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  1. I actually still liked the final seasons of The Office. Except for Gabe. Fuck Gabe.
  2. Yeah to be fair there are a few shows I've watched completely more than once now that I think about it. Including The Office. Parks and Rec I've probably seen 4-5 times.
  3. I actually think it’d be great to watch GoT a second time. I feel like you’d pick up on so many things you missed the first time and it would be a totally different experience.
  4. If you spread it out over a long enough period of time its not unrealistic, but I started watching it again only a few weeks ago and I had that same realization that it was 70 hours and I gave up after episode 2.
  5. Yeah, I’ve forgotten so much. I was planning on rewatching everything before this season started but I only watched the first two episodes of season 1 and then got distracted by other things.
  6. I kind of like this slow buildup. Though it makes me appreciate how I binged the first six seasons of this show. Watching it like that it never felt like the show got too slow or boring, because I'd watch multiple episodes a day. Watching only one episode per week definitely makes it feel like a little more of a drag. A big part of me wanted to wait until the season was finished and then binge the whole thing, but I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid spoilers. I think that would have been the best way to watch it though. But I liked it. Basically an entire episode of seeing how people deal with what they assume to be their last day alive is a cool concept. And yeah, the Brienne scene was probably my favorite part, cheesiness and all.
  7. Reminded me of this if Tom's voice didn't sound like diarrhea I always thought this version would have been really cool if Tom actually sang it well.
  8. My question was genuine. I'd never heard of people speaking like that. I can see the connection now, but still think it's a bit of a stretch. What I don't get is why using foreign or unique accents is automatically equated to racism. If every alien spoke like an American it would feel cheap and fake. George took accents from around the world and applied them to aliens from around the galaxy, instead of inventing 100 brand new accents, which would be hard and would probably not sound good. The Carrie Fisher British accent thing was always weird and funny to me. But they actually took that and later incorporated it into Star Wars lore. Queen Amidala also spoke with a British even though Padme speaks with an American accent. The characters speak with an accent in certain formal situations and don't in everyday interactions. In The Force Unleashed video game the main character also spoke with a British accent when in the presence of Darth Vader, and in an American accent for the rest of the game.
  9. I'm 27. I was 7 when Episode 1 came out. I've always been aware of the Jar Jar hate. I never understood it. The only one of the movies I actually think is bad is Episode 2. And even then I still enjoy it (mostly).
  10. I'm curious how the prequel hate would have been if we had all the same social media we have now back then. The sequel hate sounds pretty loud right now, but I feel like it's not really that different than the prequel hate was. We just hear it more because we use the internet more now and hundreds of dudes record angry YouTube videos about it in their cars now.
  11. I love that they brought the bunny back, but yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the design. Still, bringing back the blink bunny is probably my favorite thing they've done since the reunion, in terms of merch.
  12. I think blink merch has been mostly shit since the reunion so hopefully they'll start putting out cooler designs now.
  13. Bran's been weird for a long time now but it feels like his weirdness was really cranked up to a new level in this last episode. I don't dislike him, I'm really curious about what his deal is.
  14. The article says Jar Jar has a racist Caribbean accent. Do people actually talk like that? I've literally never heard a real person talk anything like Jar Jar in my life. Anyway, the love he's been getting since he opened up about how badly the media's response to Jar Jar affected him has made me happy. I liked Jar Jar as a kid and I still like him now!
  15. I wonder if this will even continue. I feel like Jon might not pursue their relationship anymore now that he knows they're related. Not that GoT isn't filled to the brim with incest, but I feel like Jon might be one character who wouldn't go for that.
  16. Loved the first episode. It really was just a big setup for whatever is to come next, but I liked the setup. All the reunions were fun to see. Somebody give Sam a big hug pls.
  17. Oscar Isaac, JJ Abrams, and Kathleen Kennedy have all said that Palpatine is back, so I’m guessing he’s back. They could be trying to mislead us, which wouldn’t surprise me either, but I kinda feel like we’ll actually see him again.
  18. Came in here to say Sam. Glad it’s already been said lol. its not what I really think will happen, but it’s what I want to happen 😎
  19. There’s no way they put Lando back in the Falcon without acknowledging L3. I also loved L3. She’s easily my favorite of the new droids. More than K2 and BB-8. I thought she was hilarious.
  20. Whoa, you're right, I do like the more isolated vocals. The original version of the song has really grown on me. I wish we'd get a blink-only version of the song but I know that won't happen since it's really a Steve Aoki song.
  21. He flew the Falcon into the Death Star and blew it up in Return of the Jedi. Then we saw him partying with Ewoks.
  22. "Every generation has a legend" is the first thing that appeared on screen in The Phantom Menace trailer. nice. I love this. The two main things I wanted to see in 9 were Lando in the Falcon (confirmed!) and Anakin returning in some form. I hope it that happens they don't put it in any trailers or promotional materials, or cast announcements, etc... I'd love for that to be a complete surprise. Lando reuniting with L3 could be such a sweet moment.
  23. I've always had the feeling that this is what happened with most of Tom's songs.
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