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  1. Oh me too. I don't know what it is about it, but I love it. And I've never heard another Machine Gun Kelly (or Yungblud) song before.
  2. Here's a vid of Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud playing that song they did with Travis (Trav isn't here though) three times in a row at one show lol I actually really love this song
  3. At my Honda Civic show in 2011 MCR fired their drummer after the show ended. Gr8 memories.
  4. At least finish the set. Some fans were there just to see him and he fucked them over. Especially with the amount they spent on tickets.
  5. Oh shit, I wasn't upset about having Lil Wayne on the tour but if they get some other band to replace him I won't complain!
  6. Realistically almost my entire list would be Star Wars movies so I'm just gonna limit this to one movie per franchise. No real order, but here's a few of my all time favorites. Star Wars: A New Hope Back to the Future Spider-Man 2 LotR: Return of the King Terminator 1 or 2 (can never decide which one I like more) And that's all I can think of right now even though there are tons more that I love. I'm just blanking.
  7. Spent the last few days playing through Spider-Man on my brother-in-law's PS4. Super fun! It's honestly just like a way better version of the old Spider-Man 2 game that I loved. Didn't like the MJ or Miles missions but overall I really enjoyed the game a lot. Spider-Man 2 was always one of my favorite GameCube games just because of how fun it was to swing around the city. As a person who really likes Spider-Man but does not read the comics, I've been very satisfied by the past few movies and this game.
  8. I didn't even notice the first time I saw this that you did side project cards too. That's sick, I love these!
  9. It bothers the hell out of me. He could have pronounced it slightly differently to make it rhyme but he purposely didn't. Most people (at least in the States) say "dee-mins" anyway. That would have rhymed. But it doesn't infuriate me nearly as much as this fucking song where Tom pronounces "always" two different ways in the same song. At 0:33 he says "always" the normal way and at 1:25 he sings it like "all-weeze" FUCK that brings my piss to a boil 😅
  10. I bet tons of random blink fans saw those and immediately tried to buy them online. Where can I find the pictures of the full set again? They're awesome!
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