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  1. There was just 4.5 million people watching Fortnite on twitch. Jesus they know how to market that game
  2. Came on the radio the other day and I was surprisingly into it. Normally I can't stand it
  3. It's nice to see he's legit enjoying himself. Happy for the guy
  4. All this meet and great shit is so God damn weird. We're grown fucking adults arguing about paying money to meet people.
  5. Tom is Jesus, Cali DlX are terrible, Nine has like two good songs. Skiba is trash and Mark is a has been
  6. If y'all wanna hail some votes down onto me that would be great
  7. The god damn football term. Atleast it's on brand for me
  8. This is a hail marry people. If some of you don't find yourself venturing outside of the Blink section, then this is for you. We have a competition going on and I need your vote to win. Plain and simple, no need for further explanation. Here's the thread, vote Knapton, I thank you
  9. I saw them at the vogue as headliners. Was a good show
  10. It would be cool for Blink to do something like this for the album. Or any album. Or any band
  11. If anything, this was the perfect time to play whatever they want. Theyre booked at a convention where people are going out for a fun night. Let loose a little and play some deeper cuts.
  12. Remember that this was a last minute show for Blink. Lil Nas X was supposed to be the headliner but pulled out. And the "gaming convention" part of it is a bullshit excuse. Im balls deep in this world and a lot of the people that are at this thing are probably mid 20's and know who Blink is well Mark will never change, hes so afraid of it. Setlist will always be ass
  13. I found Tom's guitar was quiet at mine. Like you couldn't even hear him playing the riff in the adventure. All you could hear was the synth
  14. The openers are lame as fuck. We're all there to see AVA and Tom. Nobody was moving during the New Regime set.
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