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  1. thanks, man! you guys should get sasha to reach out again.
  2. do you guys think mark will ever do another interview on the boards?
  3. mark's harmonies are so fucking good here. jerry finn doesn't get nearly enough recognition.
  4. thankfully disney has been pretty lenient with that recently
  5. i just listened to the deluxe version for the first time in a while. some songs still interest me, but there are some that fell so flat after repeat listens.
  6. @ungroovy i still have this place bookmarked and miss it so i pop in every now and then
  7. Tom makes it so hard to like him. The $60 EP bundles are ridiculous.
  8. i love it. wasn't what i was expecting at all, but that's usually the case i guess. Same Logic/ Teeth is damn good.
  9. Matt's a better performer, but Tom has a certain presence that can't be replaced. Still a good show, but they need to spice up their setlist, holy shit.
  10. I was literally just in Kingston like 2 weeks ago. Fuck man.
  11. I guess the last time I saw them they were doing the whole "string quartet" thing for Hebrews, so it was all newer stuff. What's up, Aria?
  12. Dude, just saw them a couple of days ago. They actually played Is a Real Boy songs. But yes I could do better, idk about being the greatest man in the world tho
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