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  1. Holy fuck this series was great. And just as I was starting to get bummed that they hadn’t played certain musical themes, they played them and it kicked me right in the heart. I can’t wait to watch A New Hope again with this new context. I loved this show so much. Easily my favorite of the Disney+ shows so far.
  2. I really need to check them out. I didn't know they existed and I've been waiting for new TSSF for what feels like forever. Maybe No Pressure will hold me over. Actually from the clips I've heard I feel like I could potentially like them even more than the most recent TSSF stuff.
  3. I love Mando and Boba but this is easily my favorite of the three shows so far. It doesn’t quite feel like it has a movie budget but it’s been so good that I don’t care. Ewan was one of the best things about the prequels by far and he’s even better in this. I really hope the finale is a longer episode though. This series could have been a movie at this length unless the finale is extra long.
  4. The MCU is one of my favorite movie franchises as a whole. But none of the movies in it are movies that I would consider my favorite movies. I don't know if that makes sense but that's how I feel. As a whole the MCU is a major accomplishment and it's fun to see it evolve over the years. None of the movies are masterpieces but they're all fun and the Disney+ series are getting really weird which is a breath of fresh air too. The MCU is basically one gigantic TV show where every episode is a high-budget feature length film. I do love the big connected universe thing, so I guess I'm lucky that one of the only other big successful ones is Star Wars, which are some of my favorite movies of all time. Anyway I saw Top Gun Maverick a few days ago and it kicked the original movie's ass. I always liked Top Gun but I watched it again after seeing Maverick and it was kind of disappointing after how good the sequel was lol
  5. reminded me of this one I saw lol
  6. Yeah all I saw is that Kelen said it wasn't his choice to leave the band. Interesting.
  7. This and Rogue One have turned Darth Vader into a straight up horror villain. I love it haha
  8. wait... so Parker Canon started a second band that sounds almost exactly the same as The Story So Far?
  9. The first two came out on Friday but they’re on Wednesday from here on out. There was a giant Star Wars convention in California last weekend so I think they wanted it to be able to premiere during the convention.
  10. I don’t know, but Disney seems to be going all out with Star Wars now so I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point. I do think we’re probably going to get a second season. I guess a few days ago at Star Wars Celebration Ewan McGregor said “I think you’re really going to like episode 3 and 4 and 5 and 6… and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10!”
  11. I loved the first game. Easily one of the best Star Wars games I’ve played. Can’t wait for the next one! One weird thing is that even though I love Cal I kind of want him to die. The idea of other Jedi being alive during the original trilogy feels wrong to me. We already know Ahsoka lived through those movies and so far we have no idea what she was up to that whole time. But I don’t want that to keep happening. Maybe the Fallen Order games will be a trilogy or something but however long it goes on for I just think Cal should not live into the original trilogy timeline.
  12. So far I love it! And as much as I’ve loved The Mandalorian and Boba Fett, this series has a completely different feel to those, which I really like. It feels like a proper sequel to the prequel trilogy so far. I have high hopes for the rest of it because it has started off really strong imo. Also, so far the cartoons haven’t really had anything to do with this series. Other than the fact the Inquisitors were first seen in Rebels. This series even has a brief recap of key moments from the past before it starts and it’s purely prequel clips, no Clone Wars or anything. So it should be accessible to anyone I think. It’s probably one of my favorite Disney era things so far, so I hope it stays this good!
  13. The Obi-Wan show fucking rules I can’t wait for more 🥳🥳🥳
  14. He looks great with gray hair. I don't think he should dye it again.
  15. Avatar is the only movie that I’ve seen multiple times in the theater (2 or 3 times, can’t remember exactly) and then literally never watched it again after. The only cool thing about it was it was one of the only 3D movies that actually looked good in 3D. It wasn't an original or good story. I have zero interest in this.
  16. Great to see Mark looking so good. That made me happy.
  17. I actually own like 15 blink shirts and I don't particularly love any of them lol. I usually prefer the more simple designs. The Bad Religion parody shirt is a decent example v I also really like this California shirt. Despite it being one of my least favorite blink albums it's probably the blink shirt I actually wear the most. It just looks good to me.
  18. This one that I designed as a joke that @horchata turned into a real shirt
  19. I could have been using my ADHD to do this the entire time? fuck.
  20. I honestly don’t understand the crab either. Like, I get what we use it for here, but I don’t know why it’s a crab lol
  21. This is visually stunning to me:
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