me that was fun, me and the missus loved this, good fun to watch together. 8.5/10
  14. I was going to watch those mark vids from twitch on YouTube but the cunt who uploaded them has deleted them. Nice to see him playing old songs with a smile on his face especially with what he’s been through.
  15. You were by far the better team when we played you a few weeks ago…..
  16. You’re right. The football is fucking putrid. We’re the worst team in the league by a fucking mile we just have a bit of quality now and again to get us out of trouble. Villa will give us a bumming Saturday. I hate watching us play and I’m sick of the sight of some of the players. I’d rather we just went down to the championship lost the glazers and started again
  17. All 3 of them sound so good on their parts vocally and with their instruments. Marks bass in the bridge sounds so good
  18. These vids are brilliant, I wish he did all blink songs or more of them at least. It’s easy to listen to that song and think it’s some throw away pop rock song but it’s so much more than that, for music buffs it’s probably nothing new but for the ordinary music lover like me it’s amazing to hear all the intricate parts of the song and it gives it so much more meaning to me now. The outro is fucking beautiful. Finn is a genius and sorely missed. He really was the fourth member and a massive loss to the band when he died.
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