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  1. The short set list argument will always be the dumbest thing this band ever does. Like maybe if Mark had a good reason, but his reasoning is total garbage.
  2. Did Tom actually get some sort of work done on his hair? Where did this info come from.
  3. I still love New World and think it coulda been a great blink song of they three of them worked on it
  4. Some of the songs on Chasing Shadows would fit great in blink. I would love a song like Voyager with a Mark and Travis influence
  5. Do people honestly think they're gonna come out with a new sound? There's is zero chance they take any huge leaps with the direction of their music on this album. It's gonna sound like Lifeforms songs that are more straight up punky/rocky mixed in with Marks influence. We're not going to be surprised by anything.
  6. Looks like Robert Smith went on a bit of a rant on Twitter about ticketmaster. Interesting if you wanna go look it up and see how he feels about it
  7. The stay together for the kids one still gives me a semi when I hear it. So good
  8. So that photo Tom posted of them in the studio, the album still isn't done then?
  9. I think a lot of people talk themselves into liking edging just because it's the first music back with Tom. Song will not age well at all
  10. I wanna be excited for this album but Edging just has me expecting the worst.
  11. The comments on Travis's latest instagram post all look to be a foreign language (not sure what is all spoken in SA besides Portuguese) and lots of comments about him not coming to South America. This has to be because of something contractual of why they're not doing a fill in right? No way all this was the better option.
  12. This may be one of the dumbest things I've ever said, which isn't saying much, but can't you drive to South America? I know there's the Panama canal but like if he's willing to take a boat to Europe, I feel getting to South America isn't that hard
  13. Also thought it was a bad look him being at UFC. He really comes off like a bit of a twat with this whole situation
  14. Love the cycles of hate we go through with this band. Used to be Tom because of all the bull shit he put us through. Then it was Mark for working with Feldmann and songwriters Now it's Travis for being a baby back bitch
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