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  1. Yes! Both Love albums are amazing. Don’t know what some here are talking about.
  2. This teaser looks fucking awesome. Can’t wait!
  3. Ah that has nothing to do with what I said. I mean idiot in daily life from the world view you display here.
  4. Classic loliver. 😂 Again, even talking about it without telling the details breaks the bro code. So it’s only an attempt to show off.
  5. It says a lot that you know that. And your girlfriend broke up with you because you are an idiot. Simple as that.
  6. Would you take the name of your wife? I have to admit I wouldn’t. I told my wife that I would find it great if she takes my name but I couldn’t expect it from her because I wouldn’t do the same. She didn’t have a problem with it which is awesome and so she, our son and I share the same name.
  7. To each their own I guess. Having the same name is the ideal thing in a marriage. I believe so too. But not taking the name of your partner has nothing to do with commitment. E.g. having kids together is a far bigger commitment than changing your name.
  8. You know nothing about his mother’s motive yet you are making assumptions left and right. Sitting alone in your room judging other people who are in a happy relationship. Classic loliver.
  9. Not changing your name show lack of commitment!? Ah please stop. Again, I more and more understand why you are never in a working relationship.
  10. This! Holy shit! Reading some people‘s world views is pretty sad.
  11. There‘s a difference between collecting (I collect autographs myself) and having a unhealthy obsession with a celebrity.
  12. So what? You were already an adult back then and that’s a creepy thing to do.
  13. Haha. A grown up man has a shrine of a musician and calls me psycho. Amazing.
  14. So @Donald Trump's Bulge that are all facts! And I know how much you like facts. But you can’t candle them when you are confronted with FACTS about you.
  15. You missed the point. I don’t even care about his new girlfriend and, as said before, it’s possible/likely that he cheated. But reading somebody display his „facts“ is so funny when it comes from a person who has problems with everyone in his personal life and hasn’t had a functional relationship his entire life.
  16. I‘m sure Tom reads the bullshit posted in this topic and his post was a response to the shitheads on this board.
  17. 11 years ago: How old have you been back then? In your mid twenty’s? That shit is worrying man. It’s like the profile of a serial killer. Don‘t you get that even talking about it hinting that there is more breaks the bro code. Honestly?
  18. Still hiding and not answering. Classic @Donald Trump's Bulge
  19. A grown up man has a Tom DeLonge shrine...that’s pretty telling. Also no answer to the bro code nonsense. If you act under the bro code you shouldn’t talk about the situation in the first place. You are just trying to gain attention. And again, it could very well be true that Tom cheated. That’s not the question. It’s just embarrassing how you talk and act about it.
  20. An honest question: Why are you so invested in Tom‘s private life that you spam this board non-stop with your „facts“? You had an unhealthy fan relationship with Tom in the past and now you are acting like a hurt ex girlfriend. It’s pretty sad to be honest. Did Ton cheat? I guess so and that would have been a bad thing to do. But I’m still going to be a fan of his music. I don’t need to be best friends with him or approve everything he does. Also you never know how the relationship was between him and Jen. So it’s just speculation. And your „bro code“ nonsense makes me laugh so hard. If you stand by the bro code, you shouldn‘t even say a thing in the first place. This way you are just trying to get attention.
  21. It’s so obvious why you have problems in your personal life. I really feel sorry for the people who have to deal with this bullshit on a daily basis. You are a sad petty cunt.
  22. I can’t stop laughing. You should look for help. It’s getting sad.
  23. But Oliver has seen Tom cheat before on tour. But he won’t tell. Bro code you know.
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