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  1. ungroovy

    Official Hip Hop/Rap Thread

    Vince Staples has the funniest Twitter of any rapper I've seen. Genuinely funny dude. Also, too much good rap this year to even recap. Whew it's been a time.
  2. ungroovy

    How often do you listen to blink?

    Not much at all but when I remember Going Away to College I listen nonstop for a while
  3. ungroovy

    Say Anything Calls it Quits after Oliver

    $90k now What the fuck is going on here lol
  4. ungroovy

    Say Anything Calls it Quits after Oliver

    the word filter has advanced
  5. ungroovy

    Kanye West

    He literally clarified that he doesn't have to support anything Trump does to support the energy he has and the fact that he represents a world where anything can happen. He even said that when he met with Trump, he was in the middle of battling opiate addiction, which, in his perspective, was a big reason he ever ended up there. I don't know that that says "hardcore supporter" so much as a person who obsesses over the prospect that anything is possible. Like yeah, he has the hat and he loves the guy, because in his mind, Trump represents that philosophy as someone who had everything stacked against him and ended up the President.
  6. ungroovy

    What TV show are you watching?

    I really didn't enjoy Comedians in Cars... It was just really bland to me. Like, awesome guests and a cool idea, but the actual content wasn't as funny as I'd hoped it would be.
  7. ungroovy

    The Leading Role

    Other than the "Life is full of opportunities/And all you gotta do is live it" line I actually love this. That line is kinda cliche compared to the rest of the song though
  8. ungroovy

    Kanye West

    Still GOAT
  9. ungroovy

    13 Reasons Why - series 2

    It's not a remake, they mean season 2. Not sure if you're memeing though Honestly, this show is such an emotionally manipulative asscrack of a series, but I watched it all in one day. I'll prolly do the same with season 2.
  10. ungroovy

    Top Netflix Original Shows

    I liked The End Of the F***ing World a lot, short, dark little series about a psychopathic kid. I also watched Love, it wasn't a great show but I felt like I could relate in ways I haven't in other shows to the characters.
  11. ungroovy

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I can't remember what Niku's nick is but be a bro and @ him please: have you heard this Live at Studio 4? So fucking good.
  12. ungroovy

    NCAA March Madness

    I had UVA in the championship game. Lmao.
  13. ungroovy

    What TV show are you watching?

    I'm watching Magicians. It's not a great show. Also watching Riverdale, also not a great show.
  14. ungroovy

    The Infamous Mark Hoppus b182 Interview 2006

    Retracting, I thought this was the Sasha interview.