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  1. Everyone has a life outside the boards, stop acting like a smug douche bag. You're a moron because you assumed news relating to Mark/Blink and KROQ meant that a new song was being announced. And also the fact that everything was already being discussed, but of course since it was news to you it must mean that it's news to everyone else, right? I just ask that you take a minute out of your day next time to save yourself from looking like a fool, but that seems to be a running theme in your life (which I bet contributes to your awesome life outside the boards too). i think you have no
  2. if you mean from east coast usa to west coast usa, ex: new york to california, then it's 3 hours. yah, im just a retard rough times.
  3. if you mean from east coast usa to west coast usa, ex: new york to california, then it's 3 hours.
  4. LOL yeah that the announcement. lol what is the time difference from the east coast??? 3 hours., but don't listen to me. my IQ is as small as my shoe size.
  5. a huge moron because i don't notice every single post on this god forsaken forum or what the conversations being held in each thread are about? i think i just have a life outside of this website. pardon me if none of you do. <33333333333333333333
  6. youre right casey. it's totally my fault that blink didn't release a new song. i'd like to apologize to the board, and the admins and all you other low lifes that really have nothing better to do than sit here and wait for a song that's never going to come! go ahead, ban the fuck out of me. ban me for good. i really could not care any less than i do right now. i'm 18 and practically still a kid and i feel more mature than about 80% of you faggots. and you can all suck my little ass dick, which is small because i have small feet too. and a small IQ. peace suckas.
  7. it was just announced on kroq 106.7 that the epicenter lineup will be revealed as well as a guest appearance (mark, as has been said through his twitter and kroqs website) and they will be airing the world premeir of a NEW SONG!!!!! im fucking hysterical right now. im ecstatic. some one please record it for the world to hear.
  8. i believe there should be a topic to discuss the artwork on the love cd. some weird shit on there.
  9. i was looking for a single ticket to the show this friday (may 7th) cuz i'm in desperate need of one. i'll pay basically anything within reason. some one help me out (sorry for another annoying, desperate attempt-to-get-a-ticket topic.)
  10. woo! boy, that was a high kill. but now i'm stoked! bongs all around!
  11. now let me get something straight... when you buy vip, are you guarenteed to meet the band? on my modlife usersite, it said you had 'a chance to meet the band.' not sure what.....
  12. ugh. well the setlist still needs work...
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