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  1. I dont actually mind this. When you look at it as The Chainsmokers featuring Mark and Travis, its not actually hot trash. Not a fan of Marks voice in it though
  2. Sad that it's come to people thinking this is a good song for this band now a days
  3. A) that songs not that good. b) I think this has been posted before, I remember that chorus
  4. Sounds exactly like everything else theyve done latley
  5. Knapppers

    The NHL thread

    Don Cherry is finally fucking gone. Thank god
  6. That was strange. The only good part was the what the fuck
  7. does part 1 have any Tom/AVA?Blink related stuff in it?
  8. So Kiss and Tell video Monday? I might have gotten my dates wrong but I remember seeing the 4th
  9. The second clip of himp playing was New World. A lot was just random though I think.
  10. Just watched it and it felt like he was saying this interview was the first time he'd played in years. Could be wrong though. Was a fun video.
  11. It sounded like Golden Showers for a minute there in the clip on his Instagram
  12. There was just 4.5 million people watching Fortnite on twitch. Jesus they know how to market that game
  13. Came on the radio the other day and I was surprisingly into it. Normally I can't stand it
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