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  1. Link me this cover. Love me a good Puddle of Mudd tune
  2. Anyone seen this? Usually these are pretty lame but I actually really like this one. Sounds nothing like the original but it's still really good
  3. I stream on twitch and last night I've gotten my second person come in and tell me they love blink. They see my posters behind me and we start talking about it and it's so awesome. Always fun to talk to blink fans.
  4. I've always loved Happy Days. Felt like the most blink song on the album.
  5. Watching Outer Banks and quite liking it. Binging the shit out of it
  6. Finally got around to listening to MGK song with Travis. Damn that's a fun tune. Pretty addicted to it right now
  7. Tom giving Neil Degras Tyson shit now lol
  8. I agree with Ghent on this. There's so many unique beats that really add to the songs. It's like saying Blink would've sounded the same with Scott
  9. I've always loved the drum beat on And I. I agree the drums were great on that album. BCR will never be what it once was though. There's no way. That was Tom at his peak. He's long past that now.
  10. The song is pretty meh. I enjoy but theres nothing too memorable about it. Wont be listening to it nearly as much as the other two songs
  11. I dont really like Mileys version, her voice doesnt really fit the song. Much prefer the original, and I was hoping to like this
  12. That main guitar riff sounds extremely similar to a song I know but I can't think of it and it's bugging me so much
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