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  1. Best two songs on the album left. Tough decision. Going with Tunnels
  2. Absolutely. Fun tune and the lyrics are too much. 😂
  3. I listened to my Spotify of the week mix while doing groceries and all of a sudden this song comes on. I almost shit my pants laughing. 😂😂 Haven’t seen it posted here before.
  4. Who do you think buys his stuff!? AVA fans, sure. But that’s not the biggest fanbase. I‘m sure most of customers are still Blink fans. And every sane Blink fan should be pissed of by constant comments like that. And pisser of people are not the greatest buyers...sales 101 lol. I mean I‘m more a Tom fan than a Mark and Travis fan but that’s just annoying.
  5. I know. From a business standpoint it’s smart. But he will anger Blink fans who can’t take this shameless namedropping and selfpromoting anymore. And this will hurt him more than the number of likes on such a post.
  6. I‘m a Tom fan and like AVA as well (don’t care for his space company...) but he needs to shut the fuck up! It’s so weak to always brag about this and that and posts like that don’t help him.
  7. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na when I‘m sober
  8. Haha yeah saw that too. I saw him live end of 2017. was a solid performance. Have done of his older songs on my playlist.
  9. Nice songs. I still always get this special feeling when either Tom or Mark/Travis release a new song. Really can’t wait for the new album.
  10. Yeah I was really surprised too. I like some of their old stuff, most of the newer stuff is pretty boring. But this new record is great. Hope they reschedule their dates in Germany. Wanna see them live.
  11. The whole record is amazing. That’s how pop punk should sound like.
  12. Name dropping. It gets a lot more attention with Travi$ drumming on it.
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