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  1. High Sparrow is a top contender. It is all a front, he just wants power.
  2. I was hyped about Days Gone until I watched gameplay of it. Not a fan of zombie horde games
  3. Going to preorder Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17 for sure
  4. I think France will take the gold this year. Belgium is my wildcard.
  5. Warcraft - 9/10. story, CGI and music all very amazing.
  6. yeah, I only know of Crysis 3 as some kind of benchmark
  7. yeah, the audio gives it away I think. Missed it first time watching. also Jeffrey Dean Morgan is such a badass, love that guy.
  8. They stopped because he was lying. The show is passed where I got to in the comic, but I feel very certain that they are not thinking about finding a cure anymore. Just survival in a new world from now on.
  9. This season just keeps getting better and better.
  10. just bought Stardew Valley. time to see what the hype is about
  11. I really hope Pione Sisto moves to a bigger league this summer. too talented to stay in the danish league
  12. yeah, a bit underwhelming end to a season.
  13. Tim Armstrong was great, haha
  14. Damn, I wish I had a PC that could run XCOM 2
  15. I think Garrett Hedlund could make a decent Han Solo
  16. Into The Grizzly Maze - 3/10 - Super intelligent ninja-bear goes on a killing spree.
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