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  1. I missed something. Are you referring to the album?
  2. My girlfriend did not like Tom's voice when she first heard it either, or had mixed feelings on it. Now she loves this...You have to slowly let the addiction take hold.
  3. I really think nine Encores will simply just be high quality live recordings. That would aslo explain the Cali song.
  4. Idk, for me I personally see him pretty similar to how he has always been. I just think since a lot of us have been following him for so long its easier to pick out flaws, but everyone has flaws. I think over time he has just become more open to certain things, I think he finally realized that he and Travis should not have to throw away blinks legacy just because of Tom. I also actually believe him and never thought he was intentionally lying when he said the music would be similar to self titled. I think he more meant the whole "Anything Goes thing" than the music actually sounding similar. Although California (part 1) is down there with my lesser favorite blink Material, I am not one who personally thinks Mark has lost his song writing Edge. Still a ton of great material on there...I love Home is Such A lonely Place and Left Alone...Kings of the Weekend is also amazing and I think is just as good as some of their hits. Although I miss Tom's influence I actually really love Cali Deluxe, I think all the Deluxe songs are solid with my favorite being "Hey I'm Sorry" I think this song along with 6/8 and Last Train home are just as good as a lot of plus 44 stuff.
  5. That whole thing is so bizarre. Someone did point out that it sounds like Matt says "Sorry Mike" at 6:45 I really don't think Matt is that much of a dick, something odd had to have happened. I will say though as a fan that would have DEVASTATED me. I definitely would have preferred not to be on stage than to have had that happen. I say we should bug blink until we find out exactly what happened. I feel like there is still a missing puzzle piece here.
  6. Anyone know what the fuck happened here?
  7. The new song is okay, I think it could fit well in the context of an album. Oh and gotta say Left Alone is dope as fuck. Left Alone and Hey I'm sorry are my two favorite CALI songs
  8. I love that period of time for music and those games so I will take that as a compliment! Thanks for listening!
  9. Let me know what you guys think! My buddy Don is on Lead Vocals/Guitar I play drums and bass and mixed the song. Any feedback positive or negative is very welcome just be constructive if you can.
  10. Sup foos its been a while how is everyone?
  11. Lots of great music. The franchise helped get me into a lot of my favorite bands as well... Lagwagon, Bloc Party, CKY, Alkaline Trio, Goldfinger, AFI
  12. 1. Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Surprising right?) ( A few other sonic games would make the list so I will leave that out for the sake of variety) 2. Toejam and Earl (whole series) 3. Half Life (Whole Series) Crap I realized I just can't put an order on these they are all so good so I will just name the rest no specific order... Breath of the Wild, Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey, Quack Shot Starring Donald, TMNT Hyperstone Heist, Tony Hawk 3, Pokemon Heart gold/soul silver, Smash Bros Melee, Beyond Oasis, Tansformers War for Cybertron, Garrys Mod, Altered Beast, Robo Recall, Doom (Whole Franchise)
  13. The guitar player and lead singer Don wrote this song about an incredibly hard breakup he had with a girl he was with for a few years... I play drums/keyboard and mixed the song Don also plays bass on this track.
  14. Hey guys been a while... Here is what I think would work as far as a Tom Delonge reunion is concerned. It would be weird but I still think it would work. Essentially let Tom record and tour with them only when he wants to as long as it does not get in their way. Tom could write like 5 out of the 12-14 songs on the albums and sing his own songs while he is present on stage. While he is gone Matt could fill in for everything Tom would usually do. That is what I think would work for all of them however what would be ideal for me is Tom coming back and Matt going back to Alkaline for a while. Although I wouldn't mind Matt continuing to write with blink in the future once Tom is off to do his next escapade haha.
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