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  1. Not bad, I'm happy they're letting Matt breathe a bit here. His bits sound like a nice AK3 trade off. Not a fan of the lyrics and I don't really like the Mark driven parts of the song, but I also have to accept the fact Mark clearly was and is the pop-driven one here. I guess Self Titled just spoiled my expectations of blink, and going forward with music that sounds like anything similar to work done prior to Self Titled and Neighborhoods feels like a regression to me. It isn't, but it's just how I feel while listening to it.
  2. Mau5

    2019 Tour Thread

    Keep us updated SOS
  3. Mau5

    2019 Tour Thread

    blink has turned into my most loathed band - Simple Plan; a band still singing of teen angst while their kids are the teenagers. Something not right about a bunch of 40 year olds singing BLAME IT BLAME IT ON MY YOUTH!! ENDLESS SUMMMMERRRRR Christ.
  4. Mau5

    2019 Tour Thread

    Yesterday was krazy!!!! Lmao that's the line he's going with eh. What a pos.
  5. Mau5

    2019 Tour Thread

    I remember when they came to Abbotsford for the first time without Tom and wacching them play Not Now with Matt singing and just thinking to myself that I'd never enjoy this rendition of blink. I'm happy that Mark got to dictate where blink got to go, as Tom fucked him and his career over at one point - but that's about it. blink really never felt the same with Matt live for me, and though they sounded fine it just felt shitty. But in saying that the recent videos look really good and I'm happy that both new and old fans are seeing a version of blink that maybe resonates with them and that they enjoy. That's all that really matters - for me though I don't think it's the same but that's okay too. I'm really glad we got the Dogs Eating Dogs EP. To me, that's as close to a proper blink reunion as we are ever going to get. Anything else - including the Frankensteined Neighborhoods (that I'll still take over Cali any day of the week) will be a shell of what could have been.
  6. I don't know. I wish they just released shit like this normally and not as a "response" to fans - like, I can't tell if this is either an actual attempt at a punk song for them (if it was, a bit of a bummer considering the over-producing "punk" sound and subsequent filming of a video with an extremely hyper-exaggerated archetype of what "punk" looks like) - or if they're just taking the piss and trying to be a literal hyperbole and fully aware of how ironic this all seems. I can't make up my mind if I like the song or not, but I guess it's going in the direction I'd like to see "new" blink go rather than the last releases. It reminds me of when Tom said he was releasing the most "punk thing he's ever done" and it was a video of a bunch of teenagers skateboarding around an empty pool. It just screams to me
  7. You can enjoy vanilla ice cream without indulging in an entire gallon of it.
  8. Neighborhoods is an album I can throw on and randomly dig. Bored to Death was a radio jam that had people who couldn't care less about blink actually tuning in. It was a great feeling hearing cars blasting that tune in the summer randomly.
  9. Which one sounds better??? Tbh it's a tie for me between a wet fart and Angels and Airwaves Hallucinations (Mark Hoppus Remix)
  10. Yea I'd imagine Mark and Travis being kinder to Tom atm is largely due in fact to their success as well as knowing Tom is probably going through a shit ton of depression about Jen. If anyone watched the most recent documentary with Tom (the motorcycle one) - it's the first time I've seen him looked so choked up about something that happened to him recently that he doesn't end up talking about specifically - and my guess is it's to do with his wife/separation. Doesn't help the fact that Jen is acting like every single 20 year old ex girlfriend on her Instagram now. Cringy stuff from her for sure. Oh and Mark now follows Tom on Instagram. Thought that was interesting.
  11. Tbh I'm used to Tom throwing out the garbage hype lines of upcoming tracks and albums, not Mark. I honestly thought he did his job in bringing blink back to the relevance with a poppy California, created a side band with a more popular/younger artist to fulfill his pop/fame-endeavors, and put in place the perfect set up to create a dark blink album.... And then, this. When Mark AND Travis both collectively say that this album will relate to Self-Titled, and then choose to lead off with this track right after their dumpsterfire of a mashup, I can't help but think this is some sort of epic blink prank.
  12. I just want to hear what a mix between Alkaline Trio and +44 would sound like ffs. It would be so fucking badass. WHERE ARE THESE TWO ARTISTS!? Is that really too much to ask for!?
  13. That was fucking garbage. Mark should be ashamed even remotely insinuating this could sound like something off Self-Titled. Guy needs to blast GO in his car and figure out what the hell blinks identity used to be.
  14. I guess I'm more of a fan of that translating into the music portion of the song rather than having it being contrasted to pop-music. He should go back to The Sekrets, what a band that was.
  15. Just read the lyrics and finding it funny how a pair of 40 year olds who are the walking definitions of sell outs are singing about not living an easy life. YOUTH REBELLION LALALDADADA OHOHHHHH The Simple Plan blink part of the tour should be named "Teenage Angst in 2020/Whats My Age Again" Tour
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