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  1. Yeah not listening to this either. I want an experience that at least somewhat resembles listening to a new album for the first time when the full thing comes out.
  2. Finished Skyward Sword HD. It's much better on the Switch but still probably the least fun 3D Zelda game. Controls are still weird, but a lot better than the Wii controls. The story is probably the best story in any Zelda game, so it has that going for it. I enjoyed it a lot more this time than I did the first time on the Wii, but I got so tired of the three different sections of the world about halfway through the game. You just keep going back to three sections of the world over and over. It's boring. Why they thought it was a good idea to make a Zelda game without a real overworld is beyond me. Got me back in the mood for Zelda though. Kind of want to play another one now.
  3. That's good to hear! I think part of it was I just couldn't fathom a Venom origin story that didn't have anything to Spider-Man. I am more interested in the new one just because I've always wanted to see Carnage in a movie.
  4. Decided to watch every (live-action) Spider-Man movie ever made in anticipation of the new one coming out. Going in order, I even watched the three made-for-TV ones from the 70’s and the short Japanese Spider-Man “movie.” Those were pretty funny. Just watched the 2002 Spider-Man and though it’s a bit corny I still love it so much. Tobey is easily my favorite Peter Parker and this trilogy has the best Spider-Man suit ever. Spider-Man 2 is my favorite superhero movie of all time so I can’t wait to watch that one next! And I’m so happy that Doc Ock will be back in the new movie! I’ve never seen Venom, so once I get to that it’ll be a first time viewing for me. Always thought it looked stupid, but with the possibility of the MCU and Sony Spider-Man universes crossing over I figure I should watch it.
  5. No need for a leak when you release 90% of the album early anyway.
  6. @daveyjones what a fun list of suggestions. I used to go to Southern California at least once every year (sometimes two or three times) to visit family. Most of my family no longer lives there so I haven’t been back in a few years, but doing a blink music video location hunt sounds like a fun thing to do one day. I’ll have to keep this in the back of my mind. Hopefully going back next summer finally.
  7. I don’t think it was on any of the DVDs (I could be wrong, haven’t watched them in years) but I’ve definitely seen it before too. Such a classic lol
  8. They’re making a sequel to Fallen Order too! The fun thing about these games using real actors now is that we might see some of the characters pop up in live action one of these days. Would be cool to see Cal show up somewhere. I’m still hoping for some of the Battlefront 2 (new version) campaign characters to show up in The Mandalorian or something. It could happen!
  9. I believe that is still in development. Now that EA no longer has the exclusive video game rights to Star Wars I hope we’ll start seeing more than one Star Wars game every few years!
  10. Travis’ social media posts feel like what 13 year olds would post in 2003
  11. The Wii U is underrated I think. Though Nintendo did pretty much ignore it. No original Zelda game, no regular 3D Mario game, no Metroid, no Animal Crossing. It’s their own fault. But I still had fun with the system!
  12. We’re unrankable, which is either a huge honor or a great shame. I can’t decide yet.
  13. Dogs Eating Dogs would be A-tier and California disc 2 would be E-tier. There isn't a blink album I dislike (except maybe Cali disc 2) so even though putting things at C and D rank feels harsh I still like those albums, just not to the same extent as what's above them.
  14. Clips of every song are out now? I still haven’t heard quite a few of them. Don’t know if I want to hear any more than I already have before I get to listen to the full album. Do we know when it’s supposed to be released? Obviously I haven’t been following this very closely lol.
  15. this was what I thought of KOTOR the last time I played it. Yeah, I still mostly agree with this. I was really into it for the story but gameplay wasn't the greatest. So I kind of hope it gets more of an overhaul than just good graphics.
  16. Knights of the Old Republic still holds up in terms of fun and story, but it definitely feels dated now. I just replayed it a year or two ago and it was still great fun but it definitely shows its age, similarly to how something like the original Final Fantasy feels playing it today. It's clunky and ugly. I wonder how different the remake will be, if it will be an entirely different experience like FF7 Remake or the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, or if it will just be a better looking more modernized version of essentially the exact same game, like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Either way, I can't wait for it!
  17. I seriously considered doing it haha
  18. My favorite is when we’re so starved for blink content that we go into the weird conspiracy theories like why Tom had fucked up teeth in an Instagram story once.
  19. There’s a reason this thread has 84k posts and it’s not because we talk about blink that much lol. When blink is actually active we talk about blink all the time, but since they usually go through long dead periods the conversation inevitably spirals into any random thing until the next big update.
  20. to be fair for those who aren’t aware of the other thread where he bragged about his income and how much he gets laid, this all looks crueler than it actually is. you gotta keep up with the deep lore here. this is natural story progression 🤓
  21. I listen to Star Wars audiobooks and they’re great because they have Star Wars music and sound effects and it’s basically like listening to a movie that has a narrator. And they’re often read by professional voice actors who do different voices for every character. That feels immersive to me. But normal audiobooks are a bit harder. the thing with audiobooks though is I have to be doing something mindless to be able to focus on them. I have to go on a walk, or a drive, or start cleaning the house or something. If I’m doing nothing I can’t listen to them because my mind wanders.
  22. Do any of you do audiobooks? The Lord of the Rings series is getting a new audiobook version narrated by Andy Serkis this month. It might be what finally gets me to "read" the books (I've tried to get into Fellowship a couple times and just couldn't)
  23. I know I'm replying to a post from a couple weeks ago, but I've noticed that even used books have shot up to absolutely stupid prices during the pandemic. Even kids books. There's a series of Star Wars kids books that I have 17 books of 20. A few months back I decided I'd just buy the last 3 books on ebay. I got all the other books in the series for $2-3 each, over a period of many years, pre-pandemic. I couldn't find any of the books for less than $20 online. I wasn't about to drop $60+ on three children's books that I only wanted for the sake of having a complete collection. I knew used video games and pokemon cards and basically anything collectible had become ridiculously expensive during the pandemic, but I really didn't expect children's books to be like that too. About a month ago I tried to find a novel that was released in 2014 that was constantly for sale at my local used bookstores for $8, and I never bought it because I knew I'd always be able to find it for cheap when I actually wanted to read it. I didn't take global pandemics into account, because this year that book was selling for several hundred dollars online. After some digging I did come across a more reasonably priced (but heavily worn) copy for $30, but still. Used books are expensive now which is very weird to me as someone who has been buying extremely cheap used books for almost my entire life.
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