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  1. I like the first EP better but it's still decent. Miles better than blink
  2. Video is kinda shit but it just puts a smile on my face seeing Tom and David back together again
  3. The song has grown on me more and more. Really liking the synth intro now
  4. So it is a rebel girl video. Strange. Predicting its just shots of them playing in a warehouse.
  5. Ive seen them once before but they can play whatever and ill be happy. Really looking forward to this, I think its gonna be fun. Plus i think theres like 4 of us from here going to the Seattle show
  6. This teenage girl in a house I was working in this week was watching love island and I've never hated something as much as I hated hearing that show
  7. Started watching The Family on Netflix. I'm 2 episodes in so far and it's super interesting. Religion is so fucked up
  8. Pretty psyched for this tour. I just hope they sound half decent. Will be fun to see Tom live again and there's so many songs we haven't heard live from them
  9. Good to see they are actually rehearsing quite a bit for this tour
  10. Saying that the songs from this album sound different from California is like saying a meatlovers and pepporoni pizza taste different
  11. How is this any different than the Cali Era? Atleast California had cool artwork
  12. There's still like no inspiration for it.
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