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  1. just finished Mr. Robot too.. great show the danish wife something very sexy about hearing your native language in a foreign show. also got around to finish Justified. the scenes with Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins were all amazing.
  2. There have been a lot of talk about female protagonists.. they did an excellent job with that game.
  3. Southpaw - predictable as hell, but good acting and great fight scenes
  4. I guess it is.. entertaining though. Dwayne Johnson is great in it IMO
  5. I really enjoyed the first season of Ballers. so fucking good.
  6. The combat in DA:I wasn't for me, so the side missions felt grindy. Couldnt keep playing for the main story and I stopped playing a few hours in.
  7. for me, few shows come close to make feel as attached to characters as Lost did. I got emotional at the end of the finale.
  8. not long now >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzXglr5bc3w lokks like Fear The Walking Dead will be more like the classic zombie stuff some people want
  9. True Story - I didn't read about the real events before watching, just watched the trailer that turned out to be pretty misleading. Jonah Hill was good in it though.
  10. Texas Rising is really good a few episodes in. Great cast.
  11. If you gave up on True Detective I suggest you pick it back up again... great episode
  12. A neurotic computer genius gets contacted by a hacker group to take down evil corporations, with mental- and relationship issues thrown in there. I skipeed it at first because I thought it was some show about an AI/android or something from the title and the main actor's emotionless face haha
  13. 5 episode into Mr: Robot. really great so far.
  14. Get Hard - Fuckng hilarious. Not a Kevin Hart fan, but Ferrell is great as usual
  15. Blue Is The Warmest Colour - came for the sex scenes, stayed for the story.
  16. I watched Firefly for the first time. Great show, I can see why some people were upset that it got cancelled. I have an urge to watch The Adventures of Brisco County jr. now
  17. well that was a fucking massacre
  18. Rocket League is lots of fun.... when the servers are working.
  19. yeah, I've watched all 7 episodes so far. Really not sure where they are going with the show. Sense8 grew on me by the end and looking forward to season 2. Pretty slow paced most of the time though.
  20. No matter how shitty a person is, I am always instantly on their side when someone tries to take their kid away. “Booze tends to take the edge off... I want to stay angry.†. loved that line
  21. Thinking about getting the Borderlands Humble Bundle. Never played any of the games.
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