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  1. im looking for anyone that may already own the shirt, i've looked almost everywhere on the internet and im pretty sure they are all gone.
  2. hahah i think it was my topic. "looking for +44 shirt", basically asking where can i find one. a
  3. what do you mean by nowhere. i asked if anyone owned it
  4. Does anyone own this t shirt? in either blue or white. in size small medium or large? />http://www.rockabilia.com/browse/artists-groups/p/plus-44/plus-44-white-striped-t-shirt.html
  5. BL1K82 You can kind of pretend the 1 is the I and the 1.
  6. yeah the lights that flicker will surely fade is a really good album. i miss valencia though
  7. great read! i honestly think i subscribe to AP for the sole reason of getting this blink cover hahahah
  8. and they claimed "some kid broke into toms email and chose the first single for the band[the adventure]"
  9. i also hope the album doesnt leak. ive waited this long. whats 27 more days gunna hurt
  10. i think the video was just ALRIGHT. not the best blink video but also not the worst. hopefully we will get another video with the next single as well
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