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  1. Not that it's a bad thing, but Tom's part in Dog Eating Dogs, reminds me of Hallucinations. "To the bones to the knees to the factory lie" or whatever the words are sounds like "to the stars that we know and with you as my host". Am I crazy or does anyone else hear it?
  2. Need more listens, but at first listen they are all pretty catchy and have separate distinct sounds to them. I'm studying for finals right now so can only listen to it in the background but I'll post my thoughts when I really get more chances to listen
  3. eeps, I like it. It's catchy and sounds very blink-y. I'm happy with it.
  4. I didn't watch the first season but I heard it was good so I'm starting to watch this. Only seen the first episode but it seems interesting. Different from what I usually watch but I think I'm gonna give it a try!
  5. Toy Story 3 wrapped it up perfectly...I don't think they should make a fourth because it doesn't seem like there's any logical place for it to go. Finding Nemo 2 could potentially have a story....it could either be really good or really bad depending where they take it.
  6. I'm gonna go ahead and post the obvious haha
  7. I like the lyrics a lot and the verses. I don't know if this is going to be a favorite of mine or anything, but it's pretty good.
  8. Just because someone's in a position that is in the spotlight in society doesn't mean they should have to hide who they are. I agree it'd be hard to wrap my head around probably if I listened to this band, but if it's what he/she wants to do then I think its strong to do it, knowing everyone will find out and judge it.
  9. I actually forgot this was even a thing. I cannot believe how long it's taken...people aren't even gonna care any more since it was hyped the most such a long time ago.
  10. I just met him when they did Meet & Greets the last tour, and he was pretty awkward in that he wouldn't make eye contact and seemed really nervous. But it didn't seem rude, especially since everyone knows that he gets nervous with strangers. On stage though he would get off stage and stand on the barrier and everyone was touching his back, chest, arms haha. He seemed fine with it. And at the end of the show he grabs peoples' hands in the front row, looks them in the eye, and says thank you. His social awkwardness goes away while he's on stage.
  11. Urghz I love this song. I'm not usually an Owl City fan either so this surprises me...but it's been on repeat as I'm homeworking all night
  12. I can't listen to that song, it's too sad. EDIT: I meant Casiimir Pulaski Day actually. But they're both sad.
  13. It's growing on me, but it's not going to be a favorite or anything. Love Max, love say anything, but right now I think this is just mehh.
  14. Say Anything Motion City Soundtrack fun. Don't really know what else is supposed to be released this year though
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