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  1. I cant find this anywhere can someone link me? Or dm me please
  2. if you, scott and oliver could come together for this tune and the holiday season it would mean the world to not only me, but the whole boards. #doitforthekids
  3. He had it for 950 canadian. I got it for 500 was a good bargin, took months of bartering. thankfully its not a popular item in our local music adds here. The tone is great. And im happy it was from his original run and not the others with his new flipped pickup.
  4. Just snagged this up, it’s a 2006. Owner never played it needs new strings and setup. No buzz plays great! After 4 years of looking for one at a good price! happy to finally have a hoppus bass, calling him cabbage.
  5. new video by board member Adrian’s band Neon Dreams. if you haven’t heard of them or listened to them, you are missing out! Their new album just dropped not long ago Sweet Dreams til Sunbeams as well, great bangers on there. tons of good tunes on their other records too
  6. I’m just happy to pay 35 a ticket for Montreal and not the 200 for Boston that scalpers ruined for me
  7. I’m going to mtl!! Pumped scored two tickets
  8. whatever happened to marktober... today is the unreleased nine songs
  9. I didn’t know Travis playing with them dated all the way back to then. Cool!
  10. I’ll be jacked up for you if you get that bad boy signed
  11. I don’t know but that’s super exciting and awesome for blink. I hope it’s IRWIHY.
  12. Speaking of family reunion. ive always loved the family next door. Super catchy. When would of this been recorded? 93?
  13. On some emo shit is my favourite song on the album. I thought fans would love it, I’m wrong
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