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  1. I bet the twist is it’s not even his son or something like that
  2. I’ve heard about this and always put it off. I can’t be dealing with emotional shit tbh. Is it worth it?
  3. REM are one of the best bands of all time. This song 😩 Beautiful
  4. Every time I hear the theme music I roll my eyes. Utter turd.
  5. Seinfeld is utter turd. Couldn’t even get through an episode. Fucking load of shit. my missus loves Frasier and I’ve seen enough of them to give a proper opinion. It’s boring as fuck, I don’t get the love for it. Absolute shite
  6. It’s just comedy. People take comedy way to serious. I’m not racist or homophobic etc but if I see an opportunity for a quick joke and a laugh I’ll fucking go there. It’s just a joke.
  7. Fat Monica is a hoot. some stuff in the show you couldn’t get away with now. That’s 2019 for you. Full of delicate little snowflakes everywhere.
  8. Also did you know they didn’t tell Jen that about this prank and her reaction is genuine
  9. did you know Matthew Perry fucked this line up for real and the whole scene after was improvised
  10. Monica is great, I do think Rachel is funnier though nqat. I love Joey and Phoebe but they’re too over the top dumb, the episode where Joey is learning french is ridiculous.
  11. Phoebe? Get the fuck out of here
  12. I watched it every day without fail.
  13. Ross 100% the best character.
  14. Rachel is world class in the first few seasons. Absolute rocket!
  15. I’nm fangirling the fuck out!
  16. I do. Think it’s lovely of women. Yes some are horrific, fucking horrendous but mostly it’s nice. I work in port talbot all the time and have never thought there was a port talbot accent. The only welsh accents I know of are Llanelli, Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Valleys and then North Wales as a whole. If I hear someone speak from those places I know straight away.
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