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  1. I showed by 30+ year old buddy who vaguely remembered blink a video of Darkside and he laughed his ass off. Couldn't believe what he was seeing. Showed him Kiss and Tell and told him he was the old blink dude and his response was "well clearly he made the right decision to leave". Funny hearing that from a fan with no invested interest in either of the bands - as Darkside is arguably one of new blink's best releases.
  2. Eh...no, I'm not lol. Both of em' are looking appropriate for their age - but if they're going to try and hide it, then they may as well go the extra mile and use the money that their earning to help out lol edit: I don't give a shit what two dudes in their 40s look like. My point was that Tom is hiding a very, VERY obvious receding hairline (who knew that excessive drinking and popping pills would fuck with your physical appearance in your 40s?) and that's it.
  3. Tom's receding hairline is the only thing that makes me overlook Matt's 20lbs weight gain in blink.
  4. I hope that's sarcasm - because if it wasn't, Tom has the right idea in doing what he's doing with his headgear. Guy should honestly just get hairplugs tbh.
  5. Well that was a nice big fuck you to Jenn lol. What an absolute rocket that chick is though, who is it?
  6. I said it when it was released, but it's so obvious Tom is talking about his divorce in this documentary. Made me feel for the guy - you can see his pain and his outlet in this interview shine through a lot.
  7. Mau5

    Nine Criticisms.

    Unlike California, I wouldn't be horrified if a song or two from this album came up on shuffle on one of my playlists. This album is totally one where I can turn to a casual listener and say "Yo remember that band blink 182? Yea they're still playing, this is their new shit! Pretty catchy....not nearly as good as their old stuff though" and a casual listener would bop their head and agree. Which isn't bad at all - but...when it comes to old blink, I can show someone unfamiliar with the band a song from Self-Titled or a live proshot of Enema and say "holy fuck check these guys out they're fucking awesome". Ah well, perhaps next record. I still like Darkside, despite it's giant turd of a music video.
  8. Saw them at the now Rogers Arena when they toured with Weezer - definitely seemed like an opening band and a ton of people didn't know who they were. Weezer had the place packed too. They sounded pretty good but I remember before the song Sirens, Tom talked about sitting in a tree outside of a girls window who had one leg, and then fantasizing about making love with the stoop of the leg. My friend, after the AVA set just turned to me and said "What the FUCK was that guy talking about???" Great show.
  9. Wow this came out of nowhere - seems like almost all of his acoustic stuff with Angels does actually. Which is surprising, because they're always a pleasant surprise. Well done, seems like the band has some good chemistry finally.
  10. Bet he's really kicking himself for not sticking it out at least one more album with Thirty Seconds to Mars lol
  11. Mau5

    Nine Criticisms.

    Great post, agree with almost all of it. With that being said, I can respect this album over California. California was a piss take on blink's legacy and to music, other than Bored to Death and Cynical imo. This album seems to gravitate towards what Mark probably envisioned blink was to become post - TOYPAJ. Which is fine. I'm happy that other fans are happy with it. But to me, it isn't the blink I grew up with and loved. And it's not even the pop aspect - if we all take an honest look at the band, blink has always veered towards pop. To me, this iteration of blink is following trends rather than being at the forefront of them. That was the blink I liked, and the musicianship I appreciated out of the boys. I haven't seen any of that in Mark for a long time. He's comfortable, he's settled in, and he wants to remain relevant. This is the result.
  12. People only like First Time because it sounds like Feeling This lol
  13. Mau5

    Do you like Nine?

    I've given it a good number of listens now, and tbh I think it's better than I originally received it. The tail end of the album stands out to me - but there are some trends in the new blink I fucking hate and they really bother me. I hate the auto tune. I hate the obvious, generic pop-radio attributes they put in their songs (esp drum filters, predictable chorus repeats or verse drops, guitar slides and muted instruments) I hate the fact Mark is pandering to an audience when singing about break ups and lost loves when he's had a stable family life for like, 25 years. I hate that this album has a gazillion writers. But overall, Matt was able to breathe a bit more, they got a tad more creative than California, and Mark did drop the cliché nanaananas and the absolutely terrible lyrics for the most part. Hopefully they keep that part of their trio chemistry up - though no way in hell did they need to find their feet through two albums, a million live shows and 6 writers later. They're all vets in this business, and to me that's why blink is suffering now. It's just.... A business. A show of a show.
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