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  1. black_out

    Boxing Day Cover

    any good ones out there?
  2. State Farm vs. Allstate??? Oooooh shit!!!!!!! You can't trick me, buttholes.
  3. I like it. I just think it's funny/odd blink uses legit sets, whereas for LOVE they built the space station set in William Eubanks' backyard.
  4. And it looks like it's the same car they trash?! And I think the "Up All Night" video had a bigger budget than the LOVE movie. Just sayin'
  5. The neighborhoods look really similar, what do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub5pDHVVFzc#ws Look at 0:20 of the commercial, and 0:44 of the music video- same house.
  6. black_out

    Self titled vs. Neighborhoods

    As said, such lists reflect the opinions of a specific group of people who're no more "right" than we are. Agreed. What the fuck makes them experts? The fact that they sit around and listen to a lot of music, and happen to like certain albums over others? All those lists out there can suck my balls.
  7. black_out

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Mark discovered Jagermeister? Just now? I doubt that, the guy rages hard. One time on his FUSE show he was interviewing John Mayer, and Mayer told a story about how Hoppus came by the studio one time and was in "party-mode" (shit-faced), and even in that state, Mark asks John "would you mind if I have a banana?" I'd love to see a video of Mark HAMMERED. Also, he drinks from red solo cups all the time while they're on tour. I wonder what's inside...
  8. black_out

    Self titled vs. Neighborhoods

    Some asshole stole my iPod, so I'm forced to start burning CDs again. The first one I'm making? A blink mix with my favorite songs from Untitled and Neighborhoods. Feeling This Obvious Violence Stockholm Syndrome Go Always Snake Charmer Wishing Well Up All Night Hearts All Gone Ghost on the Dance Floor My only complaint about GOTDF is that the second half drags on. The intro is AMAZING but the rest of the song is a let down. I like both albums. Comparing them is too tough, it's like apples and oranges.
  9. black_out

    Feeling This Remix

    Your thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUCAdH1P_vQ
  10. black_out

    Up All Night......love or hate?

    Are the retards coming out of the woodwork early Saturday morning? 1) I meant "seconds". 2) Fuck you.
  11. black_out

    Up All Night......love or hate?

    Cut out the first 20 minutes of the song, and you have a legit single.
  12. black_out

    Up All Night Video --(not released)

    It's like they took the set from "The Stepford Wives" and shit all over it. Fuck yeah! Judging by the lyrics of the song, the premise of the video looks like it's something along the lines of "fuck the 'keeping up with the jones'' lifestyle." Ultimately, I feel the song is a big "fuck you" to all the pressures you face on a daily basis, the pressures that keep you "up all night," the ones that "turn life into a bitter game." Do what you love.
  13. black_out

    Did anyone meet any of the guys on the 2009 tour?

    Apart from showing up way before the show starts, stick around by the tour buses and whatnot. When +44 went on tour with Fall Out Boy, my friends and I left after +44 played and before Fall Out Boy began to play. We hung around behind the venue and saw Mark and Chris Holmes get picked up by a hotel's shuttle bus. I actually shook hands with Chris Holmes, but to be honest, I think he's kind of a pussy. Good luck! I'm gettin' trashed with my friends on the lawn baby!!!
  14. black_out

    Hangover part II

    Teddy is in the elevator.
  15. black_out


    Dubstep is awesome. Person above me is right, you have to be shit-housed in order to really appreciate this music.