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  1. Speaking of family reunion. ive always loved the family next door. Super catchy. When would of this been recorded? 93?
  2. On some emo shit is my favourite song on the album. I thought fans would love it, I’m wrong
  3. How come Matt didn’t end up recording and touring? I know Tom teased him being around a few times.
  4. I feel like on some emo shit will be your favourite off of the album. Calling it now
  5. Awesome idea. Do you plan on doing any iconic prints like this of their brands or other brands. I always loved this Macbeth logo could never get the shirt
  6. I can’t complain, other then getting more old and sore as each day passes. So ya I guess I can complain. looking forward to it man, I’ll keep my eyes posted
  7. Good to see you in this section again! How have you been man?
  8. It is sad. That spark or feeling blink always gave me will most likely never effect me as drastic as it once did. It was almost a warming dependence. The excitement I had for the album launch, will never be repeated ever. This is growing up.
  9. Just seen a post about Up All Night being released 8 years ago today. I remember waiting for this song, skipping class just to hear the stream from kroq. It’s so weird to think that was only 8 years ago. Crazy how much longer 2003-2011 felt to me. I remember thinking Tom looked so old back in this era, boy the difference 8 and 16 years can make. In two years it will be the 10 year neighbourhoods tour. Fuck time flys.
  10. Oliver has won me over drastically in the last 10 years.
  11. Found this gem on Reddit had to share with you guys hahaha
  12. I’m not a betting man but i see this being pretty accurate in my later years.
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