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  1. Yes I myself have trust issues in life because of Tom. He is that ex I always check up on
  2. Because he wants to say it’s the best thing he has wrote in the past half decade, and truthfully mean it this time.
  3. Yes that’s exactly right. Though drastic point, I still stand by it
  4. I am looking forward to it! Good or bad. I mean .... it’s Tom so I’ll take it while that crazy fucker is still around.
  5. our Boy weird collab, looking forward to it!
  6. Love this, not usually into the what if blink made this stuff.
  7. It’s a gif video of mark annoying Tom. Mark shared it. Pretty easy to just go to marks Instagram if you “don’t get it”
  8. From one of the main mans mouth himself, guess we know why now, officially anyway.
  9. Tbh that video and song is fucking hilarious. The bridge is the perfect jab, and the animations are classic. Lyrics are super cringe, but so is Tom. I think he would love to watch this.
  10. Ouuu very festive job there. The Pussy album is always refreshing to throw on
  11. This is awesome to see us featured on their IG story
  12. And now that Tom didn’t sign it away earlier, has now capitalized and is getting large lump sum. fuck the world will probably end in a few decades anyway. enjoy it now
  13. You are just my fav, I don’t care what anyone says
  14. I wouldn’t lick any of toms genitals to hangout with Tom. i would prob like his hand or something, but be super weirded out to why I had to do it just to hang out
  15. lol still funny regardless of what ugly chicks he is banging on the side or Is committed too
  16. I am just not understanding why Tom would date someone so meh. She must be the funniest most interesting person in the world
  17. just seen this on reddit, I guess that’s his daughter. I don’t know for sure if this is even real or anything haha wonder if that’s connected to his recent gf post.
  18. I cant find this anywhere can someone link me? Or dm me please
  19. if you, scott and oliver could come together for this tune and the holiday season it would mean the world to not only me, but the whole boards. #doitforthekids
  20. He had it for 950 canadian. I got it for 500 was a good bargin, took months of bartering. thankfully its not a popular item in our local music adds here. The tone is great. And im happy it was from his original run and not the others with his new flipped pickup.
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