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  1. He’s lunging forward. He can’t do that with his arm stuck to his side
  2. You can’t keep your arms by your side if you’re stretching to stop a cross. That’s a natural position imo not an unnatural
  3. Dives into him surely? He sticks his leg out so he’s asking for trouble but I still think it’s a dive
  4. Yes he was falling before contact. Defo a dive. How people are calling a penalty is fucking beyond me. edit looking at that vid all he had to do was keep running straight and he probably would have been tripped but he’s dived early
  5. I thought ronaldo dived for both. I didn’t think any of them were pens even the one against Shaw, if he’s stretching his leg out to block a cross where the fuck are his arms meant to go? I thought we were good tbh, controlled the game but we’re a bit to slow. Need to move the ball quicker. I thought West Ham were awful.
  6. That was fucking disgusting. One step forward two back as usual with this lot. Our performance after going down to 10 men was a disgrace tbh. We have nothing in midfield and that’s why we’ll win absolutely fuck all again. Sancho had made a poor start. Fuck me he looks abysmal so far. Looks overweight too the unprofessional cunt. Pull your finger out
  7. MGK is such a dorky looking cunt. That whole look he’s going for a fucking shambles. He looks a right bell.
  8. Untitled, WYHSB, Box Car and Dude Ranch are elite. Toypaj, Enema, Cheshire tier below everything else in the bin.
  9. I just stream everything. Fuck them all 👍🏻
  10. Medvedev is a problem though. A seriously good player and nearly 10 years younger
  11. Yeah a shocker pal. I didn’t watch though
  12. Have you heard of Novo Amor @Kay he’s from Aberystwyth. This song was played during a lesbian scene on ‘Vigil’ last night and lesbians are losing their shit on Twitter 😂 it’s so beautiful but heartbreaking at the same time
  13. @Elisa last minute winner, jose running down the touch line. Absolute scenes
  14. He is the daddy pal. Nobody plays like Hooky. That Tom quote is the most mental thing he’s ever said
  15. Oh yeah. He was immense yesterday. The tap in was a proper centre forwards goal. The second was a great run, showed great pace and just hit the target which he did. Bruno’s goal was a stunner. Lingard brilliant too. I wonder does Lingard deserve a start over Sancho?
  16. 2 games, 4 goals? Are you a time traveler?
  17. She’s a star pal. What’s she’s done is unheard of. Incredible
  18. It’s up there. A great song and one of the songs that ignited my love for rock music
  19. Didn’t we just do this recently big man? decent list though tbf
  20. Back where he belongs. Where he is loved unconditionally. Does anyone even give a fuck what the little druggy is doing in France with a tinpot club in a tinpot league. This man is the GOAT.
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