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  1. Everyone needs to watch Sweet Tooth. Everyone.
  2. True, @_Bagel watch the movie Fire Walk With Me before you watch season 3!
  3. I felt for those Canada kids, they were absolutely devastated, but I was very psyched with the results. I think they genuinely got outplayed, which is nice to watch, although everyone lost significant steam throughout. They went a little too hard right out of the gate IMO.
  4. Anybody watching World Juniors? Great matchup.
  5. My parents made me watch Last Christmas just to see my reaction to the absolutely dogshit ending. Worst prank, worst movie. Do not watch it. EDIT: Misread the topic title, oh well.
  6. That album slapped, just listened and had a good cry this very morning.
  7. His mother is suing the fuck out of his management for essentially funneling fake xanax into him and propping him up onstage despite begging to be off the tour he was on when he passed. Good for her.
  8. Excitedly checked my inbox thinking I'd missed many messages None
  9. What how?! Aus got it first? I'm so excited for it.
  10. I don't think it does. Doesn't seem like anyone thinks this makes sense when you browse commentary.
  11. My friend who passed fucking loved the whole gang, so I started to like them a bit more after that because it makes me think of him. It's not bad at all, and Peep sounded great live. He was actually a talented kid. Loved blink too!
  12. Friends was enormously popular and the people who hated it were mostly silent lest you get absolutely harangued like if you said you didn't like Beyonce. Now that so many shows have eclipsed it, it's easier to openly hate it.
  13. Seinfeld is the superior show in almost every way. Friends is a campy and whitewashed cesspool with bite-sized humor to avoid anything even remotely edgy or outside of status quo.
  14. Never even cracked a smile at Friends.
  15. Can we word filter "trannies" to just say "Speedo"?
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