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  1. oh awesome gave tears to my eyes. i was actually cheering when donovan scored. hope you make it to the next round... ill be watching and cheering. glad we get to kick england out instead of you
  2. oh congratz fulham by the way. couldnt decide wether to watch hsv or wolfsburg... you made it easy for me. and that way I got to see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqHW7iFMsFQ#ws oh and i apologize for reporting u dan lol. i was really acting like a little bitch.
  3. yeah you get a card for that here too. at least you did when the rule was first invented... now they kind of ignore it. think its like that international too.
  4. /signed. too bad i cant change it in the european bracket thread. but if robben misses the match im still right
  5. i can only speak for the bundesliga but over here u do get ur second yellow card for a tactical foul... which it was BUT ribery demanding it is just unfair. like scott said he is complaining all the time i really hope someone stupid (real? ) pays the 60m € for him. nice goal by robben now u know why alot of people are "wanking" over him.
  6. as much as i want bayern to win.... fuck ribery. honestly.
  7. yeah, i think hes completely overrated. just as i type it he fails another time. HOLY shit arsenal is lucky.
  8. 180 mins, in this case. hehe yah j/k. its gonna be close. but with robben its not impossible.
  9. Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win.
  10. Robben injured. Bye Bye Bayern @ Champions League update : he might just miss the first match. gonna be close according to van gaal.
  11. schalke v munich worst kick in a long time. be happy u didnt watch it scott
  12. u guys should watch schalke 04 - bayern munich (german cup semi-final). think its gonna be a great game. and pls cheer for my team (schalke) game starts in 30mins.
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