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  1. Taylor Swift fans are trying to save the world
  2. it's 4am and I just watched Grave of the Fireflies. I knew going into it that it was going to be heartbreaking. but FUCK. I've never felt so sad after watching a movie before. I need my kitty to come give me emotional support cuddles now.
  3. Oh wow, I actually did this a few years back. Didn’t save it though. Kind of want to do it again. I’ve only seen them four times so it should be fairly quick and easy. I might have to copy your spreadsheet, that’s a nice way of doing it!
  4. I’m pretty sure he has always worn sneakers with any kind of suit and still does. Here’s a recent picture of him doing it too. These look a lot better though. tbf dress shoes are uncomfy as fuck. I often wear all-black Vans when I dress up.
  5. lmfao i'm just seeing this for the first time I genuinely wonder how long Tom will stick around. There's no way he's going to be 100% committed to blink from here on out. The sad thing is last time he took years off we still got blink-182 with Matt. Now when he takes off, there's just not going to be blink-182 for a while.
  6. that's an amazing story haha. so cool!!
  7. that's so cool. It says "congratulations on being selected." what did you have to do to get into the show?
  8. I've watched/listened to this countless times. So cool that you were there to see it in person! My favorite cover blink has ever done by far.
  9. I always think that too because I listen to them significantly less than I used to, but apparently still more than anyone else lol
  10. Been tracking my listens since 2009. can't stop now!!
  11. here's my actual stats from last.fm top artists: Top albums: Top tracks: Light music year this year. I probably listened to 25 audiobooks and like 200+ podcast episodes lol edit: just counted. I've listened to 35 audiobooks this year so far haha
  12. but final fantasy 7 remake music good
  13. On my death bed this will haunt me, thinking of all the things I didn’t do in my life because I was wasting my time listening to Spotify in 2022
  14. Lol really overplayed this one song from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST. 4 plays?? I’m embarrassed to have spent that much of my time listening to one song!
  15. Ironically I think Andor is closer to that than the movie was. I hope Andor opens to the door to more diverse kinds of storytelling in the future.
  16. I don't use Spotify as my primary method of listening to music, so my Spotify Wrapped is always pretty funny. I'll have to look mine up later.
  17. They're all fun and they all feel so different from one another, which I like! I like the variety of Star Wars stuff we're getting now. I'd like to see them explore more genres with the IP.
  18. It finished now go watch it and validate all my high praise for it!!!
  19. man this gets me hyped haha. I’m pretty sure they played this when I saw them on the 2009 reunion tour. I wish I had a clearer memory of that because I’d absolutely love to see this live in person again.
  20. anyone know of any good live videos of blink playing Not Now? Where the band actually sounds good (at least by blink standards lol) and the video quality isn't terrible? falling down the rabbit hole of watching a bunch of random blink vids on YouTube again. This happens every year or two haha
  21. that's honestly part of the charm of it for me haha
  22. why does Mark hate that song so much? it's one of the best
  23. don't pretend you weren't curious!!
  24. Lmao please come back in 2030 and let us know the current status of the clogendens
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