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  1. At last someone seems to be making a profit outta AVA lmao
  2. And then keep the lossless for urself and not share 😑
  3. blink-182 My Chemical Romance The Ramones Buzzcocks Green Day Sum 41 Fall Out Boy Descendents Yellow Card The Offspring
  4. Even if you hate MGK you gotta admit his last album is better than GD's. FOAM is just...
  5. He might wanna copyright that before New Found Glory does Boom!
  6. I remember the Gucci Mane one and also the infamous Paul McCartney is dead theory lol Wasn't Kanye actually ranting about Drake or something? 😂
  7. I will never get why people say Cynical sounds like old school blink 😐 It sounds like punk rock, like the generic kind of punk rock, ala NOFX, Pennywise etc. Blink always had a very distinctive sound, their own brand of punk rock that made them stand out from the rest; you could tell from the very start that they were "something else". Agreed. Green Day is kind of like a one trick pony, blink has always experimented in some way with each release and that's why i love them so much
  8. 1 - The First Time 2 - Bored to Death 3 - Heaven 4 - 6/8 5 - Blame it on My Youth 6 - Sober 7 - Misery 8 - No Heart To Speak Of 9 - Long Lost Feeling 10 - On Some Emo Sh*t 11 - Good Old Days 12 - Don't Mean Anything 13 - Last Train Home 14 - Bottom of The Ocean 15 - Home is Such A lonely Place 16 - Hey I'm Sorry
  9. Still it would probably drop earlier than that Angels & Airwaves record lmao 😂
  10. Never heard about that one! *heads to youtube*
  11. It only took a millenial to diss him for him to get some of that edge back xD
  12. Don't care what anyone says but MGK destroyed M&M's there lol 😂 Em just comes off as a boomer ranting with his diss, "man bun, mumble rappers i'm more famous blah blah" plus MGK's beat sounds sick while Killshot sounds ancient and whack af. Also Hotel Diablo > Music To Get Murdered By (both post diss albums)
  13. If they have 60% of the album done we should be getting a single soon, right?
  14. Grimes?! Nice! I actually like her music so i'm looking forward to this new album. btw is Feldman still involved? I'm sorry but he sucks ass as a producer so i'm kinda scared
  15. Agreed. I think a lossless rip is what we all want 🙏 most of us have never had the chance to listen to any of the other demos in lossless quality (and probably never will lol 😔) but this time we have a real chance i don't want to sound mean but MP3s again would be more of the same thing with just a very slight quality increase 😕
  16. I love it, i actually enjoy the beat a lot! It's obviously a demo, you can hear actual drums in it while the beat plays which is kinda weird. Anyways, something tells me it could be an entirely new song and not something from the Cali or NINE sessions, although it has that repetitive annoying little riff that was all over Cali. Just change that riff for something else, make the guitar a bit louder and that's it, i'm ok with the drums being just at the start and the rest being that trap/rap beat.
  17. It's sad that Jerry is no longer here, he knew how to work with Alkaline and he certainly knew how to work with blink. Jerry would've know how to mash the best of both bands and make something amazing but we got Feldman instead who is an absolute hack and has a very wrong idea of what blink is supposed to be.
  18. This is the real must know on the video the rest we already know 😛
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