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  1. Oliver, shut the fuck up jesus christ. Swallow a fucking shotgun you worthless inbred fuck. Seriously. You scamming good for nothing new jersey piece of shit... This was entertaining to read for sure, but yes everyone is so nice now compared to before. (you really should have sold that to ghent though you greedy fuck, lesson learned)
  2. You know I like to hop in once a year or so for a day or two, all is good man! Hope you're all good.
  3. When will you be growing your hair back out to try and be Tom Delonge so I can make sure I show up for that.
  4. ......So its either Steve didn't want to write 16 year old pop punk songs any more, or he's so doped up on heroin and vodka that he can't make it to the studio. Jesus christ Oliver, you just never stop. I can't wait until you have a kid. When they are supposed to be home at 8 and its 8:07 he must be giving out handjobs for $5 because he needs some crack and is out of money. What a little cunt your non existent kid is, get him some help!
  5. .........I assume Tom stopped doing things oliver considered greedy so now billie joe is broke because hes putting his name on a car to sell. Totally couldn't picture that 10 years ago when he cried about Blink selling an oversized plastic bunny for a stupid amount of money. Which he bought years later after making fun of it. See you in a few years when you buy it for $29,500 saying you got a great deal on it, Loliver.
  6. Fuck this blows. I'm glad they aren't breaking up, they seemed to be a band thats so tight that if someone left they'd just call it quits so I'm happy thats not the case. But I do agree with Thomas, it came out of nowhere so it makes me think something is up.
  7. I'll attack Oliver on his bullshit reasoning any chance I get, but shut the fuck up darkarrow. He wasn't being a dick at all, thats just Oliver. Him saying for $800 you cant get a half decent place where he lives is true, but where I live $800 will get you a nice ass place, its all about location. He asked where you lived and you didn't answer, he was trying to prove a point. He isn't bitching about taxes to help you (I didn't read everything in here because 18 pages of bullshit is useless to go through), he was being honest. In fact he said Dont use their "touring life" as an argumen
  8. How gay. Oh well, his singing ruined Say Anything.
  9. I want in on this MCS loving. Fucking miss old MCS, Go is decent but lets be honest, that video was amazing and I wish he was still like that.
  10. comparing bemis to lennon to say hes not shit, thats hilarious. bold move ghent, very bold move. Bemis has so many fans because he is who is he, hes actually making music that he feels is right, can you say the same about blink? exactly. he may not be huge, he may not be the best, but more people relate to him that you refuse to accept. In my opinion the last 2 albums were shit, but he wrote what he felt. he wasn't trying to appeal to the 13 year olds, he was just being him. hate all you want because blink will always be your go to band but its bullshit if you try to say hes stru
  11. that box elder song is just flat out terrible though. will say that.
  12. will listen more tomorrow. not so happy about it right now though.
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