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  1. knapton

    AVA General Discussion

    Tom David and Ilan all in the studio today. Actually really excited for this new album. In the meantime, heres another cool remix i found. A lot of this guys stuff is really good if you can get past the vocals sounding weird from im assuming how he has to isolate them.
  2. knapton

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I like that Travis seems like hes good friends with Tom. When he talked about Tom going to the white house and said "as you should" I laughed so hard
  3. knapton

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    rogan used to be so much better years ago. Listen to the old ones, like pre 1000
  4. knapton

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Its a pretty standard rogan interview. He generaly turns every conversation into the same few ideas. Its not bad so far
  5. knapton

    American Football. NCAA/NFL

    There was two missed feild goals...
  6. knapton

    Video Games Thread

    apex legends anyone? Its pretty fun
  7. knapton

    American Football. NCAA/NFL

    There was nothing entertaining about that game at all. Shit game, shit halftime show, shit commercials. Lame
  8. knapton

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    This sounds just like 21 pilots but with a bit of an edge. Would not sound out of place on a station that plays Imagine Dragons and 21 Pilots. Which is what mine plays
  9. knapton

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    This song really isnt that bad. Could fit on my local "rock" station easily. Sounds like everything else out there.
  10. knapton

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    FInally got around to listening to this and its not bad at all. Its not really my thing but I can tell its not garbage, like most of California is. It sounds very 21 pilots like which I guess isnt a bad thing. I would say this has more character to it then California does. This sounds very radio friendly and I can easily see it being played on modern rock radio stations. Overall not bad at all. People need to realize when a song is bad vs they just dont like it
  11. knapton

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    I have the same problem. Cant embed gifs for the life of me on here
  12. knapton

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    Didnt All Time Low start out as a blink cover band? Now Mark has sunk this low to making music with these tools. Havent been on here in ages and it seems like not much has changed with Mark. So washed up
  13. knapton

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    Holy fuck this song is great. Pretty sure I remember it from back when i was a kid when it was in THPS3 but thats probably the last time i heard it. Could listen to this all day. Pop punk done right
  14. knapton

    Banner Pilot

    Love these guys. Ive known about them for years and posted them on here a long time ago. The vocals have honestly never been an issue for me. Overwinter is one of my fav songs ever
  15. knapton

    Black Mirror Series 5

    Bandersnatch was fucking stupid. I get what they were going for, its produced to go along with the themes of the episode, but it just came off shitty. I got to the end of it feeling like i just wasted time watching something that never actually went anywhere. 3/10