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  1. "Trash Pop" is the cringiest self-description I've ever heard in my life, my God. It's pop and this is absolutely awful. Couldn't imagine anyone listening to this over the age of 16. Wonder if Maroon5 is going to be featured on the next blink album the way Mark is rolling in his 40s.
  2. Has this been posted? Really made Toms reality seem more human and understandable when he sat down for a real interview. Gotta imagine he's taking about his current situation with Jenn and his family. Never seen him that close to breaking down before, he's a pretty hidden dude in that department.
  3. It sort of makes me feel bad for Tom when Mark tags Tom, because I feel like Mark is doing it because Tom behind the scenes is probably a wreck. Everything in his life is falling apart and I think Mark now being in the position of power feels bad for the guy (not enough to let him fuck up his life again though)
  4. Don't know if it's because the forum is dead or what but it's absolute garbage they're playing EOTS without Tom, what a joke lmao. Say what you will about Tom using the band for money; Mark is just as, if not more guilty, in gutting blink for money and money only. Aoki and Smirnoff, flying into Disney by helicoptor for his bday and now this, what a week. Him and Skiba really staying true to their PUNKROOTS \m/. Guess he figures its just as disrespectful when Tom played blink songs with Angel's, but jesus this band just keeps getting more and more shit with Mark at the helm. They're a running parody of themselves.
  5. Everyone saying that it will be good for Mark "not to feel constrained by blink expectations"....are you fucking dumb? The only reason blink now has "expectations" is because Mark has forcibly and purposely put them into the self-created, pop-punk, stereotypical-sounding box. No one wanted something like California, especially after Matt joined, and we got the most cookie-cutter sounding blink album because Mark wanted to become relevant and put on the radio again. In no way to I feel sympathy for this random box Mark feels blink has to be a part of, and the longer blink is controlled by Mark and Feldy, the more I believe Mark is either too scared to pursue any alternative ideas, or he just doesn't have any anymore (probably a combination of both, tbh). Tom drove the bus during Self-Titled, and clearly tried to during Neighborhoods. He forced Mark to also write quickly and without much thought with the DED album, which still is miles ahead creative-wise than anything on California 1/2. Mark was also free to experiment with +44 as much as his heart content, and he made a fucking awesome record. The problem was, he received no money or recognition from it. The guy can't survive being out of the limelight (just look at all his collabs with pop-artists and relevant pop-punk bands post-breakup), and clearly wants to keep the blink money circulating through the mainstream.... And while all that is fine and dandy, in no way do I think that it sucks or is terrible or a problem that Mark has because of blink. He willingly created the problem that is now blink's hardcore cookie-cutter, pop-punk sound. And it suck$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
  6. Mau5

    The NHL thread

    Hah you're right they did; that was poor grammar. I meant the criticism to be in tandem rather than separate. Reducing the goaltenders gear has been enough clearly, though in my opinion too much.
  7. Mau5

    The NHL thread

    wE SHouLd iNcReaSe tHe NeT siZeS aNd rEdUcE gOAliE eQuiPmENt
  8. Exactly the point. Entire show was incredibly meta, and what I found interesting was that it referenced your "mistakes" in the show as well (if you chose a certain way of going, which the show decided was moot and made you go back, it would actually reference it slightly. For example, when you get sent back to choose to work from home instead of in the office, they reference the fact you've been there before. So, when they force you to choose certain pathways, as you said, one of the overarching themes is to be questioning your free-will and ability to make decisions. Are you making the decisions, really? It's a bit of a blunt way to get you to think of that, but there's so many levels of this same theme arising that I think it was crafted pretty creatively. Originally, I really disliked the episode for the same reason. Then, after going down the hole deeper, I really fucking loved that episode. Anyone else go down the route where "explain what Netflix is" was an option? Had a good laugh about making the life more exciting.
  9. His first show with his new band was cut short because he was pretty much blackout if I recall - I also think think they went crazy and got youtube to remove any and all videos of it? I can't seem to find any online but I'm fairly certain that was a thing
  10. Tom is an unlimited tank of decent ideas - but needs Mark and Travis to really get there. He's tried for over a decade to do it alone and proved he can't - even in his prime (The Adventure). But jesus, Mark literally cannot produce any original or thought provoking ideas. Tom pushes Mark, and actually pushes him, to become a better musician. IT MAKES ME SO MAD - HOW DO THEY NOT SEE HOW MUCH BETTER THEY ARE TOGETHER! Ugh.
  11. Hayley Williams doing something for attention? Well colored me surprised...
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