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  1. I was watching TV and there was a tourism commercial for Edmonton, and I was making fun of how shitty Edmonton is, and then blink-182 made an appearance for about half a second. Raaaaandom. I'll try and find a link.
  2. I think bands are getting more and more obnoxious every year.
  3. What are the odds that they launch the new song on the new myspace?
  4. Why do I get the feeling that Oliver decided he hated the rap about three seconds in and then did this tremendous literary review after the fact? If the rap is not your thing that's fine, but those reasons are bogus.
  5. Then they would go on the internet and read the newest Tom interviews and look at pictures of his new haircut and laugh their asses off.
  6. Kanye West is hilarious, Kim Kardashian is retarded, this baby is going to be either be retardedly hilarious or hilariously retarded.
  7. Waking up early tomorrow for the big one...
  8. Digital sales don't contribute to Billboard, I'm somewhat sure. Great producer, didn't write the music though. Far from being the creative force on that album, just a facilitator. Fact of the matter is most bands and artists create their best work before the age of 30, blink-182 is no exception. Creativity is prone to fade like everything else as you grow older.
  9. Yep, that's huge difference between them. Tom takes every song idea he has and runs with it until it's a song, Mark doesn't.
  10. Really close for me between the first and last song, but I'll go with PLG. I don't know how they made that rap part work, but it did.
  11. Fucking awesome. I loved all the songs. Pretty Little Girl has some of the best blink-182 lyrics yet.
  12. Buddy, there was no backhanded comments, chill out. Just said I doubt they'd release it on Australian time, lol. New blink album people, kumbaya.
  13. No need for insults dude. I thought you were asking if it would get released in 13 hours in Australia and I said I doubt it.
  14. Read it agian, still not sure what I'm missing, wanna help me out?
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