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  1. I was kinda thinking something like this might have happened? The band that did the original Dennys video seemed really pissed about it and raised a huge stink - wonder if there was any legal or potential backlash towards the blink camp that they felt they couldn't release a new vid ? Would be curious if anyone had any insight or ideas.
  2. I honestly feel like Tom finally brought in all the stuff he wanted to with AVA on this record and Mark was able to crank it back to the blink-182 dial. It's made me like Neighborhoods a lot less knowing this is what could have been - Neighborhoods seems like a B-Side album to this one. So glad we as fans got to see this iteration of blink, I never thought we'd see the day. I also think that AVA Tom has become my favourite iteration of Tom but honestly, the band never reached its "full potential" like I saw with blink - and this is first time I've seen Tom utilize what he learned and explored with AVA and it all brought in to a digestible and fucking amazing album. Tom needs Mark, Mark needs Tom. Fucking insane how well combined these two are together post post break ups. This is truly +44 mixed with AVA unleashing a new era of blink 182. What a ride.
  3. I feel like Tom wrote both Cut Me Off and See You after/during his divorce with Jenn tbh or at least drew a lot of inspo for some of that stuff. Really like both tracks but Cut Me Off stands out.
  4. I've got to say that this is one of better songs on the album, one that I think is going to be timeless. I wish the MV didn't ruin it for me. First time I listened to it it felt like a joke.
  5. Liking the album more and more tbf and I agree you can hear pretty much every era of the boys. This is not their best album, but its one of their best releases imo.
  6. Tom also, and it happens very rarely, clearly gets choked up very vividly whenever he even comes close to alluding to his break up. Songs like Dry Your Eyes and Pretty Little Girl are so much more telling now - and honestly I feel like someone nailed it on the head that losing blink and his wife b2b was probably a huge wake up call to his ego and it's great to see him take all of that and go forward in a positive way. Even him saying making AVA and LOVE was because he felt so out of touch with it in his personal life brings so much clarity to his career over the last decade.
  7. Only negatives I have is how much it feels like the they felt the need to pander to certain audiences with certain songs. Maybe that's just what had to be done with a release as important and in the spotlight as this was - but was annoyed hearing reused riffs, vocal progressions and timing (?) of a lot of the songs- but then again I remind myself Tom has built his entire career off of this too so its not a real big surprise - just annoyed in some parts how obvious it is that it almost feels like low hanging fruit at times. Watch the World, Adam's Song, Up All Night, Anthem Pt 2, There Is, And I, AVA tricks, all these reused melodies etc. Though again, overall still has me loving the entire album as a whole on first release. I put it up there for sure.
  8. One of the best blink 182 interviews I've seen in terms of production, unique questions, album promotion and a few new tidbits to add to our blink lore knowledge. Never thought we'd see this day tbh. This reunion is what we all thought 2009 was going to be, but so obviously better.
  9. I think it's both - I agree with you 100% we are living in an age where all these acts from our youth are blowing up again and I think you're right that's driving a majority of their resurgence. In saying that, Travis and the Kardashians are a huge bloodline to making blink still seem "cool" and not just a blast from the past. There's a big reason why bands like Green Day aren't blowing up right now as much as blink and it can very much be argued that bands like Green Day had just as/if not more of a stamp on yesteryears nostalgia. Its a lot less to do with some people insisting that it's Tom's hairplugs and backwards SD hat that's driving the boat - make no mistake about it, Travis is the culturally relevant face of this band by miles to the majority of people.
  10. The amount of people who think Travis' Hollywood stardom isn't one of the biggest factors in blink being this culturally relevant is quite frankly very on brand for this forum lmao.
  11. Yea tbh that's the one thing that's left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth- the vocals were fucking fantastic and then all of a sudden you heard that slip of auto tune and the fact that I had no idea it was being used until that moment makes me believe I listened to more autotune than actual Tom/Mark. Liked their energy though, they seemed to really give a shit about this performance so that was nice to see. Mark is really living in the moment - looking back, I'm really glad he was able to hold blink together and keep the legacy alive. We owe a lot to Mark.
  12. The second stadium tour they did with MCR I got 2 tickets to see them for $40 day of the show lol (could you imagine that now?) on GROUPON and they ended up canceling one of the stadium shows on Vancouver Island because it didn't sell. With that being said it was because of the lack of interest and tbh I think the week of it will be the same or at the very least significantly cheaper than the current ticket sales of $200-$900 lol
  13. Popping in to say 100% tom got hairplugs and since he's worn a toque or chef hat/beanie or Ford hat for the better part of a decade I have a theory that the blink reunion part 2 is only happening because Tom couldn't stand going bald anymore. Thats right you heard it here first. It wasn't Mark's cancer and it wasn't a realization of friendships lost and new music to be found. It was because Tom saw what Ticketmaster could do for his hairline!
  14. I heard blink was actually at the Colorado game 5 Stanley cup final...anyone see anything about this?
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