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  1. The Love albums are easily the worst of the bunch. If you could take the best songs from each and make one Love album it would be half bad, but some of it is pretty lame
  2. They should. And they should eat up a Tom/AVA doc as well. You know seeing as he's one of the founding members of blink and the guy mostly responsible for how they sounded.
  3. If a Blink doc of this quality came out, you would eat it all up, yet Tom does it and it's a cash grab. You're a broken record
  4. Pretty sure its about the new album, them coming back to tour and everything about the band. I dont think its really marketed towards 15 year old girls though so its probably not your thing
  5. I had never heard of him before the Tom doc and never thought anything of him then. Randomly stumbled across his videos a few weeks ago and thought hey that's the guy doing the AVA doc, let's check him out. Binged like all his videos and love all his stuff now
  6. Looks like we're either getting that AVA documentary tomorow or a sniper of it. I've become a massive Peter McKinnon fan lately so I'm even more pumped to see this doc. Edit: looks like it's a teaser based on Peters inta
  7. The fact that some of you act as though you've never done some stupid shit when your in love is sickening.
  8. There was one main unexpected plot twist and it was one of the main plot holes as well. Most everything else you could see coming a mile away
  9. Thought it was kinda lame. Super predictable and also so many plot holes. Was planning on seeing it again with other friends tomorow but don't really feel the need too
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