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  1. better than i remembered! I like how mark is screaming.
  2. Got me thinking when they will reunite eventually. If not this year maybe in the next 5 years. But i wonder if they will ever get together and make that magic again. They've been saying that the upcoming album is gonna be more like the untitled album, i also wonder if that is true or if its a marketing move. Considering California was all very....easy, chord/rythem wise.
  3. Sure, you can find a lot of my stuff here: www.spacecadet.nl
  4. Ay whats up?? I'm doing pretty well actually! Moved to Amsterdam. I make music video's and documentary's for pretty succesful artists now. I saw the Travis podcast and was missing a place to talk about things. How are you people, what's been going on in your lives?
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