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  1. ungroovy

    E3 2019

    Not sure if this is just a full virtue signal or if it's reality, but kinda cool to identify, anyway. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/nintendo-explains-animal-crossing-new-horizons-del/1100-6467781/
  2. ungroovy

    The NHL thread

    They were very sloppy. Saw it coming in P1.
  3. ungroovy

    E3 2019

    I would too. Can we live on a few islands? EDIT: Nope.
  4. Easy there, Satan
  5. ungroovy

    E3 2019

    I watched a play through video of Animal Crossing and it's truly adorable.
  6. ungroovy

    E3 2019

    I will also need to try out Eldin Ring. George RR Martin AND Miyazaki? Absurd.
  7. ungroovy

    E3 2019

    It gets a lot easier to find everything you need when you explore far enough to reach areas that specialize in different materials. Different towns selling different things, or just more commonly found in different places.
  8. Speak for yourself, old man.
  9. Ep 1 of season 3 has some definite USS Callister vibes
  10. ungroovy

    E3 2019

    BOTW is a great game for people who don't play overly-intense games. It's gorgeous, but very free-roaming and not too difficult.
  11. ungroovy

    E3 2019

    Highly recommend. I'm not a huge console gamer, but it's seriously a gorgeous system. Breath of the Wild is a must-play.
  12. I like the idea of releasing things as you have them rather than some huge buildup for several years, but these were not great.
  13. F is for FIRE burning the towns down U is for uranium.... bombs! N is for no surVIIIIIIVORS
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