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  1. Apparently OMT has become the longest #1 alternative song in history? Didnt even realize it was still #1 lol
  2. Wendy Clear is a much better choice then Always. Pumpedd
  3. Please god tell me y'all are wearing ear plugs with this many consecutive shows
  4. How have we not heard from Coight yet
  5. i get teary eyed over nostalgic sports highlights lol, and thats about it. Also bawled my eyes out when my dog died earlier this year but thats the only real cry ive had as an adult i think
  6. Coight going to cry %100 right? And not saying that be mean lol
  7. Wait are people actually interpreting that as him openly shitting on Aussies? Just a mean nothing tweet
  8. My Aussie friend has described Perth as the same way Winnipeg is to Canada, aka a shitty place no one wants to live or visit, this true?
  9. Saw something on FB that said Mrtsurt or whatever his name is, is no longer working with Blink now. Wonder if we'll actually get good merch again.
  10. This is probably the highlight of Faps day, let's be honest.
  11. Paid like $900 Canadian for two seats to go see them at the Gorge in Washington this summer. Seeing as I have to get a hotel as well, it gonna be a pricy weekend. Just looked and my 2009 show had All American Rejects and Chester French as openers lol. Rip off. Imagine this place if they did the dollar bill tour now lol.
  12. Used to absolutely love Rise Against back in the day. They're huge in mountain biking film soundtracks so I would hear them lots. Like most have said though, after Appeal to Reason, it started going downhill. Ever-changing is like one of the best songs ever still.
  13. I feel like I've rarely ever seen a good opening performance. Like they'll be bands I like, but usually the sound is so shit and they just end up sounding bad. I love turnstile and was pumped to see them open for Blink but openers just have shit Live sound mixes so it was kinda a let down.
  14. Crazy to think if they drop UAN from the set, which most think they should, there would be nothing from Neighbourhoods. GOTD is gone right? Wouldn't mind terrified getting in the list too. Also, is OMT as the last song working, or does it not fit? Seems like a horrible closer to me. Should be the first song after the encore I feel.
  15. The fact that they have actually quite a few new songs on the setlist, I'm wondering if this is gonna be the setlist for the next American tour as well.
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