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  1. Hes never really cared about the Alien part from what I can tell. he was always just excited about the technology and thought it was a crime to keep the secret of that technology from the people, no matter where it came from
  2. For any of you who are interested in the whole UFO thing, Bob Lazar was just on Joe Rogan and its a pretty good listen. Theres also a documentary on Netflix about him right now thats quite good
  3. Is it confirmed how many songs are on the album? 2 down and its not looking good
  4. Now we're making fun of peoples physical appearance? Stooped to a new low
  5. What is the point of the video? Honestly. Just seems like a waste of time and money. Its not bad or anything, just pointless
  6. Listened to the song a bunch more and it just pisses me off now. The song couldve been good. Mark singing "is it better" twice is as far as that shouldve gone and then continue into something awesome, but no, it just fucking repeats. What they did with Matts part is just dumb. Like its way too loud and like distorted or whatever that effect is. They fully pulled a Tom and put the best part of the song in the preview
  7. It was in the first MTV diary blink did in like the live album time period. Travis went to his studio to give someone lessons and it looked a lot like Ilan. I dont know if it was ever confirmed though
  8. So Mark said he couldnt wait to play this one live as well? Goes to show you cant trust a word that guy says. You dont say that about a 49 second song
  9. Well what the fuck. The song is really only 41 seconds. Its cool but ya someone fucked up mixing that. Why are you yelling at me Matt
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