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  1. This topic use to be lit, Tom needs to up his crazy for some more excitement.
  2. Good job man, by far the best from what I’ve heard of recent downloaded tracks through the years. P
  3. Hey Man! Was awesome meeting someone on here too. I wish I would of stayed out later! Maritimes cover so much area but not that many ppl haha. Also for all of you who haven’t checked out this guys band you have too! They are amazing live and have a ton of good tunes. The are called Neon Dreams, pumped to hear some more new stuff.
  4. Upload it as audio only let’s see how the drums really sound
  5. Love how specific and correct this feel haha
  6. Though it was an official release I think they mean - the first release as a 4 piece unit since 2011.
  7. Take it for what it is.... new blink music! Am I the only one who still remembers the dark ages of 05-09 (errr -11), i would of done anything for new blink. I'll take it, fuck it, it is catchy.
  8. I come here for blink news not to try and cyber flirt with some girl on the other side of the world. She seems ok, sexy for sure, little Mark biased, but who isn't these days. Quality posts from Scott, Ghent, oli, etc over Helen anyday.
  9. after clicking that link i viewed some recommended vids. Tom looks great here haha oddly enough. Also good to post again been awhile been lurking a bit
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