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  1. His character ark has been so pointless so far. Give him a damn reason already
  2. knapton

    The NHL thread

    It was a goaltender interference call right? Shocking that they got that one wrong
  3. knapton

    The NHL thread

    Like us the past 4 years
  4. knapton

    The NHL thread

    What exactly are we talking about here
  5. It wasnt that it was bad but there was too much hype for it. Was just a regular old GOT episode.
  6. Mark's should be called "the second best songwriter in blink 182"
  7. I mean when they tell us theyre gonna be hour plus episodes and then its like 50 minutes...
  8. Its on right now. Fucking pumped
  9. Does it air the same time all around the world? Thought for sure it would be 9pm locally everywhere. Was hoping i could find a copy of it already. Dont really wanna stay up till like 10:30 when i have to be up at 5:30 in the morning
  10. Tonight is the fucking night! Pretty stoked
  11. Isnt F1 like all about who has the most money?
  12. Ive enjoyed the past two but this trailer did absolutely nothing for me. Think theres too much other good shit about to come out that i just dont care yet
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