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  1. do you want the cancer Hahah I can't believe she's dating the director of Scott Pilgrim, weird. And he's a weird looking dude. She should date me
  2. "Tom knows this feeling well. He has no friends. Girls hate him, and with good reason." That line cracked me up.
  3. I absolutely love Anna Kendrick, she's amazing. Jeff who lives at home was solid, but not at all what I expected. Not much happened but their was some really funny bits, mostly thanks to good performances by Jason Segel and Ed Helms, not so much the writing.
  4. He didn't have a painted one for the first couple nights. So no. He probably got one painted when it became a thing.
  5. I think England are the only team at the Euros who have all of their players based out of their country. I think it's because of the technical ability that english players tend not to go abroad and because of the lack of technical ability on the whole the players who are useful are severely over valued, making them unappealing to clubs from other countries.
  6. On untitled they had different sounds but it still all sounded like an album. Neighborhoods kind of felt disjointed because of that. If they can do it like untitled again than I'd be happy.
  7. That's part of it for sure. But also Tom has a unique style of playing guitar, so the same part played by Tom will sound slightly different than played by Mark. I know it's picky but I think little stuff like that could really help overall.
  8. Agreed, Tom should play all the guitars, Mark plays all the bass, that's how it should be. Also that helps the uniformity of the sound. You do realize Mark has written a lot of guitar parts for Blink over the years right? Lol of course I know that, when did I ever say that he didn't? I just said that Tom should play the parts, not that Tom should write them all.
  9. Agreed, Tom should play all the guitars, Mark plays all the bass, that's how it should be. Also that helps the uniformity of the sound.
  10. Really? That's awesome, I can't wait for a video of this.
  11. That's true, QPR had some weak defending last year. I think these guys will improve the team but they really are very short term solutions.
  12. Not diminishing what they've done in the past, just saying that at this point they're not up to snuff.
  13. I know that, but without Caulker this season you have to be looking for a new CB, maybe two in case of injuries, that's all I'm saying. I would also take Caulker and Williams over Nelsen, but now they have to look at playing without Caulker and Monk and Tate are both fucking terrible.
  14. You're saying you wouldn't take Nelsen over Alan Tate or Garry Monk???
  15. Well you've already replaced him with jussi, and there are strong links saying you're looking at signing elia or krasic from juve. I believe Allardyce was in italy last week at some point. That could all be lies but still it's interesting.
  16. At the same time that is a big fad with a lot of teams these days, they play without an out and out striker, they just play with 4 interchanging attacking midfielders basically. Even with Villa they would probably be playing the same style. Villa does bring a cutting edge but I don't think it's something that the other players can't bring to the game.
  17. QPR have signed Green, Johnson, and Nelsen on free transfer and Fabio on loan. Not a bad bit of bargain hunting. I'm surprised some other teams didn't take a run at those guys.
  18. I always thought that "wishing well" was a reference to carousel, but that could be reading too deep.
  19. Really like this, not sure why I never checked these guys out before but now I'm glad I did.
  20. I think that was Jerry Finn wasnt it? Yup, it was Jerry Finn. As a kid some chick named Holly invited him over but then came out from behind a bush and sprayed him with water.
  21. HAG was Mark's view of the break up, sort of a tom fucked up song, and then Wishing Well seems to be Tom' view where he admits he was a bit of an asshole but now they're back and he's going to enjoy it. That's why I especially like the order on the album.
  22. I dunno what head to head even means. I try to understand football and then they go and change the rules on me. Pricks man, the lotta them! Anyway, now that Poland, Netherlands and Ireland are out I have no team to support. The fucking Portuguese are doing my tits in. I guess I live in an EXTREMELY Portuguese part of Toronto and they wont fuck off with their flags and their horn beeping. I bet half the idiots couldn't even name one player after Ronaldo. In most tournaments the tie-breakers are: 1. Head to head (who won the game between the two tied teams) 2. Goal difference (over all the games played) 3. Goals for (whichever team scored more goals) if it's still tied their are some stupid rules depending on the tournament. I remember playing this one tourney in paris when I was a kid where they ended up flipping a coin to see who went through lol.
  23. Mark's guitar tones were equally bad imo. I think for the next album they should write more together, get a producer (at least to make sure the songs are uniform on the album), just make it more cohesive overall, and work on the lyrics a bit more (some Neighbourhoods songs lacked lyrically imo, whereas songs like Wishing Well show how good they can still be, just more of that). Musically I'm fine with whatever direction, more acoustic, more synth, more piano, more guitars, whatever it is I think it will still be good.
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