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  1. I Miss You was especially good... best job by Tom singing in years on that one... probably since pre-breakup.
  2. And another blink song currently #13! Adam's Song... wtf lol
  3. What can I say, I have 5 I really liked. Hard to narrow it to 3... but I'll attempt
  4. You can order them if you want, mine aren't ordered. Top 3: Ghost on the Dance Floor, Natives, Snake Charmer Bottom 3: Wishing Well, Love is Dangerous, This is Home Stacked really heavily to the beginning and ends of the album, oddly enough.
  5. yep, star 101.9. whacha know about da kine brah?
  6. So the local radio station here streamed the entire album, all 14 tracks, on the radio earlier. Wasn't expecting that. Anyone else seen that on your radio stations?
  7. Don't know if it's already been said, but 4/18/2011 is the day the 2011 European Tour was delayed. Guess Mark was pissed and went into the studio and that's what came out!
  8. I get down to Up All Night and skip it because it's overplayed on the radio here so I hear it like 10 times a day as it is. But that's to be expected. Everything else is awesome... until I get to Wishing Well. I don't get all the love it's gotten. Maybe because of one reviewer who said it sounds like Enema of the State everyone loves it? Defend yourselves Well Wishers.
  9. Anyone feel kinda empty now that the album is out? We waited so long but there was always that thing we were looking forward to. Now there's nothing to look forward to... another album in 3-4 years? I used to always come here to check news up to the release... now there's not really a reason to come. Not that I don't want to, but it won't be on my daily list of things to check.
  10. I can't believe people would even consider waiting till the release date to listen. Give me ONE reason why you wouldn't, other than you're bothered by downloading music. Doesn't make a bit of fucking sense.
  11. I come home shitfaced and here it is. I'll be able to give a drunk person's perspective. On Natives now.
  12. LMAO 9 days early. What's your excuse bro? Hope this ridiculous theory is disproven.
  13. I knew what it likely was, especially considering the low MB and the fact the guy had uploaded 4 other files with the same MB size, but downloaded it just in case. The rar contained an exe, obvious virus.
  14. Blink-182 - Neighborhoods [ALBUM LEAK].rar 1 file (106 parts) by AuTo@KeRe.Ws (AuToMaTiC) 1 ARCHIVE Download 25.49 MB Turns out, it's a virus. What a douche
  15. And on top of that, I realize the people who actually do the leaking have a responsibility not to do it. But once it's out, it's out. You're not some moral hero by waiting till the release day.
  16. Everyone who gets all butthurt over album leaks and leaks of any sort need to quit crying. Waiting for a CD to hit the store is as 20th century as it gets. This is the digital age. If you are against getting it for free, I can understand that. But getting it early? Who the fuck cares? Why wait longer for no reason (again, excluding those are completely set against piracy altogether because I get that)? "Oh but the record company didn't WANT anyone to have it before that day!!!" Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Anyway, I will gladly wait for the leak, and I'm constantly on Usenet searching. If I grab it before anyone here (doubtful unless I'm really lucky) you guys will be first to know.
  17. I'm thinking next week... right around Thurs/Fri. For comparison, the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album leaked 8 days early, which, if we're going by the 23rd release for Australia, would be Sep 15. And for CYA... DON'T POST LINKS WHEN IT DOES LEAK! You'll have to find it yourself.
  18. If you just read the titles: Up All Night, After Midnight. Well that makes sense because if you're up all night you gotta stay up past midnight.
  19. Song is downloading slower than dial-up... UGH
  20. Good thinking... You never kow Half the dumbasses are replying with songs from previous albums.. lmao. Beyond that, it's really split.
  21. Toms wants to know which song we like best... maybe it will decide which song they release as a single? @tomdelonge whats your favorite new song that we perform live.. i want to know! talk to me...
  22. Does it keep you ... ... ... ... UP ALL NIGHT?!
  23. lmao @ that old fuck. who the fuck is that guy? anyway, barely a month till the release day. any prediction for when it leaks? apparently the mastered version is done already, i'm sure someone will get their hands on it in the next few weeks. maybe sometime around the 15th?
  24. I'm guessing the second single will be Ghost on the Dance Floor if I had to pick from the four we've heard.
  25. 43 days till the album drops... so close...
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