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  1. Touring the record means playing 50-70% of it.
  2. What!? As someone who enjoys the album you must be waiting to hear those songs live? Or do you think the quality of the live performance will be that bad...
  3. Cool stuff. Will check it out. I have some knowledge of Podcasts because of my work. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to post or write a pm. I have also uploaded podcasts to several platforms before. The first upload takes a few days. Later episodes are going faster. Are you using a third party host or doing it directly?
  4. Or they have fucked up the numbering again. So maybe 500 exist and not only 150...
  5. New merch and limited edition poster available. Pretty meh.
  6. Normally a Europe tour would be announced by now. It‘s already February.
  7. I also had another signed tom poster in my cart and when I went to check out the other poster was already sold out. They should definitely block the chosen article for let’s say 30 min. Would have been so pissed if the love poster was soled out before I finished my order!
  8. So with more and more dates announced, it seems unlikely that we will get a summer tour in Europe. It’s a bummer.
  9. Old AVA and Tom signed and unsigned poster now at to the stars. I finally got the signed LOVE movie poster I was looking for years.
  10. Yeah I know. That’s 7 years ago...
  11. Yeah you guys are fucked with Travis not flying.
  12. Yeah, I was hoping for a Europe tour this summer. Don‘t think it will happen. Maybe a fall tour...? They should finally tour their album.
  13. He doesn’t look good, that’s for sure. Hope there is nothing serious.
  14. This would be a proper reaction. I mean if my band was presented like that I would have a great interest in clarifying what went wrong and I would also make sure that stuff like that won’t happen in the future. He doesn’t give a shit how Blink sounds live. Look at all the fuck ups they had in the past months. It just adds to their current image.
  15. That’s the attitude they show...it’s sad to be honest. He doesn’t even give a fuck about it. Lazy bastards.
  16. Just no! Pop artists for sure but rock artists normally won’t use it.
  17. What book? The 40 Year-Old Virgin??
  18. Yes! Both Love albums are amazing. Don’t know what some here are talking about.
  19. This teaser looks fucking awesome. Can’t wait!
  20. Ah that has nothing to do with what I said. I mean idiot in daily life from the world view you display here.
  21. Classic loliver. 😂 Again, even talking about it without telling the details breaks the bro code. So it’s only an attempt to show off.
  22. It says a lot that you know that. And your girlfriend broke up with you because you are an idiot. Simple as that.
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