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  1. Found this gem on Reddit had to share with you guys hahaha
  2. I’m not a betting man but i see this being pretty accurate in my later years.
  3. Random thought, could be cause I’m high but I’ve never had one ill thought of Tom since the first break up. But never defended his actions to when ppl made valid points. is there anyone who is just on a middle ground with him and hopes he just does what he wants and eventually that means new blink music with him?
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxN0iTCDzJp/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=7e0x18l59qy0
  5. I wonder if that Spotify playlist is a sample of the tour set list.
  6. Not that we didn’t know this. Just caught mark on a Instagram live feed. Someone asked him if he talks to Tom still. He replied “no haven’t talked to Tom in a few years. But that’s not because there is any animosity between us. He is doing his thing and Travis and I are continuing with blink”
  7. This topic use to be lit, Tom needs to up his crazy for some more excitement.
  8. Good job man, by far the best from what I’ve heard of recent downloaded tracks through the years. P
  9. Hey Man! Was awesome meeting someone on here too. I wish I would of stayed out later! Maritimes cover so much area but not that many ppl haha. Also for all of you who haven’t checked out this guys band you have too! They are amazing live and have a ton of good tunes. The are called Neon Dreams, pumped to hear some more new stuff.
  10. Upload it as audio only let’s see how the drums really sound
  11. Love how specific and correct this feel haha
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