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  1. I've watched this twice now. What an honest depiction of a relationship.
  2. i fucking love elliott smith, and though they completely copied him for some strange reason i smile hearing them. no one could ever take his place or outdo him in his own style.
  3. you weren't kidding with how similar they are to one another. thank you for sharing them!
  4. I understand what you are saying and in some ways I feel that Narrow Stairs is a different band, I really really like it though and never get sick of listening to it. i think the open door ep has a similar feel to narrow stairs, and the two albums make me miss the older stuff so, so much. but the talking bird demo sounds so sincere.
  5. it's one thing to have a man crush on tom, but to try and make yourself tom.... that's ridiculous. there is a kid in my writing class that looks a good deal like tom, and carries himself in a similar fashion (and he loves blink-182) it's adorable.
  6. look into the air- explosions in the sky
  7. sam is coming here in november, and the show is free for students.
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