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  1. This fucking guy 😂 clean the shit out of your ears pal
  2. It’s grown on me a little bit still their worst song by a mile
  3. The fact that i fell in love with them for their friendship, humour, Tom and Marks vocals, the catchy guitar riffs and none of those things exist anymore. They’re just another meh pop band now. They don’t stand out anymore and they bore the fucking life out of me but I’ll forever cling onto maybe Mark and Skiba writing a great album we all know they’re capable of
  4. He’s a fucking baller mate. Is it better than Bohemian Rhapsody? Did my boy Taron do well?
  5. Exactly. The poor bastard hasn’t had a decent meal in him for a while. He snacks on rabbit food ffs.
  6. No I don’t think bale even likes football anymore. He’s in a rut and his performances for Wales have been shocking. I’d take Isco and cash. looks like juve are faves anyway. Going back to his comfort zone. Tells you everything you need to know about the fraud
  7. Fantastic news. He’ll be class for Madrid because he’ll have better players around him and it’s a slower league, he has no time on the ball in the prem, takes to many touches and tries to many fancy flicks and he’s also a massive fucking cunt on top of that. Should be first out the door for me he’s fucking poison
  8. Just caught the last hour of Billy Elliot on tv. I can never turn this film off no matter how many times I’ve seen it. It’s fucking beautiful and makes me tear up multiple times every time. great soundtrack, great acting. The father kills me. 9/10
  9. Probably yes. Would make sense right before a World Cup
  10. 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 England must have put out a weak team then against NZ
  11. Pretty sure NZ beat England just before the World Cup so Canada look like they can go far
  12. We are third because of our owners. They have taken a billion pound out of the club. They have destroyed this club. I’d love to see the fucking state of Madrid if they were run by the glazers. He was already a ballon dor winner at united and won everything. He won fuck all for the first 3/4 years at Madrid because you were barca’s bitch. are you mad? You genuinely saying players having the choice between Madrid and incredible weather over Manchester and rain doesn’t enter their head?? Much better lifestyle in Spain than England ffs.
  13. The arsenal version is even funnier pal....
  14. Ronaldo won everything with United. He was a better player for us btw. He was just a goal scorer at Madrid. Bale only wants to stay because he’s on a mega wage ffs, I bet he fucking hates the place. Can’t wait for them to boo hazard when he’s not scoring in every game. One of the main reasons why people choose Madrid over United is because Madrid is a better city with better weather. It’s that simple really. If it was the other way round players would be choosing United. bigger club globally, we have more money than you and the premier league is a much much better league than La Liga and our fans are much better than yours. We worship our best players. You boo yours.
  15. Watched first half of England. They played ok tbf. Some nice passes, impressed with the two fullbacks.
  16. Do the fans sing about past players? Maybe they do I don’t know. Do they sing about fat ronaldo, Cristiano, Raul, Zidane etc?
  17. I bet their ‘legends’ feel fuck all for that club or it’s ‘fans’ i bet Ronaldo preferred his time in Sporting and United way more than Madrid. Yeah he won everything but so what, so has Gareth Bale and i bet he fucking hates the place.
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