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  1. Gutted about today, we definitely deserved at least a point! Even Ferguson said we were the better team and Utd were lucky! Ahh well, decent game!
  2. Finally got round to playing, and finishing, Arkham City Wow, what a game!
  3. Lets be honest, there's no way it can be as bad as the last one, the last one was awful!
  4. Only just got proper access to the 'net after Saturday, so wow what a game. Still can't believe we're 8th in the Premier League! Amazing!
  5. Most of our squad is from league 1/ the championship or were playing there with us and we're doing alright! I'd love it if we did sign Rhodes, personally don't think we will though.
  6. Holy shit they are awful, Whats up with the guy trying to be mark? Awful...
  7. Ghosts AGAIN. Hope Wishing Well doesn't go out here...
  8. Looks like Ghosts has a good chance of winning this. Even though it is in no way the best song on there, Not even close to it.
  9. Norwich through to the 5th round of the FA cup, for the first time in ages! Get in!
  10. Brilliant game at Carrow Road today! Kept our first clean sheet of the season and made a very good account of ourselves! Side note, Torres £50 million? I wouldn't pay 50p for him, he was awful.
  11. I can't decide whether to hate him or like him! One minute I think he's a twat, then he does something like that and instantly he's awesome.
  12. Ghosts, Still don't see what all the fuss is about with it, easily worse than some that have gone out already.
  13. Swansea are insanely good at home this season, and I'm meant to be going away there with Norwich for the game on the 11th.... Could be messy for us!
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