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  1. For me, the 'target audience' isn't even a major issue with California, like it has been pointed out over and over, they're aiming for Enema-style areas. The issue is the way they fucking present the lyrics. Pre-Cali, even the biggest 'kid-friendly' blink song had a catchy, unique sound and the lyrics were typically simple and told a story. Even if that story was about 17 year olds rebelling against parents, it made sense to what they were targeting and worked. Now, the lyrics are just a bunch of broken, arbitrary metaphors that seem like an attempt to sound deep and meaningful but falli
  2. After giving it a couple of hours and a relisten there's something that really gripes me about this song, along with a lot of California and it's the vocal melody. Seriously - Mark's two verses and the way they're sung/structured strike me as completely different to anything pre-Cali. Almost as if it's probably not written by him... While that's not necessarily something that makes the song bad, what DOES annoy me is that I'm almost certain that it's the same structure as the majority of All Time Low songs. I don't hate Feldy as much as some, but wish he'd let Blink keep their flavour whe
  3. I really hope that Matt is intentionally parodying Tom's old pose in that Spotify pic, because that would be hilarious.
  4. Bingo. When one of your core writers and, more importantly, vocalists, leaves a band it's pretty hard to consider any new line-up the same. Especially a band with only three members. Fuck Tom Delonge.
  5. That's so crazy, Dan! Haha. Doesn't he have a tattoo that's essentially a copy of Tom's sleeve?
  6. First Date is a better gay-pride song than Macklemore's one.
  7. Kerrang have a blink announcement at 11:30pm (just over an hour from now...)
  8. Hahaha! I generally think Tom was lost for words there. He's buzzing.
  9. Mark doesn't actually sound like he's whispering!!!
  10. Nice one, watching some of the earlier sets. Reading/Leeds is a disgustingly brilliant set of festivals. So jealous.
  11. "Sorry, at the artist's request, we are unable to bring you this performance" ...Is this blink? or Macklemore?
  12. This was great, I really wish they did this stuff more.
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