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  1. Done. Great idea to everyone who is involved
  2. Not gonna scroll through pages but we're all in agreance that the chorus of this new song is the exact same as Dry Your Eyes right? Litterally heard it immediately Edit. I went back. Good to see we're all on the same page
  3. Think I meant architects? Too lazy to actually go look what it is
  4. I really think chasing shadows has become my fav. Animals is a skip but some very good ones on it
  5. I enjoy the verses and riff a lot but that chorus is just not it. Last one is good when its guitar driven but overall there just isnt really a hook. Also Tom will never be able to sing that live. Is that the same girl from the kiss and tell video?
  6. Listened to the interview and am very excited for some new music
  7. Not sifting through 20 pages but I don't mind the song at all. Sounds like the Offspring, NOFX and Pennywise had a baby. Where do we stand on Matt having anything to do with this song? Seems like nothing right
  8. Im a little excited about this, mostly because I've been liking most of the Colaba they've done recently. Betting the hook will have the word Quarantine repeated as the last word. Can't already hear the cookie cutter made for radio chorus now.
  9. I quite like that Oliver Tree song.
  10. Can only hear the clip and sounds not half bad. Also kinda suprised this is only 4 pages too lol. The full version still floating around anywhere?
  11. I never used to like Rebel girl until i saw it live and now i love it. Kiss and Tell is obviously great and i feel i never need to listen to All Thats Left is Love Again
  12. Really wish this album would just come out already
  13. Toms description leads me to believe thats the best part of the song
  14. Watched the first season of The Order, enjoyed it. Started season 2 and it already seems so much worse 1 episode in
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